Irapuato         07:40
Sr. Irene Stefani, a Consolata Missionary Sister who came to Kenya in 1915 and died at Gikondi – Kenya in 1930 at the age of 39. ‘A mother’ full of compassion and love, the name given to Sr. Irene by people of Gikondi. A name which embodies a life of total dedication to God, in the path of generous service and evangelization. Even today, Sr. Irene continues her missionary journey of compassion and love, by obtaining many favours from people who have been touched by her story. May … [More]
Eleda         23:31
What a disappointment that Holy Mass offered by the SSPX was denied these pilgrims, who no doubt sacrificed much already to travel to Rome. How beautifully these Nuns and their pupils accepted that extra sacrifice . Thank you for posting this video. Deo gratias.
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Noticias en Español         23:19
Dublin archbishop responds to gay ‘marriage’ debate suggesting gay civil registrations…
Dublin's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin refuses to endorse Church teaching again January 10, 2009…/dublins-archbis……/dublin-archbish… Catholic Priest tells mass he's gay and gets standing ovation [More]
Ben Martin         22:56
Francis says who am I to judge so who are you to say it is wrong.
Tamara Rodero         Wednesday, 19:26

Monsignor Romero inno
Inno alla Osacar Romero
Testi di Francisco Andrés Escobar
Opine Ud. acerca de este video
sr.maria lukaszuk         Wednesday, 17:03
Beautifu.Thank you.
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Irapuato         Wednesday, 14:02
To find the genesis of the campaign, one must look beyond the Emerald Isle to the United States and wealthy philanthropists who use their money and influence to buy radical social change around the world.
Pro-same-sex marriage campaigners in Ireland have benefited to the tune of millions of dollars from Atlantic Philanthropies, the organization used by billionaire Chuck Feeney to fund socially liberal causes.
According to Atlantic, the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) … [More]
Chris P.         Wednesday, 13:58
OBAMA and his (Democratic Party) in the USA actively support:
Abortion on demand - at all stages of development; Contraception including voluntary sterilization; and Euthanasia, - each to be paid for at complete taxpayer expense.
In addition they put pressure on in the United Nations that those poor Countries who do not support abortion - should not get aid.
OBAMA and his Democratic Party also support homosexual acts with homosexual marriage. [More]
Chris P.         Wednesday, 13:49
Why don't these HERETICAL Cardinals (Bishops) leave the Faith ?
We don't want or need them.
It is up to them if they choose Hell for eternity. [More]
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Josefine         Wednesday, 13:01
>>> Cardinal Secretary of Vatican after Irish vote for "gay marriage": "I'm very sad about this result, the Church must take into account this reality, but in the sense that it reinforced their commitment to evangelization.
Vatican ( "I think you can talk not only of a defeat of the Christian principles but of a defeat for humanity." <<<
Yes, we need to consider this reality everywhere where men and women go up the same partnership, also without "Permission" of the … [More]
Evandro         Wednesday, 09:35
Spiritual growth is becoming small.
Thank you, Fr. Reto.
DonaldSpitz         Wednesday, 08:35
Homosexuals are sexual deviants. They belong in prison, not being married.
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