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RELIGIOUS UNITY (post-conciliar statements)

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Missa pro defunctis 'Requiem'- Giovanni Francesco Anerio (±1567-1630)

Audio-MP3/Recording details: February 1990,Westminster Catholic Cathedral, London, United Kingdom/ Giovanni Francesco Anerio was born in Rome about 1567 he was active as a musician and maestro di … [More]

Sonia Chrisye

Schönster Herr Jesu

Schönster Herr Jesu 1. Schönster Herr Jesu Herrscher aller Enden Gottes und Marien Sohn! Dich will ich lieben Dich will ich ehren Du Meiner Seele Freud und Kron. 2. Schön sind die Felder Schöner sind… [More]



Dear Friends of !FELIZ NAVIDAD!/MERRY CHRISTMAS/FROHE WEIHNACHTEN/BUON NATALE/Joyeux Noël! Reality carmen AG Alejandro Granados titogonzalez23 Trinchera Cristera de … [More]

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Monastic Life @ Pluscarden Abbey (Benedictine)

(SOME audio parts are out of sync with some of video,sorry)-Benedictine monastery dating from 1230.AD located in northern Scotland. - Pluscarden Abbey is the home of a community of Roman Catholic … [More]

Bob Jones papist

i will no longer be using, sadly, since again, and rather consistently over the years , not only allow schsimatic Sedevacantists,,sspv etc, on here to voice , and divide.. but put them on Front page in English and French....goodbye until a much better Catholic filter..comes along. (not to speak of the vile , e-massages i receive from schismatics and "catholic" fundamentalist nuts on here , attacking me and my other friends whom have since closed … [More]


Pope Benedict transfers the Blessed Sacrament, to Chapel of Repose.

St. John Lateran Cathedral Basilica, Rome.

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'Credo'-Sistine Chapel Choir/Palestrina-November 11, 2012

Palestrina,(1567).During the Concert of Sacred Ratzinger, "Missa L'Anno Santo" in the presence of the Holy Father Sistine Chapel Choir./November 11, 2012 [More]


Michelangelo- Part 2 (2004) -Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni[1] (6 March 1475 -- 18 February 1564), commonly known as Michelangelo (Italian pronunciation: [mikeˈlandʒelo]), was an Italian Renaissance sculptor, … [More]

Bob Jones papist

Missa pro defunctis 'Requiem'- Giovanni Francesco Anerio (±1567-1630)

Movement 1: Introitus: Requiem aeternam [3'38]
Movement 2: Kyrie [1'57]
Movement 3: Sequentia: Dies irae [12'08]
Movement 4: Offertorium: Domine Iesu Christe [5'37]
Movement 5: Sanctus [2'31] Movement 6: Agnus Dei I, II, III [3'01] Movement 7: Communio: Lux aeterna [2'43] Movement 8: Responsorium: Libera me [5'55] Movement 9: Kyrie in absolutione [1'23] 10 Vidi speciosam [4'21] Felice Anerio (c1560-1614) 11 Ad te levavi [5'11] Felice Anerio (c1560-1614) 12 Christe redemptor omnium [8'12] Felice… [More]

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Missa pro defunctis 'Requiem'- Giovanni Francesco Anerio (±1567-1630)

Audio-MP3/Recording details: February 1990,Westminster Catholic Cathedral, London, United Kingdom/ Giovanni Francesco Anerio was born in Rome about 1567 he was active as a musician and maestro di … [More]


Benoît XVI crée une Académie de latin

Le latin n’a jamais été aussi vivant ! Benoît XVI a publié ce samedi un Motu Proprio créant l’Académie pontificale de latinité, dépendante du Conseil pontifical de la Culture et supprimant du même … [More]


Pope, message to Seminarians;Open Your Souls to the Light of the Lord

"We have to be saints so as not to create a contradiction between the sign that we are and the reality that we wish to signify. " How should you behave during these years of preparation? First of … [More]


Benedict XVI: Choral music is an integral part of the liturgy

Pope Benedict on Saturday greeted members of the Italian Association of Santa Cecilia, which is made up of members of church choirs from across the country. Noting that this is the Year of Faith, … [More]


Kampf um den Vatikan -Hinter den Kulissen des Konzils.

"Das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil, das am 11. Oktober 1962 begann, war ein dramatisches und riskantes Ereignis. Es hat die katholische Kirche modernisiert, sie aber auch an den Rand der Spaltung … [More]

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Folk Mass Band Upset Over Masses Interrupting Their Concerts

folks, check your facts,see the original site.which is a comedy/ take a joke...
A. this is a parody/joke, and B. that 'parish' in Yonkers does not exist. notice the happy face link...PAX ( yet ,always some truth in sarcasm/parody.)

Bob Jones papist

Vatican II at 50

the Church sure is interesting........ for, Cardinal Achille Lienart ,"one of the first priests he ordained, on September 21, 1929 was a certain Msgr.Marcel Lefebvre,."

Bob Jones papist

Benedict XVI: Peace means the capacity live together

Pope Benedict XVI appealed on Saturday for religious freedom in the Middle East, calling it fundamental for stability in a region bloodied by sectarian strife.
L'Osservatore Romano , via Associated Press
Pope Benedict XVI meeting on Saturday with religious authorities in Mount Lebanon.

Benedict spoke on the second day of his visit to Lebanon, a country with the largest percentage of Christians in the Middle East. He arrived amid a wave of violent demonstrations across the Muslim world over an … [More]

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After Wednesday Gaffe, Vatican Issues Strong Condemnation of Libya Terrorist Attack

@mrsreneoriordan , well, you speak of Greg Burke, he was never 'taking over' from Fr Lombardi, but only hired as adviser/director.
"Burke's newly created position requires him to assist the Vatican with communications issues between the Holy See press office, other Vatican communications departments and the Secretariat of State.".
I can tell you he officially began on July 2nd, 2012, but has not, to my understanding ,gone full time until Sept. 2nd. PAX

Bob Jones papist

Pope Benedict XVI's Message to the 2012 Eucharistic Congress.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
With great affection in the Lord, I greet all of you who have gathered in Dublin for the Fiftieth International Eucharistic Congress, especially Cardinal Brady, Archbishop Martin, the clergy, religious and faithful of Ireland, and all of you who have come from afar to support the Irish Church with your presence and prayers.
The theme of the Congress – Communion with Christ and with One Another – leads us to reflect upon the Church as a mystery of fellowship with the … [More]