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Father Reto Preaches     13/06/2008 03:35
Read the Gospel, and you will find out that man has no chance.
Fr Reto Nay
June 12th 2008
Sedrun, Switzerland
AK         29/01/2011 23:19
+Thank God for your preaching. Opened wide that passage for me. Explains a bit what I've been experiencing in prayer too. Seems like the Spirit is bringing Scriptures to mind that are not part of the usual lectio on the daily readings but often far in advance of readings. Not that I know the Scriptures as fully as I should. Lord have mercy. It's startling to be given a piece of the Lord's mind like that but figure I'll get used to it and best to do whatever He tells me. May God reward you. Our … [More]
EJGCatholic         15/06/2008 19:52
Thanks again father, you should come over here and preach !
PS BEAUTIFUL Church too..
28:57 Der freudenreicher Rosenkranz.
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