On Guard
On Guard     20/02/2015 05:12
Thank you, Pope Pius IX for your words of Wisdom. Would that they could be heard today!
On Guard     20/02/2015 04:58
How sad to think that an elderly "priest" who was supposedly dead for 48minutes, claims that he saw "God" as a "woman with a gentle voice". I hope after 48 minutes he awakened to the fact that he apparently saw Our Blessed Mother speaking to "Her son", a priest. God help us all in these confusing times.
On Guard     19/02/2015 04:41
@MensajeroMariano:CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA. Our Lady is stronger than the Hierarchy! !
On Guard     20/01/2015 10:37
This is a VERY SAD comment....... BUT OH, HOW TRUE! ! ! !
On Guard     18/01/2015 05:38
The pictures of obama and the Pope, are NOT necessary nor newsworthy. If each of us would stop this spreading of gossip.... the things would stop and the world would be a better place in which to live! ! ! ! !
On Guard     17/01/2015 03:49
May God see the LIGHT of these students and their True Catholicism... If our Catholic hierarchy had acted as True Catholics, this would never have reached these proportions. LET'S ALL BE CATHOLIC and return to THE FAITH as it used to be and should be, so that this kind of Anti-Catholicism can not "take hold" and ruin the Peace of the World!
On Guard     15/01/2015 05:11
EXCELLENT ! ! ! ! ! THANK YOU! ! ! !
On Guard     14/01/2015 15:35
We Catholics are not "Baptized Christians"...... WE ARE BAPTIZED CATHOLICS. Our Sacrament is different. We have, or we used to have, the exorcism, the salt on the tongue, etc. etc. protestants (Christians) don't have all that. That is one of the reasons why Baptism is done "conditionally" on one entering the Catholic Church, if the person was Baptized outside the Church. (unless done by an ordained Minister )
  rhemes1582 likes this.     14/01/2015 15:44
On Guard     13/01/2015 05:26
"Misery likes company"... of course all the "homos" are pleased about the "confession" of fr. Dolan in Ireland. For 15 years he has been in that church and lived a lie, without the reprimand of his bishop. For 15 years he has approved of people in his church who have also followed his lifestyle. How many has he lead to the "gates of hell" by his example and by his approval??? It is not only the "smoke of satan that has entered the church" it is satan himself that has entered the church. We, … [More]
On Guard     12/01/2015 06:35
This kind of nonsense comes from too much "ecumenism". By the way, many Catholics have also bashed the Pope. Why should we bother what a Baptist thinks about Catholicism. Who Founded the Baptist religion?? Who Founded the Catholic Religion?? Think about it.... and study the difference.
On Guard     10/01/2015 09:29
PLEASE...PLEASE CAN YOU TRANSLATE THIS INTO ENGLISH?? It is very very important. What language is this?
Thank you for your help! God Bless you.
On Guard     03/01/2015 16:03
This is the approach that Christ Himself requests of His Bishops.... If they all did this...we would not have the chaos that we are now experiencing ! ! !
Let us ALL follow this Bishop...in all Dioceses....
God Bless Bishop Paprocki .. It is not "unimportant"....... it is essential...
On Guard     02/01/2015 12:01
EXCELLENT ! ! ! ! ! Thank you...
On Guard     29/12/2014 11:00
It is time for us to "lock the gate" on worthless bishops who preach against the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Bible and Tradition.
It is also time for us to return to having a 'CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH" as we did when the Church was flourishing. RETURN to the Tabernacle!!!
The few remaining Good Clergy and the Real Catholic Laity, should make themselves known to the Pope and influence the "other" Catholics.
On Guard     27/12/2014 15:00
Bravo, Andrea!!!!!
On Guard     25/12/2014 05:08
Beautiful! ! ! Mary, Merry Christmas...
On Guard     24/12/2014 17:40
When is she going to learn to quit????????????
On Guard     23/12/2014 14:00
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
On Guard     23/12/2014 13:47
Great to have such interest in Catholic Schools.
Put" D.C." on your logo. Many think that is Washington State!
It would be nice to see the woman teachers in dresses/skirts as examples for their students.
God Bless you and good luck in your new "Highlights".
On Guard     22/12/2014 04:23
Where is The Baby Jesus, the real reason for Christmas.??
On Guard     21/12/2014 11:51
BRAVO! ! ! Bravo Andre.....Feliz Natal and God Bless you.
On Guard     18/12/2014 04:38
Disgraceful, screaming nun..... Blessed Mother PLEASE help us clean up our Church.
  tearlach likes this.     18/12/2014 11:15
On Guard     17/12/2014 05:23
What kind of a church do we have that will support, and encourage, this kind of catholicism and deny the Sacred Tradition of the Holy Latin Mass. Why have we "descended" to this? Think about it.... it is our fault because we did not, and do not, see destruction as we are descending!!!!!!!! LET'S BE CATHOLIC AGAIN! ! ! ! At least give the Traditional Latin Mass equal celebration.
On Guard     09/12/2014 13:16
Sister, teach this in the classroom, etc. etc....... but, please stay out of public politics and t.v.
We need Holy nuns who can be examples of humility and Faith.
God bless you in your efforts and may you find the nitch you are looking for.
On Guard     05/12/2014 06:05
If we do not return to Tradition we are totally lost. The responsibility belongs to each of us. Let us not wait for someone else to lead us. Let us start as individuals to respond to the Words of God. TRADITION.
On Guard     03/12/2014 14:53
It is a shame that no mention of the Portuguese Flag and its symbol. It is the 5 wounds of Christ!!!!!!!!
On Guard     01/12/2014 11:16
Why doesn't the Pope accept the fact that there are many priests ,whom he rejects, that would change the entire picture for the better. Why is he so stubborn in accepting the TRADITIONAL priests to work in his vineyard. He can "cow-tow" to every other heretical species, as he has done of late, but he can not see the Catholic Priest who has remained faithful to the Teachings since the First Pentecost Sunday!
Deo Gratias for Tradition!!!!!
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