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Gregory     09/03/2015 11:25
The whole of the Mass is a sacrifice, not an instruction for the people. The Church should be explaining the mysteries and ceremonies of the Mass from the pulpit more frequently, teaching the Catechism, and explaining the Catholic religion. But as a matter of fact, the priests have not, and might as well be speaking Latin from the pulpit, for the people are living in ignorance of the Catholic faith. The use of Latin does not prevent this ignorance but it does add to the element of mystery; it … [More]
Gregory     18/01/2015 10:39
Lindsaywtf, Thank you once more, any right minded Catholic can easily and clearly understand Ivereigh's account, yet it takes great pains for those of a schismatic mentality and for those who cannot overcome themselves through confession to accept truth and they will only be indulgent to error; only the unfathomable mercy of God can free them.
Luke 18
Gregory     17/01/2015 20:27
What exertions these spiritual prisoners make to attack the Head of the Church; they are ever so indulgent to tell lies, tell half-truths, and to ridicule the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis. Surely they are not of the Kingdom of God and only the unfathomable mercy of God can free them.
Dr Stuart Reiss [More]
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Gregory     16/01/2015 22:55
Lindsaywtf, I cannot say enough in praise of your excellent and wise discourse on this Catholic forum and to see how steadfastly you are inclined to the defense of the Holy Father, the Church, and Truth; doing so in a manner that fully proves your faith is practiced and keen. Experience here proves that some Catholic’s put Protestants to shame when it comes to ridiculing the Holy Father; it is great to see truth always effectually suppress their terrible vice and their aversion to the Holy … [More]
Gregory     12/01/2015 14:52
Honored and proud to see so many dignified world leaders joined in such extraordinary unity after the acts of terror in France; and ashamed of American Leaders, the Obama administration, for their careless and poor reception to the people of France; giving way to excuses, and following their own inclination, waiting for a favorable political wind to blow. The American people expect more and require more of our Leaders and deeply regret that they failed to act with promptitude and influence to … [More]
Gregory     31/12/2014 00:07
BrAlexisBugnolo, Shouldn’t you be taking the example of the Saints; for no Saint ever acted cowardly or held such contempt for the Holy Father; not only that, but there is really no example worse or more wicked than a bad religious. A cursory review of your writings reflect clearly the repute you hold for the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Even in the secular world one would be held severely liable for undermining the authority of his superior; your writings are an act of injustice to the Holy … [More]
Gregory     30/12/2014 23:31
Dear Father Reto, Happy Birthday!May the peace of Our infant Lord be with you.
Gregory     24/12/2014 19:56
St. Gregory the Great says, “the Magi returned to their homes by another way, to show us that if we wish to reach our true home in paradise we must forsake the path in which we have walked, and tread in the way of penance, obedience, and self denial.”
Gregory     24/12/2014 19:37
The three Wise Men would have never found Christ if they had not been led by the star of Bethlehem (Matt.2:9). The Magi offered the new born Child, Jesus, presents. Gold, the symbol of homage, is offered to Him as King; incense, the symbol of prayer, because He is God; and myrrh, the symbol of mortification, because as Our Redeemer, He was to suffer.
Gregory     23/12/2014 22:09
St. Augustine says, A great Physician came down from heaven to heal a great disease on earth; He healed in a way hitherto unheard of, for He took our ills on Himself. St. Jerome says, He is born in a stable, because the earth in comparison of heaven is but a stable.
Gregory     23/12/2014 00:31
O my Lady, Blessed Virgin Mary, all Holy and full of grace, I call to you, hasten to help me, remember me and pray for me, deliver my prayers and my many needs, leave them at the feet of your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ; and thank Him as I thank you, with all my heart and soul; saying, “Jesus I trust in You.” Amen
Gregory     18/12/2014 10:10
Dear Rev. Father Reto, Thank you very much, through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin, may the good example you make as a Priest serve to strengthen the faith and may your Preaching and the praiseworthy undertakings of be rendered fruitful too!
Gregory     10/12/2014 17:49
BrAlexisBubnolo, I remain troubled by your writings and taken as a whole they are far from being irreproachable; you are religious and the Pope is your Bishop; and you admit to having “speculated” about the narrative; you will have to do better than to relate a speculative narrative to proof; as a reporter you have a higher standard than that, and as a religious you must adhere to even higher standards, and since it is the Pope who is harmed by your writings, you cannot err; bring plenty of … [More]
Gregory     09/12/2014 23:36
BrAlexisBugnolo, I am inexpressibly unimpressed by your opine; clearly, you are no canonist. Your flagellation of the Pope seems to be nothing more than your tendency to undermine the Papacy. Being religious, you should be treating all with equal kindness, especially your superior, Pope Francis? He is your Bishop if you study Sacred Theology in Rome; and you do so at the Popes allowance. Even in the secular world when one tries to undermine his superior he can expect a severe judgment. Even … [More]
Gregory     09/12/2014 00:17
It is quite wrong and incompatible for anyone to celebrate Holy Mass, where all present pray for Pope Francis, invoking the intercession of the Mother of God, of the apostles and holy martyrs and yet incite others to “RESIST” the Pope once he departs Holy Mass. Surely, one only brings pain and sin upon himself and only more fully proves his unwillingness to resign himself to the will of Christ.
