saumiguel         00:41
Apostles were grown-ups with " Littleness " living in them and leading them- Pharisees and members of the Sanhedrin were grown-ups with " pride of law " living in them . Through " Pride of law " they were already like fruitless tree. [More]
RomanCandle         22:47
“Prayer is the beginning, the middle and the end of all good”, St Francis of Assisi
lj         20:23
Very rough, ordinary russians don't think so. We remember holy Europe, as a cradle and treasury of all human achievements, based on Christian Spirit. We love and appreciate ancient faith, transmitted to us through the great architecture, great literature, music of many christian mystics, great example of Christian charity. We do belive in a shining future of Europe, if ... you will remember and return to the living roots - true Christianity. This is a core of your heart, your royal dignity and … [More]
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Harmonia celestiala         Saturday, 15:36
Thank you for the presentation of the archangels, from which we only know a few things, except the real existence.
Josefine         Saturday, 15:01
The catholic christian faith must not be abused for political purposes, to being used by atheistic politicians to justify their lawless policies.
Also the annulment of a marriage is in most cases not possible.
Some catholic married couples living separated in the expectation that they will receive an annulment.
First of all, it is not the role of the Vatican to encourage to marry if the future of a couple is unpredictable. The prefect of the ´Congregation of the faith´, Card. Gerhard Ludwig … [More]
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Yugo         Saturday, 15:00
Alabado Bendito y Adorado seas
Gregory         Saturday, 14:39
Catholics must condemn and in no way overlook the negative consequences that can derive from the ordination of persons, like Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, with homosexual tendencies.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church confirms the teaching of the Church on homosexuality. Regarding homosexual acts the Church teaches that Sacred Scripture presents them as grave sins; and the Church has constantly considered homosexual acts as intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law. Consequently, … [More]
Jungerheld         Saturday, 13:46
Vox Populi, yes! We understand also people stood facing death and courageously proclaimed their faith in Jesus Christ! They too are our uncommon heroes, bold witnesses to life in Christ being the ultimate gift!
miscelánea         Saturday, 13:16
Altissimu, onipotente bon Signore,
Tue so' le laude, la gloria e l'honore et onne benedictione.
miscelánea         Saturday, 13:16
Et ellu è bellu e radiante cum grande splendore:
de Te, Altissimo, porta significatione.
Irapuato         Saturday, 13:06
Fr Lombardi reacts to revelations by gay prelate
(Vatican Radio) The director of the Holy See press office Father Federico Lombardi on Saturday reacted to revelations by a high-ranking Vatican official that he is in a gay relationship.
43 year old Polish Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa has been living in Rome for 17 years and has worked at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 2003. He also serves as assistant secretary of the International Theological Commission and … [More]
Dr Bobus         Saturday, 12:46
Pus is oozing from the wound
shazam         Saturday, 12:39
It's boring! You must call Mister Bean!
Kurt Landsdorf         Saturday, 12:14
@Sonia Chrisye
Ja! In z.B. der Stadt Leith in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ist es ruhig!
Vox Populi         Saturday, 12:07
Yayo Grassi, Francis alumnus
The same day that the press room of the Vatican made clear that Francis does not supports the stance against same-sex marriage from the official Kim Davis, met the video of the tender encounter between an alumnus of the Pontiff, her thirty-six years younger homosexual partner and the family.
Bergoglio was teacher at the secondary school of Yayo Grassi in 1964. (This man will take today, not less than 55 years old.) Does an interview with Francis at the Apostolic … [More]
Vox Populi         Saturday, 11:46
" Charamsa" : vade retro satana!
Irapuato         Saturday, 10:52
Miracle in Duarte which led to the canonization of Saint Claude de la Colombière:
God’s Miracle Resulting from Fr. Frank’s Blessing (1990)
Fr. John Houle
On February 23, 1990, Father Parrish was called to Santa Teresita Hospital in Duarte to minister to his unconscious friend, Jesuit Father John Houle, who was dying from terminal pulmonary fibrosis. Father Frank blessed the patient with a first class relic of Blessed Claude la Colombiere, “… [More]
RomanCandle         Saturday, 10:18
“Love is the state of angels”, St John Climacus
Interview Abp Gadecki
03:13 The Lie of the Italian Archbishop and...
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