St Padre Pio School SSPX part 2
Quo Primum  17/06/2008 10:03
School at 209 Tackora Trail Ridgefield CT USA
Where is located the St. Ignatius Retreat House and Christ the King Church for the Tridentine Latin Mass.
holyrope1     17/07/2009 13:38
Nice video! And they are NOT in schism. If all "Catholic" schools were like this one, we'd have a better world with the children getting the true faith!
credo     03/09/2008 13:35
CatholicFireman     18/06/2008 13:28
Cute video. Too bad they are in schism as a members of the SSPX
CATHOLILLE     17/06/2008 15:47

belle présentation de l'avenir de la Tradition aux USA
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