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Gregory         Saturday, 14:39
Catholics must condemn and in no way overlook the negative consequences that can derive from the ordination of persons, like Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, with homosexual tendencies.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church confirms the teaching of the Church on homosexuality. Regarding homosexual acts the Church teaches that Sacred Scripture presents them as grave sins; and the Church has constantly considered homosexual acts as intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law. Consequently, … [More]
Gregory         Thursday, 22:25
On account of his great dignity, Pope Francis is called, Papa, Vicar of Christ, Holy Father, His Holiness, and on account of the opening words of Christ’s speech to St. Peter “Blessed art thou,” etc. (Matt. 16:17) the Pope is addressed as Beatissime Pater.
Gregory         Thursday, 22:14
Dear Father Reto, Through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin, may the Light of the Gospel continue to shine upon you.
Gregory         Tuesday, 23:28
It is the lack of charity for the Holy Father Pope Francis and the Catholic Church that concerns me; sadly this media is becoming a main voice for schismatics, SSPV, Sedevecantist, hypocritical SPX, the “pre-concilliar Church was the only perfect Church on earth” crowd, and other mythologies, and the conspiracy theorists crowd too.
For my part, those views must be shunned and withstood, it is the obligation of a good Catholic to do so, and I am pleased to know that a truly Catholic member, like … [More]
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Gregory         Monday, 15:45
apvs, I admit to grave concerns within the Hierarchy and also admit to great grace and blessings within the Hierarchy also; and for that reason I will not despair, knowing that the Catholic Church is indestructible; it will remain till the end of the world, for Our Lord said: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). Of all the persecutors of the Catholic Church none have ever succeeded against Her; Christ ever comes to Her help.
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Gregory         28/09/2015 13:54
Saint Catherine of Siena was a Scholastic philosopher and theologian, and was later proclaimed a Doctor of the Church; and in no way would she ever dare to spread any criticism, ridicule or sneer of the Holy Father publicly far and wide as this Gloria.Tv report does; this report, and the low rate prejudicial political commentators Napolitano and Buchanan, is what must be questioned!
One must take great care with their faith and not reject Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ, so that they do not … [More]
Gregory         28/09/2015 12:10
It is incredulous to claim genuine faith in the Sacred Liturgy, while at the same time advancing discontent, ridicule, attacks, and disobedience for the Holy Father. Obedience to the Holy Father Pope Francis is at the heart of the life of the Catholic Church; he has precedence of honor and jurisdiction over the whole Church, and has always exercised supreme power in the Church, and that power has always been acknowledged by the Catholic; only ridiculed by the heretic, disobedient, and … [More]
Gregory         28/09/2015 09:15
As much as I am always ready to admit that Gloria.TV is a premiere Catholic media, this news report, filled with sneers at the Holy Father Pope Francis, does not bear the stamp of truth; it fails to adhere to Catholic principles and pronounces an undue verdict on the Holy Father. The effect of this news report is to gradually undermine the faith and to promote discontent for the Holy Father Pope Francis. The report is irksome and distasteful to the Catholic; it has the effect of overrating the … [More]
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Gregory         27/09/2015 19:55
Rafał_Ovile, First, you state, "Even heretic Luter had the honor and guts to leave". Yet Martin Luther did not leave the church in honor, he was excommunicated (1520), and also outlawed by the emperor and his heresy spread and led to many religious wars; and it all started when Luther took offense because he was not sufficiently held in esteem at Rome. Among his chief errors he proposed there was no supreme teaching power in the Church.
With regards to Andrew Napolitano and Pat Buchanan, they … [More]
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Gregory         26/09/2015 15:22
Dr Stuart Reiss and Lindsaywtf, Although your comments did not appeal to the moderators, they surely appealed to Our Lord and His most blessed Mother.
May God Bless the Vicar of Christ; Pope Francis.
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Gregory         26/09/2015 13:49
This low rate criticism of the Holy Father Pope Francis, coming from Napolitano, Buchanan, and Malkin, is very uninteresting and despicable; and serves only to foster and encourage evil propensities toward the Holy Father. These society media commentators are pandering to a prejudicial base, reporting every scandal in religion, and political feuds; such is the pabulum too often provided by the media. The truth today is that a large and growing proportion of the countless evils of the day and … [More]
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Gregory         26/09/2015 00:05
Let us pray for His Holiness Pope Francis, through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin.
Gregory         26/09/2015 00:04
Let us pray for His Holiness Pope Francis, through the intercession of the most blessed Immaculate Virgin.
Gregory         25/09/2015 23:59
As expected of Napolitano, Buchanan, and Malkin, they put their disapproval, contempt, self interest, politics and markets before the Holy Father and the Catholic faith; yet the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis gave blessings to everyone in the USA and to the whole world, to all men and women of good will; and people have been encouraged to profess their faith openly and carry into practice the maxims of the Gospel as the Holy Father Pope Francis does. The Catholic Church, Religion and Faith … [More]
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Gregory         13/09/2015 02:03
Ben Martin, CowboyKen, and Dr. John Smythe, Your postings have publicly proclaimed far and wide that you belong to the class of heretics and schismatics who accept, or profess to accept, all Catholic doctrine, but will not acknowledge the supremacy of the Holy See; and the authority of the Second Vatican Council. Your object here has been not to spread the faith in its purity, but to satisfy your own pride and evil inclinations for support of SSPX, SSPV, or Sedevacantist. You look at the … [More]
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Gregory         10/09/2015 00:45
Dr Stuart Reiss, With the press of a key the moderator seems to have edited the parts of Ben Martin’s comments that reviled the Holy Father and the Church, while leaving the sneers and sarcasm; poisoned words were the means of driving Eve out of paradise!
