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On Guard         Friday, 05:36
Beautiful story.... BUT .... what kind of an "example" does C, Dolan give the child by giving him Communion in the hand. With examples like Dolan, how can we ever further the TRUE Catholic Faith! ! ! Let's give Peyton a TRUE example of the Catholic Faith.
On Guard         Wednesday, 04:48
The idea of the Early Morning Walk is very good, but the cameraman moves much too fast and the whole idea is totally lost.
On Guard         11/07/2015 05:21
The "Tragedy" of this performance is that it is developing the youth into "pseudo-Catholics" without any hope of promoting any Future Catholicism. God Help Us....PLEASE!!
On Guard         06/07/2015 09:12
@Catholique et Français:
Come to Portugal... Beautiful Castles, Churches, Monasteries, and Beaches.. God has Blessed Portugal, help her give Thanksgiving to HIM.
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On Guard         06/07/2015 09:05
Father Timothy Radcliffe is a total disgrace, not only to the Dominicans, but to every True Catholic who lives today. Will we ever get Our Church back???
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On Guard         06/07/2015 08:59
Poor Hierarchy, they have forgotten the beautiful CATHOLIC Hymns that were "thrown away" after Vatican II. When will we learn and "Come back to the Fold". (Is there still a Fold to come back to??)
On Guard         01/07/2015 04:59
Where were these worthless clerics before this particular vote??
On Guard         01/07/2015 04:04
WHEN, OH, WHEN, will we have another Pope Pious XII?? Even through a WAR he was great. Who, in his right mind, would canonize any of the recent popes before him!!!!! God help us.
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On Guard         20/06/2015 08:33
He is not only a heretic, but also a fanatic, which arouses the emotions of the people so that they can't think logically and follow him.
I don't think they should be allowed on t.v. or on the net.
On Guard         09/06/2015 05:28
After just refusing SSPX and the Dominican Sisters the Right to Celebrate Mass in Rome, why is it that FSSP can have full approval of same.? We Thank God that SSPX does not compromise and "Holds Fast" to the True Liturgy of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
On Guard         05/06/2015 10:17
Kasper, why don't you just shut up and go back to study your childhood Catechism.... THEN ..... you will know your Catholic Religion and can talk about it to others. Thank you.
On Guard         05/06/2015 10:02
Not explained well enough for understanding.
On Guard         05/06/2015 09:50
Holy Father, PLEASE Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as she requested at Fatima. No Pope has been obedient enough to do it correctly yet as She asked. Be the "Obedient Pope" and do what Our Lady asks of you. Thank you and God Bless you.
On Guard         05/06/2015 09:46
Don't talk to us about the beheading, the martyrs and all the crimes that the muslims do....... we are no better because we do things that they would not dare do, e.g. abortions, homosexual "marriage" etc. Rep. Sean Duffy is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. And, until we see it that way..... we will continue to have the chaos and the satanic influence that we have in our WONDERFUL country. WE can change our country at the voting polls. Let's do it! ! ! !
On Guard         15/05/2015 03:01
Thank you for showing this. EVERY Catholic should see this and promote this video. When we return to "Respect the Eucharist" we will have our Catholic Church back again!
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On Guard         02/05/2015 14:50
The "Conversion" of Russia did NOT happen, because the Consecration of Russia did NOT happen. When will a Pope do what Our Lady asked and the "way" she asked it. Our Lady of Fatima forgive us.
On Guard         28/04/2015 04:43
An Enthronement is NOT a Consecration. Why can't we obey the Mother of God. Let us practice the First Saturday Devotions to accomplish this effort. The World Apostolate of Fatima benefited by this "pseudo-consecration" only politically. Do we have "A REIGN OF PEACE" as Our Lady promised after the Consecration? The world, including the Church, is becoming worse and we have the audacity to say that Our Lady rewards us in this way!!
On Guard         15/04/2015 03:54
Thank God and the Blessed Mother for the Society of St. Pius X. May their EXAMPLE Redeem us and teach us our Faith.
On Guard         20/02/2015 05:12
Thank you, Pope Pius IX for your words of Wisdom. Would that they could be heard today!
On Guard         20/02/2015 04:58
How sad to think that an elderly "priest" who was supposedly dead for 48minutes, claims that he saw "God" as a "woman with a gentle voice". I hope after 48 minutes he awakened to the fact that he apparently saw Our Blessed Mother speaking to "Her son", a priest. God help us all in these confusing times.
On Guard         19/02/2015 04:41
@MensajeroMariano:CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA. Our Lady is stronger than the Hierarchy! !
On Guard         20/01/2015 10:37
This is a VERY SAD comment....... BUT OH, HOW TRUE! ! ! !
On Guard         18/01/2015 05:38
The pictures of obama and the Pope, are NOT necessary nor newsworthy. If each of us would stop this spreading of gossip.... the things would stop and the world would be a better place in which to live! ! ! ! !
On Guard         17/01/2015 03:49
May God see the LIGHT of these students and their True Catholicism... If our Catholic hierarchy had acted as True Catholics, this would never have reached these proportions. LET'S ALL BE CATHOLIC and return to THE FAITH as it used to be and should be, so that this kind of Anti-Catholicism can not "take hold" and ruin the Peace of the World!
On Guard         15/01/2015 05:11
EXCELLENT ! ! ! ! ! THANK YOU! ! ! !
On Guard         14/01/2015 15:35
We Catholics are not "Baptized Christians"...... WE ARE BAPTIZED CATHOLICS. Our Sacrament is different. We have, or we used to have, the exorcism, the salt on the tongue, etc. etc. protestants (Christians) don't have all that. That is one of the reasons why Baptism is done "conditionally" on one entering the Catholic Church, if the person was Baptized outside the Church. (unless done by an ordained Minister )
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On Guard         13/01/2015 05:26
"Misery likes company"... of course all the "homos" are pleased about the "confession" of fr. Dolan in Ireland. For 15 years he has been in that church and lived a lie, without the reprimand of his bishop. For 15 years he has approved of people in his church who have also followed his lifestyle. How many has he lead to the "gates of hell" by his example and by his approval??? It is not only the "smoke of satan that has entered the church" it is satan himself that has entered the church. We, … [More]
On Guard         12/01/2015 06:35
This kind of nonsense comes from too much "ecumenism". By the way, many Catholics have also bashed the Pope. Why should we bother what a Baptist thinks about Catholicism. Who Founded the Baptist religion?? Who Founded the Catholic Religion?? Think about it.... and study the difference.
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