The swallows
Tina - 2     05/08/2010 09:35
Mother, below the roof
there is a bird's nest,
look, look, look, yes look...
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jung-brigitte         21/04/2014 07:10
Sehr schöne Aufnahmen.
elisabethvonthüringen         15/04/2013 09:32
Bei uns sind sie auch wieder seit einer Woche da!!
Galahad         23/08/2011 16:51
Och, was knuffig. Danke Tina. Schwablenfamilie.
Trinitas         18/08/2011 20:35
“rustle some car keys” should read “rattle some car keys”
(I think I've been watching too many cowboy films of late)
Trinitas         18/08/2011 16:40
I have always liked watching wildlife at home and abroad, and this short video features a number of interesting small birds.
If a bird nests under roof eaves and its head looks like an approaching killer whale (black topside, white underside) you are looking at a House Martin.
If a bird nests on rafters or ledges, with a head that has a top and under flash of blood orange, and distinctive tail streamers, you are looking at an adult Swallow.
There are two small birds standing on the parapet whos… [More]
FSSPX.SB         18/08/2011 11:05
Tina - 2         18/08/2011 09:44
Holy Cannoli         18/08/2011 09:38
It took a little patience.
It took a lot of patience and you are blessed with having so much. I would have given up after 15 minutes and then treated myself to some of your Swiss chocolate for my extraordinary effort.
Tina - 2         18/08/2011 09:30
@Holy Cannoli
2 full days I filmed the swallows. It took a little patience. I just waited with patience.
ACLumsden         18/08/2011 09:29
Awww..... just lovely. Thanks.
Holy Cannoli         18/08/2011 09:25
Very nice work!
Did Tina do the filming and was the camera operated remotely? If so, I imagine there was a lot of footage where nothing was happening so that section of the video was discarded?
ursula         08/08/2010 12:43
Liebe Tina das ist aber ein wunderschönes Video vielen Dank! [More]
Virgina         07/08/2010 04:32
Mirei co l'jarva catscha,da forza sin ils praus,
con spert el mida fatscha,
il mund ch'ei liberaus,
tgei veta legra nova,
cumpara en la val, co tier la glisch sedrova scadin pign animal. El temps da primavera, niev anim sto pruir -- cun resoluta tschera tier la lavur lein ir. Lein cultivar cun possa , la tiara spert e cor, lu la ventira nossa po crescher siado.
Bibiana         05/08/2010 14:32
süüüüüsssssss !
Virgina         05/08/2010 14:12
Mirei gl'utschi baghegia,igniv leu sut quei tetg,
sche mo quel bein gartegia,
ch'el sa maner endretg.
En paucas jamnas lura
ei dat novs utschalins, lur mumma cun premura, trai si quels leghers pigns. Bravo Tina
Latina         05/08/2010 10:42
sehr lieb! in meinem elternhaus hatten wir auch immer schwalben,die kamen jedes jahr--