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Bob Jones papist    
    18/11/2012 22:15
i will no longer be using, sadly, since again, and rather consistently over the years , not only allow schsimatic Sedevacantists,,sspv etc, on here to voice , and divide.. but put them on Front page in English and French....goodbye until a much better Catholic filter..comes along. (not to speak of the vile , e-massages i receive from schismatics and "catholic" fundamentalist nuts on here , attacking me and my other friends whom have since closed … [More]
Bob Jones papist         26/10/2012 20:57
folks, check your facts,see the original site.which is a comedy/ take a joke...
A. this is a parody/joke, and B. that 'parish' in Yonkers does not exist. notice the happy face link...PAX ( yet ,always some truth in sarcasm/parody.) [More]
Bob Jones papist         12/10/2012 14:54
the Church sure is interesting........ for, Cardinal Achille Lienart ,"one of the first priests he ordained, on September 21, 1929 was a certain Msgr.Marcel Lefebvre,."
Bob Jones papist         15/09/2012 12:25
Pope Benedict XVI appealed on Saturday for religious freedom in the Middle East, calling it fundamental for stability in a region bloodied by sectarian strife.
L'Osservatore Romano , via Associated Press
Pope Benedict XVI meeting on Saturday with religious authorities in Mount Lebanon.

Benedict spoke on the second day of his visit to Lebanon, a country with the largest percentage of Christians in the Middle East. He arrived amid a wave of violent demonstrations across the Muslim world over an … [More]
Bob Jones papist         14/09/2012 23:13
@mrsreneoriordan , well, you speak of Greg Burke, he was never 'taking over' from Fr Lombardi, but only hired as adviser/director.
"Burke's newly created position requires him to assist the Vatican with communications issues between the Holy See press office, other Vatican communications departments and the Secretariat of State.".
I can tell you he officially began on July 2nd, 2012, but has not, to my understanding ,gone full time until Sept. 2nd. PAX
Bob Jones papist         18/06/2012 14:09
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
With great affection in the Lord, I greet all of you who have gathered in Dublin for the Fiftieth International Eucharistic Congress, especially Cardinal Brady, Archbishop Martin, the clergy, religious and faithful of Ireland, and all of you who have come from afar to support the Irish Church with your presence and prayers.
The theme of the Congress – Communion with Christ and with One Another – leads us to reflect upon the Church as a mystery of fellowship with the … [More]
Bob Jones papist         01/06/2012 01:14
thanks for the post!, must it should be noted that this is from last year 2011!
Bob Jones papist         26/04/2012 15:15
Vegan et all..,to think that Sisters/Nuns are clean and free from Scandal is naive, its just far less Public....and as far as authority remember an Abbess and a Religious Superior and a Teaching Sister has alot of it today... yes Nuns are in Scandal, sexual and heretical, ( its just not the same media sensation) many stories of young postulants,students etc being abused by lesbian 'Sisters', for example Manitoba in Canada as recently as 1998, as well the Magdalene laundries in Ireland etc etc.… [More]
Bob Jones papist    
    18/04/2012 22:06
send Pope Benedict your sentiments and good wishes on his;
Bob Jones papist         05/04/2012 13:55
As we prepare for the remembrance of Our Blessed Lord's Passion and Death, there could hardly be a more insulting way to begin this, than with a major liturgical abuse. But unfortunately, such an abuse has become extremely common.
Bob Jones papist         02/04/2012 16:19
It is incorrect that the Vatican Library is open ONLY to the Pope, as he says its open to scholars, and not the general Public.One with permission, usually Secretariats for Congregations of the Holy See, with full documentation can even remove certain books, (as my friends once have)...
The Vatican Library is open to:
-researchers and scholars with appropriate qualifications and/or relevant scientific publications;
-teachers and researchers at Universities and other institutes of Higher Educ… [More]
Bob Jones papist         18/03/2012 11:52
a sermon of SSPX Bp. Bernard Fellay for Candlemas. It is a real dissapointment, to say the least. Fellay said that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is “obliged to say ‘no’” to the proposal of reconciliation which came from the Vatican.
