soundingjoy  15/06/2010 18:20
May we honor Fathers all over the world, who love God, and their families.
I honor my dad who died just a few months ago, for he was a Godly example of the Father's love.
soundingjoy     22/06/2010 21:34
Dear Don,
I have felt your prayers and want you to know your writings have so encouraged my heart. I have ordered my book and am looking forward to reading about the life of this dear sister, whose passion for Christ was so evident to the world.
We are blessed to have our earthly Fathers, and our Heavenly Father to guide us on our journey Home.
Bless you in Christ as you share His love and emulate His character to all.
In Christ, Soundingjoy
soundingjoy     22/06/2010 21:29
Dear Donegal,
For those of us blessed to know the love of our earthly Father, and to know the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father, brings hope and promise to our growing relationships. May your heart be blessed with much loved bestowed upon you in Christ.
In Jesus,
donegal     18/06/2010 08:38
very nice video, thank you
soundingjoy     15/06/2010 19:07
In loving memory of my dad who went Home to God a few months ago.
I treasure his love as he emulated God's love to me.
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