Roy-XXIII     09:18
The more catholic the better ?
Carlus     08:07
Fr. Malachi Martin on Poisoned Popes & Cardinal Siri
Art Bell & Malachi Martin Last Interview 1998
inve_1     04:44
Let us pray for the year long synod of bishops. May they be guided by the Holy Spirit as they work to strengthen the family.
Sonia Chrisye     04:32
wonderfully beautiful, thank you
rhemes1582     22:45
Cardinal Baldisseri also confirmed that the pope ordered that several controversial sections in the proposed Relatio synodi, or final report, be included in the published version even though they failed to get the necessary two-thirds vote from the Synod fathers.
“It was the Pope’s decision to include the points that did not receive the two-thirds majority,” he said.
Blessed Pope Pius IX
Pray for us [More]
luis_rcoelho     19:30
don't call him 'francis', cos that is accepting he is pope, when he is not' he is an ecclesiastical freemason who is draging into apostasy as many catholics possible.
luis_rcoelho     19:28
@MensajeroMariano:were excominicated all those who from the 60's till now attacked, criticized and persecuted former popes or the doctrine of the catholic church? This condemnation towards those who know bergoglio not being a catholic was planned by b'nai b'rith some time ago in a discovered document in paris 1936. Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason who is draging into apostasy as many catholics as possible. These heretics now in power spent their lives criticizing everyone who was loyal … [More]
RCRCatholic     Saturday, 15:36
This is exactly what the academy has needed for a long time: a video just explaining what has happened during the week. Nothing fancy!
Samson1     Saturday, 14:10
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martin Luther 2
Rafał_Ovile     Saturday, 13:08
Return to Roman Catholic Sacred Tradition - CATHOLIC ORDO!
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la-verdad-prevalece     Saturday, 12:51
Father E. Sylvester Berry said:
“The dragon is seen in heaven which is here a symbol of the Church, the kingdom of heaven on earth. This indicates that the first troubles of those days will be inaugurated within the Church by apostate bishops, priests, and peoples, — the stars dragged down by the tail of the dragon. [More]
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stanislawp     Saturday, 12:12
bukietowa? czy baketowa? ten z tego powiedzonka "Kick the bucket"
Kick the Bucket. Phrase used to say someone is dead or has deceased. [More]
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Acedian Thank you!..C'est Jacques-Olivier Travers...
asharat     Saturday, 10:07
Maj vieru Kokso
Fiel A Cristo     Saturday, 09:57
Jesus spoke to them again, saying, " I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life . " Juan : 8-12
Fiel A Cristo     Saturday, 09:48
Thanks VPAs . Very beautiful and pacifying music
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Mlc uz, Zeno
VRS     Saturday, 08:28
English supplementary description:
The Benedictine abbey on the hill in Burgundy was founded in the IX century, during the Carolingian rule. It was restored after destructive raid of the Magyars in 873. In 2nd half of the XI century a Romanesque St. Mary Magdalene's church was built for relics of the saint obtained from Constantinople. The choir and transept were finished by 1104, then hostile actions of the count of Nevers stopped works at the nave. In 1106 during riots abbot Artaud was … [More]
Cloud     Saturday, 08:22
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asharat     Saturday, 08:11
Ty nechapes?
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