In Domino
Gregory     08/12/2014 12:35
Thank you very much for this interview! It is a pleasure to see such strong faith and to hear from this most worthy shepard of the Church. May God Bless
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Gregory     08/12/2014 12:03
@BrAlexisBugnolo, Grace and Blessings, Nothing can take away from the dignity attaching to the office of the Vicar of Christ, not even ungodly articles that mock the Holy Father and the Church. Your article admits that there seems no way to prove the allegations it makes. Your judgment to publish it is disappointing, more secular, introducing more deception; yet, sadly, it is not unexpected. Religious should be taking a dogmatic approach to their faith; not a practical and non dogmatic approach. … [More]
Gregory     07/12/2014 21:23
@rhemes1582,Being Catholic I am under the obligation to defend the Church; and being the miserable sinner that I am, I cannot help but point out how superficial and pseudo your judgment remains. Just ask yourself, who is more blameworthy, UNWORTHY, for his calumny at the Vicar of Christ, or you, for lending your ear and being an advocate to his merciless, incessant attacks at the Holy Father. Your commentary and his commentary reflects the repute in which you hold Pope Francis.
Your apology … [More]
Gregory     05/12/2014 22:58
@UNWORTHY, would not admonishment rather than praise be a more fitting expectation for @rhemes1582 if you were to place yourself in the presence of Christ, Our Lord. An isolated act would prove nothing, but your attacks at the Vicar of Christ prove to be habitual, permanent! It now rest with you and rhemes1582 to correct yourselves, and to see to it that the Eight Commandment of Christ and the respect due to the Vicar of Christ does not go neglected or that you do not carry it out superficiall… [More]
Gregory     05/12/2014 20:07
What Catholic could ignore the foolish nonstop barrage at the Vicar of Christ coming from @rhemes1582 and @UNWORTHY? What Catholic could publish far and wide all sorts of allegations, ridicule, and smears at the Holy Father? Are Catholics to stand by unmoved and silent by brazen attacks and calumny against the Vicar of Christ? I think not; and pray it and they be repulsed and withstood.
Zelo Dei, Zelus Animarum
Gregory     05/12/2014 00:07
@rhemes1582, your friend @UNWORTHY said “Francis is an antipope hands down;” if you do not consider that a brazen attack and calumny against the Vicar of Christ, then I fear for your judgment as well.
Gregory     04/12/2014 23:09
@rhemes1582, A Catholic is under the obligation to counter brazen attacks and calumny against the Vicar of Christ. I do not judge him; I admonish him with filial respect and fear for his soul.
In Domino
Gregory     04/12/2014 22:49
@rhemes1582, St. Ignatius of Loyola says, “O God, Thou joy of my soul, if only men knew Thee, they never would offend Thee.” St. Augustine said, “Heretics are everywhere,” and our Lord, Jesus Christ, compared some members of the Church to weeds and worthless fish.
Those who constantly assault the Holy Father have a corrupting influence on faith; and only deter right minded persons from the faith; and those who believe that around the clock public criticism of the Holy Father is not deserving … [More]
Gregory     04/12/2014 07:14
The careless around the clock manner in which Pope Francis is attacked here by certain users is not only an assault at the Vicar of Christ, it is also an attack at the Church and it mocks Our Lord, Jesus Christ; it is the will of Jesus Christ that Pope Francis is the successor to St. Peter and the Head of the Catholic Church.
My view has been to treat these users more like children, instead of heathen, and surely not as how they deserve! I am engaged on the side of trying to denounce the … [More]
Gregory     03/12/2014 21:06
@UNWORTHY, I am certain that it is a mistake to suppose, owing to your around the clock assaults to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and your willful ignorance of the Papacy and the Holy Catholic Church, that you will realize that you are truly no different than a sedevecantist; really worse, since you have been given the truth and choose to reject it.
Also, it is obscene for you to think that you are at liberty to publish such calumny against the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis; and to use a … [More]
Gregory     02/12/2014 22:48
It is troubling to see so many Proud Catholics engrossed in harshly judging Pope Francis. One must question if these would be saints are at all men of prayer; for persistent ridiculing of the Holy Father and earnest prayer seem incompatible for the Catholic; one or the other must of necessity be given up.
Dear Mary, most blessed Immaculate Virgin, remember Pope Francis, bless him and pray for him. Amen
Gregory     27/11/2014 22:40
Gratias Agimus Tibi!
Gregory     27/11/2014 20:20
Dr Stuart Reiss, Thank you very much for standing up against calumny. Not only is the Holy Father misjudged here but seems you were misjudged to be American and an ultra liberal. Either way, unworthy stayed perfectly consistent in making a false speculation.
St. Augustine says, “Before applying thyself to good deeds, confess thy misdeeds.”
Gregory     27/11/2014 18:47
Frankly, a lot of the ridicule here on this Catholic media on the Holy Father, Pope Francis, is perhaps better than anything that Protestants could come up with. It seems to be a trend and the fashion of Proud Catholics, for their commentary is often generally inclined to ridicule the Holy Father. Some of the more facile ridiculers of the Holy Father here are perfectly consistent in their position, which is part of their great error. To them the Holy Father, Pope Francis, deserves their harsh … [More]
Gregory     26/11/2014 21:52
Protestants do, it is true, allege all sorts of ridicule and attacks at the Holy Father, yet Proud Catholics, aka Traditional Catholics, put Protestans to shame in this regard. Proud Catholics, would be saints, betray their real faith to Christ and the Church; they only demonstrate their pride instead of making a profession of faith. It is the will of Christ that Pope Francis is the Head of the Catholic Church and showing regard and loyalty to the Holy Father has always been a hallmark of … [More]
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