RomanCandle     23:04
The messages of Mademoiselle Jahenny are not approved by Holy Mother Church. [More]
Irapuato     22:51
Bendita Semana Santa Grace Isabel
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     22:43
Marie-Julie Jahenny said: “I see for a time long enough, every Holy Sacrifice will be prohibited. Churches will be turned to a shelter for cattle; they will be used as pleasure halls, where Hell will come for dancing with blasphemies as their singing.” [More]
Fiel al Evangelio     22:23
Vatican. In a Wednesday general audience in recent weeks, Francis was clothed with a Hindu prayer shawl by a Hindu priest . At the same time he accepted a book about the conversion to Hinduism.
2 more postings from Irapuato
Grace Isabel     Saturday, 19:45
Our natural eyes see only the growing evil in all the events. By faith in Our Lady’s words, we are alerted to her hidden streams that we must seek out. [More]
Dr Stuart Reiss     Saturday, 18:20
Really poor taste!
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     Saturday, 18:08
"The first effect of not believing in God, is that you lose your common sense." - G.K. Chesterton
thinking...     Saturday, 17:09
Francis is a Saint. STOP! I don't mean the guy in the video! Here is the St. Francis I am talking about:
"We have in these parts a class of men among the pagans who are called Brahmins. They keep up the worship of the gods, the superstitious rites of religion, frequenting the temples and taking care of the idols. They are as perverse and wicked a set as can anywhere be found, and I always apply to them the words of holy David, “from an unholy race and a wicked and crafty man deliver me, O Lord.… [More]
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tbswv     Saturday, 17:04
Our Blessed Lord will not be deprived of proper honor and worship. Let's pray that this happens as well in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, England, and Ireland.
RomanCandle     Saturday, 16:47
As we enter into Holy Week, I wanted to upload some short reflections by a Greek orthodox priest,
Fr Spyridon Bailey, who is based in Hertfordshire, England. His thoughts, and the thoughts of the
Early Church Fathers, will encourage Christians to persevere in walking the highway of holiness.
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     Saturday, 16:13
Gloria can you please give us more information about this news. Thanks
CHILE Bishop Ordained Amid Protest over Alleged Sex Cover-up
While Barros himself is not accused of molestation, at least three victims of sex abuse say he was present when they were molested by the Rev. Fernando Karadima in the 1980s and 90s.…/2015_03_21_UTSa… [More]
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     Saturday, 16:13
Even the secular news are reporting the case of Chile.…
"I hold the Pope responsible," said Juan Carlos Cruz, a 51-year-old journalist who is one of the accusers.
"As victims, we had become used to the slaps in the face by the Chilean hierarchy, but we never expected a slap in the face from the Pope," he told The Associated Press.…/2015_03_21_UTSa…
hussi     Saturday, 15:23
Romans 1:18
The Guilt of Humankind
18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth.
  Cristo-Rey-Soberano likes this.     Saturday, 15:24
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     Saturday, 15:12
This is not only a violation of freedom of expression but a violation of freedom of press.
Noticias en Español     Saturday, 14:52
Don Reto Nay Your moderator is taking the whole control of Gloria tv in Spanish and he is erasing many of your videos that are only the translations in Spanish of your news. What going on? Why you let this problem keep happening without doing anything.
Noticias en Español     Saturday, 14:51 Nachrichten Your moderator is taking the whole control of Gloria tv in Spanish and he is erasing many of your videos that are only the translations in Spanish of your news. What going on? Why you let this problem keep happening without doing anything.
  hussi likes this.     Saturday, 15:03
Cristo-Rey-Soberano     Saturday, 14:36 Nachrichten Why you allow your moderator
@Germen to deleted the translation in Spanish of your own news?
Rafał_Ovile     Saturday, 14:19
stanislawp The effort of reconciliation with Rome undertaken by Bishop Fellay under Benedcit XVI's pontificate was a downright step taken to provide the Fraternity with a canonical status and the adequate autonomy. One can read that Abp. M. Lefebrve envisaged the resumption of talks with Rome and wished that his successors would relaunch them. "He repeatedly affirmed that the solution would come from Rome."…/archbishop-lefe…
Bp. Fellay has reliably explained the compl… [More]
LovelyGiraffe     Saturday, 14:00
Abomination !
Dr Bobus     Saturday, 13:32
In honor of the German Episcopal stormtroopers:
Dr Bobus     Saturday, 13:05
With thanks to Cardinal Koch, I'll let Mel Brooks describe the situation:
And now it's...
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay!
We're marching to a faster pace Look out, here comes the master race! Springtime for Hitler and Germany Rhineland's a fine land once more! Springtime for Hitler and Germany Watch out, Europe We're going on tour! Springtime for Hitler and Germany... . . . Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!
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aderito     Saturday, 12:53
Obama is a man that accepts abortion , euthanasia and same sex marriage as normal and a right for every individual ,so where is this doctrine in the scriptures ??????
aderito     Saturday, 12:46
I like it ,more divotional
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