The Holy Souls - Please pray for them.
1Hope4All     15/07/2008 04:52
The Holy Souls in Purgatory are crying out for our help. They long to be with Jesus but cannot help themselves. So we have to pray for them. Even just a small prayer such as "Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls" can help. But there is a prayer that … [More]
1Hope4All         14/02/2009 07:01
Hello Justin, thanks for posting the link to your song. I will check it out soon. I have a channel on that website but have not been able to upload videos to that website.
jstroh         04/12/2008 01:48
jstroh         04/12/2008 01:31
Wow - I just finished reading one of the revelations to St. Birgitta about a man in purgatory. I am going to enter into penance with more charity.
I will post my purgatory song "Get That Soul."
-Justin Stroh
deep_creek         04/12/2008 00:04
excellent. thank you so much for sharing!
wkd_angel         15/07/2008 06:05
Excellent Video! :)
Thank you so much 1Hope4All for posting/sharing this!
I pray that All people become more aware of the need to pray for those who have passed on.
I ask this In Jesus' Name,