rhemes1582         06:02
Thanks for the News
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better
Montfort AJPM         05:48
* * * AM17. Le Chapelet psalmodié * * *
1. Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort
2. Saint Pierre Chanel
3. Saint Paul de la Croix…/1c3T2vYK2w7 [More]
Bazsó-Dombi Attila         05:28
Totally false and manipulatory affirmation, there were not honoured the three conditions asked by the Mother of God!
On Guard         04:43
An Enthronement is NOT a Consecration. Why can't we obey the Mother of God. Let us practice the First Saturday Devotions to accomplish this effort. The World Apostolate of Fatima benefited by this "pseudo-consecration" only politically. Do we have "A REIGN OF PEACE" as Our Lady promised after the Consecration? The world, including the Church, is becoming worse and we have the audacity to say that Our Lady rewards us in this way!!
paul arten         03:21
You did not mention that Bishop Wester hails from San Francisco, Califorina. Who would of thought ?
Caesar         02:45
Former Vatican exorcist highest P. Gabrielle Amorth called ISIS and Islam as such the work of the devil. Unfortunately, our politicians and church dignitaries and incorrigible, he still plays with the fact that it is a "peaceful" religion and the atrocities are said to be only of marginal fanatics, Islam alone with them apparently have nothing in common.
niyi292         02:10
I Thank God for this website, I've been looking for this video all over the internet. Thanks ChaveLaCatolica for uploading
Irapuato         00:31
Pope Francis Plans to Visit Fatima in 2017
Trip to Coincide with 100th Anniversary of Marian Apparitions…/pope-francis-pl…
tearlach         00:26
Diosle bendiga Padre. Shalom.
aderito         23:29
Jesus said he would spit out those that are ,on the 'gray ,middle tepid side'Yes should yes and No should be No,
aderito         23:21
Some of these news makes me cry .what these liberal {secular } thinking leaders are doing is splitting the church ,like the anglican church ,that is sad
Irapuato         23:13
Today on Perspectives, Pope Francis ordains priests in Rome, a Canadian religious is beatified, Blessed Marie-Elisabeth Turgeon, and the Catholic Missions...
Blessed Marie-Élisabeth Turgeon (7 February 1840 - 17 August 1881), born Élisabeth Turgeon, was a Roman Catholic Canadian nun and was the founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary. She assumed the name of Marie-Élisabeth as her religious name after she became a nun.
Turgeon was cleared for beatification in 2014 afte… [More]
Gregory         21:42
The Black Hermits are not making a good or useful example in their diocese; being arrested 10 times would not lead others to frequent the sacraments, to pray, or to take part in any religious exercises. By their behavior they seem to be living more in the world than in prayer; upon a little reflection this should be apparent to all. The Bishop is trying to keep a high standard of faith and morals in the diocese and the Black Hermits are the reason and cause for religious decadence. Rarely are … [More]
tbswv         21:31
Ah yes, the "peaceful" religion of Muslims. Why is not Pope Francis publically condemning this desecration? Europe and the USA must stand strong against these infidels. Catholic men we must defend our places of sacred worship from these Mohamedans.
stanislawp         Monday, 19:29
That object is huge, up to 70 km on diameter
Look what happened here
UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation in Western Massachusetts (UFO Invasion)
Do we know their powers? In my opinion these are fallen angels in actions as the book of Revelation predicted It is only 20 pages to read.. Human population will be under attack from the skies... millions of flying intelligent objects-beings. 9-11 2001 it was the destruction done by them, fallen angels, with dustifying (… [More]
Dr Stuart Reiss         Monday, 19:21
@Gregory you are right. I think these three were a real nuisance it sounds like. And for criminals to be living under the patronage of the bishop is seen in a tremendously negative light in the eyes of society. My understanding of a hermit, is someone who lives in seclusion, and has very little to do with society other than in the spiritual realm. These people have been moving here there and everywhere, according to the Ctaholic herald article. I think they are more about anti social than pro … [More]
Gregory         Monday, 16:56
It sounds as if someone has not been playing well with the authorities and has been practicing disobedience. In the fourth commandment of God we should honor our parents; and by that commandment it is our duty to have the same regard for our ecclesiastical and secular authorities.
One of the Black Hermits, Brother Damon Kelly, has been arrested 10 times; which fully proves that he is not fulfilling the commands of his secular superiors; perhaps, in like manner, Brother Damon Kelly did not … [More]
    Dr Stuart Reiss likes this.         Monday, 19:13
Dr Stuart Reiss         Monday, 16:54
They are evicted from a building NOT expelled from a dioces..that's quite an exaggeration....
Here's what the catholic herald has to say..…/hermits-appeal-…
My personal opinion on the matter doesn't matter. But, I think religious ought to be obey their bishop, and if the bishop is rotten he'll have to answer to God. These hermits seem an odd set up. Two men and a woman (they are brothers and sister in a religious sense) I don't think men and women should live … [More]
    Gregory likes this.         Monday, 16:56
Caesar         Monday, 15:10
Welcome in EURABIA
CALLING ALL MUSLIMS! Get your free airline tickets to Europe
No need to risk your lives in overcrowded, rickety, smuggler boats, now you can fly to Europe in comfort from North Africa and the Middle East. For now, this amazing offer is open to Muslim males, ages 20 – 35, ONLY. Christians need not apply. [More]
RomanCandle         Monday, 15:05
Wishing God’s best to Philip and Betsy, and their son Soren and daughter Leem.
Josefine         Monday, 14:49
Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River. Matthew 3,6
…"The axe is already laid at the root of the trees, therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not worthy to remove his sandals; He will baptize you with Holy Spirit and fire.
His winnowing fork is in his hand, and He will thoroughly clear his threshing floor,… [More]
Abramo         Monday, 13:59
I would have my doubts about Bishop Doyle. To expulse somebody out of the diocese is not a regular punishment. If the Hermits have done something wrong, he should have punished them according to Canon Law. Kicking them out of the diocese looks to me a lot like another bishop who tries to save his skin by throwing somebody else into the arena.
Josefine         Monday, 13:11
The PEGIDA followers go on the street, because the "human rights"-politicians and the roman church officials don´t do it.
It is becoming increasingly clear that their so-called human rights applies not to religious freedom for Christians, women and children, but for a limited part as the monoculture of Islam.
These "multi-culti" and "human-rights" representatives don´t condemn the many murders and acts of violence against the european citizens, but spread lies against the PEGIDA-followers, who … [More]
Josefine         Monday, 12:12
These are the same godless views of the Torture-President Barack Hussein Obama - like his predecessors Bush etc.
They are paid by the idolaters of the United Nations, precise the financial Olygarchy.
Their ultimate goal is the extinction of Christianity through abolition of the Christian values, and the relentless reduction of the world's population through abortion and war-mongering.…
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