G.Taylor         24/05/2014 18:30
This priest should be removed, he clearly went to a crap seminary and is not catholic, good bye to bad rubbish
G.Taylor         14/05/2014 18:50
Please Almighty God that You give Pope Francis the strength he needs to stand up to these "prelates" who arrogantly dismiss Our Lord's saving Truth and pontificate their garbage - and dismiss these "prelates". Amen
G.Taylor         14/05/2014 18:47
Prof.Leonard Wessell
I could not agree more with what you have written here.
This prelate is typically all too common. He clearly has lost his faith and has the arrogance to continue in his luxury lifestyle (which we, the Mass attending Catholic "peasants" pay for) pontificating against Our Lord's Truth.
These "prelates" must be dismissed.
Almighty God give Your Vicar the gift of courage. Amen
G.Taylor         26/03/2014 19:06
Anyone could have told Card. Kasper that!
So why does he think he knows better than God the Father?
These prelates arrogance astounds me.
G.Taylor         25/03/2014 21:22
The German bishops are, in the main a waste of space. If you are not for Christ, then you are against Him. Go set up the German National Church and keep your billions of Euros. Continue with the dress up and the titles just stay away from the faithful. Byeeeee.
G.Taylor         24/03/2014 19:33
Card. Schonborn felt like a "schoolboy" in trouble. How telling that statement is. The German prelates are bad, only the deaf and blind would not recognise them as bad, very bad indeed. They are, in the main, apostates.
So if Card. Schonborn recognises just how bad he really is, wouldn't it be good if he and his chums started their own German church. That way they could keep all the German tax payers billions of Euros a year and we could carry on with Our Lord Jesus Christ and his church. They … [More]
G.Taylor         23/03/2014 09:49
Video one:
Who pays and how much do these dance "ministries" cost, what a pile of crap.
G.Taylor         23/03/2014 09:32
I am very reluctant to criticize the Holy Father, but when he spreads error and confusion, which sadly he is doing all too often. The Holy Father needs to return to the Apostolic flat in the Vatican. Stop having public displays of "humility", they are not helpful at all.
Preach the Truth in and out of season, say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no - as Our Lord has told (us all to do) you, just be the Pope!
G.Taylor         20/03/2014 20:37
What is one left to conclude? We are either led by spineless men or (worse?) apostates.
Almighty God have mercy on Your Body, Your Church. Amen.
G.Taylor         19/03/2014 19:45
That bishop is an apostate Judas and should be made to go now!
G.Taylor         16/03/2014 12:47
As long as the bishops continue as they have been doing for the last 40 years or so we will have no priests to speak of. The bishops have to go off and take a needed early retirement, and we need priests - who are real men, zealous in faith and leadership, in and out of season - teaching the Truth.
No sensible man would submit himself to this crop of no hopers we have as "prelates" at present, in sadly, all too many, many cases.
G.Taylor         16/03/2014 12:25
The Pope should dismiss Card. Kasper and all the German pornography producing and selling bishops. Once he has done that, he too should retire to a monastery.
The Cardinals can then elect Bishop Schnieder of Kazakstan as Pope.
God bless Your Body, the Church. Amen
G.Taylor         12/03/2014 18:02
A bishop talking about the pornography business. My, my. He should share his letter with the Pope, so he too may become aware of Cardinal Marx ( the Papal advisor) who's diocese has a 13% share in the German Bishops pornography business, which brings them billions of euros per year.
What a busy time ahead. The fake "prelates" being exposed for the fakes that they are. My, my.
G.Taylor         12/03/2014 16:50
The lady talking on divorce etc @ 17.15 is a good holy Catholic woman. The Kaspers of this world would do well to listen to the Truth from this woman.
If only the @prelates@ had the skills ( never mind the faith) to talk with such clarity and faith!
G.Taylor         11/03/2014 18:59
What a blether this fake is. He and his pals are so "in the know" about the Pope and all that is to happen in their sad little fantasy world. God save us from such pompous fools.
Ego, ego, ego.....what a yawn maker he and his little gaggle of blethers really are.
G.Taylor         09/03/2014 18:11
Has the Pope got dementia?
Is he a puppet on Kasper's strings?
Or is he a bafoon?
God only knows,
Who am I to judge?
    Knights4Christ likes this.         09/03/2014 21:12
G.Taylor         09/03/2014 18:07
The gospel according to Kasper! What a fake!
G.Taylor         08/03/2014 09:22
The prelates appear to be bending over backwards to sound tolerant of homosexual acts, instead of simply telling the truth in it's fullness.
We are all in need of God's forgiveness and mercy. Our Lord is, thankfully, rich in mercy to the repentant.
The prelates should begin with the need for repentance, that is turning away from
sin- full lives and finding real life in the Lord. Instead we get the "political", the "wise", the pretense at tolerance of the sinful sexual acts. What fakes our "… [More]
G.Taylor         08/03/2014 08:07
So the German bishops are really doing Our Lord's Will? Are you serious father? These "prelates" are causing such confusion amongst these generations of the uncatechised.
G.Taylor         04/03/2014 18:08
This Cardinal is not Catholic, he is a wee laddie intent on being famous. What a waste of space he is.
G.Taylor         04/03/2014 17:40
What a lot of mistakes we have as "prelates"
Almighty God help us. Amen.
G.Taylor         25/02/2014 17:26
This Pope is a worry. He is so lacking in wisdom.
Almighty God grant him the graces he needs.Amen
G.Taylor         25/02/2014 02:39
A wee reality check for these promulgators of the "new" history ( read - their made up history to suit their own fantasies). St Francis was in fact a stern defender of the One True Church, he insisted on kneeling and kissing the Pope's feet. He taught against heretics at every turn. He had the only understanding of how to behave in the presence of Almighty God in the most Blessed Sacrament - St Francis was on his knees in awe and adoration.
He had no truck with heretics. He evangelised the paga… [More]
G.Taylor         25/02/2014 02:19
My brother "bishop"... The heretic is not a bishop. This leads the ignorant into confusion.
G.Taylor         23/02/2014 10:23
Confusion is not from God. The Pope needs to go on retreat and learn humility and teach Catholic doctrine and stop the confusion.
St Francis of Assisi would have stern words for this Pope.
St Catherine would have very stern words for this Pope.
He needs to rule and govern, that includes sacking the fakes and returning his hand to guiding the barque of Peter ( and get out of the homosexual run hotel he lives in).
Almighty God bless Your Vicar with wisdom and humility. Amen
G.Taylor         10/02/2014 19:38
If Pope Francis wants to stir things up why doesn't he appoint men of faith and prayer as bishops who will teach the Catholic faith and govern with courage?
G.Taylor         06/02/2014 19:34
The clergy "formed " in the sixties, oh how we laughed!
G.Taylor         05/02/2014 17:12
vote against these MEP's at the elections. That will be worth watching as the morons loose their seats. It is what they deserve, they are not servants of the people but patronising, arrogant, little puffed up nobodies.
Their day is nearly done, thank God.
G.Taylor         05/02/2014 17:08
Communism force fed the gullible with this diabolical ideology - "feminism".
Denigrating men and woman. The devils work.
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