RomanCandle     21:12
Beneath thy mercy, we take refuge, O Virgin Theotokos:
disdain not our supplications in our distress, but
deliver us from perils, O only pure and blessed one.
ELOHIM.     Thursday, 16:21
Briana     Thursday, 16:03
The excellent virtue and character formation program for high schools that Erin Aldrich refers to is called Principles & Choices. It’s published by Healing the Culture, and can be found here: Many thanks to Erin and the Metro Center for Girls for making others aware of this valuable resource!
Dr Stuart Reiss     Thursday, 15:53
What a great man!
So polite in his opposition, an utter gentleman. Some Catholics who write here (@rhemes, @UNWORTHY, @bralexisbugnolio, @rafal_olive et al) in this site against the Holy Father, could learn how a true gentleman dissents.
Harmonia celestiala     Thursday, 10:48
Thank you for this story. It's well said that God is often hidden and we have pains for loving him freely; therefore we need courage and spirit because God wants that we love him.
cecylia2_2     Thursday, 08:54
Cloud 14:51
really ?
Cloud     Thursday, 08:51
really ?
Irapuato     Thursday, 07:04
Irapuato     Thursday, 06:41
Curiosità: Bronisław Markiewicz
Al Beato è intitolato l'Auditorium presente nel Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo (patrimonio UNESCO) di Monte Sant'Angelo. [More]
2 more postings from Irapuato
Abramo     Thursday, 06:18
This kind of opposition and dissent is not welcome by the dissenters.
Gregory N     Thursday, 06:02
Not in the Bible? Since when has that bothered the Church of England! See "Not the Nine O'clock News- The Devil is he all bad?" on YouTube. A very funny (to us Brits!) comedy sketch about a trendy Anglican priest who wants Devil worshippers to join his congregation. As he says "A theological grey area" (!).
Rosa Rosae     Thursday, 04:21
Buenisma la cancion y el video....bendiciones
abeltesfaye123     Thursday, 03:50
thank you very much! God bless you!
abeltesfaye123     Thursday, 03:44
thank you! God Bless you!
asharat     Thursday, 00:13
K udalostiam, ktore nas neminu. To je link mojo priatela, tradicneho katolika:
Irapuato     Thursday, 00:12
The Legend of the Pig's Feet
Several stories about Juniper in the Little Flowers of St. Francis (Fioretti di San Francesco) illustrate his generosity and simplicity. Perhaps the most famous of these is the tale of the pig's feet.
When visiting a poor man who was sick, Juniper asked if he could perform any service for the man. The man told Juniper that he had a longing for a meal of pig's feet, and so Juniper happily ran off to find some. Capturing a pig in a nearby field, he cut … [More]
Leonard Wessell     Wednesday, 22:05
And, what does the Pope have to say to all this? This was not reported and it is critical --- at least for me. "God is Truth", St. Anselm once wrote. Is God evolving? Is a Church doctrine, like a primordial ape, evolving into a new species of truth, like the human species, i.e., a change of species meaning a change of truth with certain ancesteral connection, otherwise different? Cardinal Newman held that developing doctrine always preserves the old or already existing doctrine, not abrogates … [More]
  Fischl likes this.     Thursday, 03:26
johncage     Wednesday, 21:38
Its a sad horrible image, when I discovered it the question was whether to show it to the world but had no choice as it is now a second witness to the life death and crucifiction of Jesus.
Isiaiah 52.14 He was scarred and marred more than any man
ignea orationem     Wednesday, 18:01
so much for transparency
amarillo     Wednesday, 17:21
please support our referendum 3000 more votes needed
On February 7, Slovakians will have the opportunity to support marriage and the natural family in a nationwide referendum. This is a great opportunity for democratic participation and for the defense and promotion of our values, which are under attack around the world. A 'YES' vote for family and marriage would send a loud message in favor of traditional values and against cultural … [More]
domtom     Wednesday, 17:08
Long Live Gloria TV!
Talita Kumy     Wednesday, 16:03
Talita Kumy     Wednesday, 16:01
Abomination follow abomination....
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