Gregory         10/09/2015 00:01
Ben Martin, It is my great privilege to belong to the Holy Catholic Church; for She is the Bride of Christ; and the Pope is the rock on which the Church rest (Matt.16:18); at present His Holiness Pope Francis.
Christo et Ecclesiae
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Gregory         09/09/2015 10:39
Ben Martin, The Holy Father Pope Francis is called “Vicar of Christ”, He is the rock on which the Church rest (Matt. 16:18); and the Vatican Council declares that it is the will of Christ that till the end of the world there be successors to St. Peter; a hallmark of Catholicism.
As a Catholic I cannot take kindly and remain silent and unmoved by your sins against the Catholic faith; you are being incredulous, apostate, and schismatic on all grounds, namely by rejecting the Holy Father and … [More]
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Gregory         08/09/2015 11:57
Dr. John Smythe, The Holy Catholic Church has clarified the matter, His Holiness John Paul II made the grave error of the SSPX well know, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI has published his clarification on the SSPX, and His Holiness Pope Francis pointed to his concern for reconciliation with SSPX just last week. The whole world seems to know what you cannot accept; that the SSPX are not members of the Holy Catholic Church.
Not only this, but the founders of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre, declar… [More]
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Gregory         07/09/2015 22:03
Dr. John Smythe, At last, many fail to attain the Catholic faith through pride, self-will, and thinking it is attained by a method; faith is a gift of God; and anyone who willfully disbelieves even a single doctrine of the Catholic Church has no true faith, for he receives some of the words of Christ and rejects others.
We must take care not to confuse faith in the Catholic Church with opinion; faith is for sure, opinion is not! Our Lord says, “Those who hunger and thirst after justice shall … [More]
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Gregory         07/09/2015 02:06
Dr. John Smythe, At some point one must stop asking questions and start listening; and as a final consideration, I would like to recommend the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which inspires the love of humility, and makes known to us the truth and mysteries of the Holy Catholic Church, a knowledge so essential for a praiseworthy dialogue concerning the doctrinal questions you raise between the Vatican and the SSPX.
Gregory         06/09/2015 01:19
Dr. Stuart Reiss, Thank you for service to the Catholic Church, it is apparent to all that Dr. John Smythe and Cowboy Ken do not want to accept the Church’s present evaluation of the situation of the SSPX. There is no doubt and it cannot be denied that it rest with the SSPX, by the command of Christ, to come back into full communion with the Catholic Church.
Gregory         03/09/2015 01:05
Dr. John Smythe, The questions you raise on the canonical status of the SSPX only ensure and prove the fact that the SSPX does not possess a canonical status in the Church. The SSPX has held strong to its reservations in the area of obedience to the doctrinal authority of the Pope and to the authority of the Second Vatican Council. This being so, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI said, “As long as the Society does not have a canonical status in the Church, its ministers do not exercise … [More]
Gregory         02/09/2015 14:29
Yesterday, His Holiness Pope Francis, though his own disposition, established during the Holy Year of Mercy that those faithful who for various reasons approach “priest of the SSPX to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive absolution of their sins,” and so we see and may remain confident in the goodwill that comes from the Vicar of Christ for the SSPX; and from the example of Pope Francis we faithful must pray for goodwill and for unity in the Church, not … [More]
Gregory         01/09/2015 11:19
Vicars of Christ, His Holiness John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have all exhausted many long and legal arguments to unite the SSPX with the Vicar of Christ. His Holiness Benedict XVI made it a priority, even having to deal with then Bishop Williamson; these efforts for unity with the SSPX go back to 1970; when Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre established the SSPX in Switzerland; talks have always collapsed, Fellay refuses to accept the complete doctrine of the Catholic Church, and after … [More]
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Gregory         01/09/2015 01:05
The Successors of Peter, His Holiness John Paul II and Benedict XVI exerted themselves to a great extent to ensure the full communion with the Church of the SSPX; and their exhausted efforts were to no avail. The SSPX behaved superficial in their reconciliation process and have not fulfilled the grave duty of remaining united to the Vicar of Christ; in fact as time goes by, 30 years, the SSPX have only become more emboldened in their error.
Yet, rightly has the distinction been made here betwee… [More]
Gregory         31/08/2015 14:19
This SSPX priest is clearly of a schismatic mentality; and takes no care to avoid and free himself from his heresy, he seems anxious to deter right minded Christians from their Sunday obligation. This being so, what wonder is it if we see today the constant fracturing of the One True Church. without doubt, this SSPX priest is deserving of admonition here, and rightly so, for he shows no true love for the Bride of Christ.
Gregory         31/08/2015 02:26
I am happy to inform that John Paul II established The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter; thankfully, and the FSSP are attached to the Traditional Roman Rite, the Tridentine Mass. Also, you can thank the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI for the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, not the SSPX.
Also, It is impossible for the SSPX to remain faithful to the Tridentine Mass while breaking the ecclesial bond with the Pope, the Successor to the Apostle Peter. The Holy See decides the question regarding the … [More]
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Gregory         31/08/2015 00:25
The devil makes strenuous efforts to deter the faithful from receiving grace on Sundays; and the SSPX are exerting themselves in like manner by inspiring the faithful with indifference and aversion towards the Mass; they wound the Bride of Christ, the Catholic Church, and they wound Christ Himself with this heresy…
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Gregory         29/08/2015 18:50
Of course the SSPX is not Catholic, as Fellay is not a Catholic Bishop, Willianson is not a Catholic Bishop either, as a Bishop is only Catholic when he is in full communion with the Pope, the Successor of Peter, which Fellay and Williamson clearly are not. Moreover, the Catholic Church does not excommunicate Her heroes.
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