In a time when more and more we need Catholic unity, after reading Bp. Fellay’s words it is hard to understand how the SSPX is not on a course to formal schism."
Bob Jones papist         18/03/2012 11:51
Holy See Statement about SSPX and avoiding “ecclesial rupture of painful and incalculable consequences”
Bob Jones papist         12/03/2012 13:47
"Pastoral sensitivity", what about being pastorally sensitive to the Salvation of Souls, and not her condemnation?... well i wasn't there,and maybe things could have been handled better, but it looks like the Archdiocese is being taken for a ride, wow, amazing such leader/ men who are educated and formed in very wonderful orthodox Catholic places with faithful examples could be so gullible and bow down to the worldy peer pressure... . it seems the that many today in the Church think as men … [More]
Bob Jones papist         29/02/2012 20:44
here is poll Mr Voris refers too
Bob Jones papist         26/02/2012 15:04
lol at Santa Filomena, i get what your trying to say, but in context of this complaint of kneeling/Communion-tongue etc,.. , you may want to choose another Denomination than LUtrtheran, like say low Presbyterians? or Methodists???, for High Church Lutherans in Sweden, and even 'middle-to 'low' Church Lutherans there and in the USA, like Kansas City and Seattle etc.., kneel at Altar Rails for their,Con-substantiation 'Communion'... in fact a Lutheran from Sweden used to post what beautiful [More]
Bob Jones papist         26/02/2012 14:52
@dm21,do you mean THE San Marcello, in Piazza San Marcello? the one that has been run by the Servites for 700 years? i find that unusual,Fr.Masetti, must not have been there, or the particlar circumstance been unusual..did they sing the Slave REgiba, after mass? if not, it mots likely wasnt a Servite. personally i have had no problem there(one time), or in other Roman Churches,(well except the Trappists ) .. BUT!!!, i do make sure i go to receive in the normal Communion line, (if … [More]
Bob Jones papist         22/02/2012 22:22
full here Imposition of the Ashes/Basilica di Santa Sabina/Ash Wednesday-Pope Benedict XVI
Bob Jones papist         13/02/2012 21:26
"Now, it is true that on the spiritual side Islam had declined in one factor wherein we of the West had not declined, and that was the factor of energy allied to and productive of, tenacity and continuity of conduct. But on the other hand, in the major thing of all, Religion, we have fallen back and Islam has in the main preserved its soul. Modern Europe and particularly Western Europe has progressively lost its religion, and especially that united religious doctrine permeating the whole … [More]
Bob Jones papist         12/01/2012 21:06
Gay marriage a threat to humanity's future - Pope
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict said Monday that gay marriage was one of several threats to the traditional family that undermined "the future of humanity itself."January 9, 2012. REUTERS/Pier Paolo Cito/Pool
The pope made some of his strongest comments against gay marriage in a new year address to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Vatican in which he touched on some economic and social issues facing the world today.
He told diplomat… [More]
Bob Jones papist         05/01/2012 17:46
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
Bob Jones papist         26/12/2011 22:38
sigh...well as long as a you dont speak about (against) gays/homosexuals agenda, your fine, but if you are a modernist, speak against the Magisterium and promote homosexual lifestyle acceptance,' womyn priests' etc you can be the 'US Catholic' magazine, and the 'National Catholic Reporter'. but"please don't name Bishops,make waves... or call Bishops to holiness" and certainly never speak against unchaste homosexuality and there lifestyles... o...r the homosexually inclined Bishops..... will … [More]
Bob Jones papist    
    08/12/2011 23:05
Benedict XVI: “The only danger the Church can and should fear is the sin of her members
The Church should fear the sin of its own members more than hatred against Christians, Pope Benedict XVI said.
While the Church has suffered from persecution throughout its history, it “is supported by the light and strength of God” and will always end up victorious, he said.
Overcoming trials and outside threats shows how the Christian community “is the presence, the guarantee of God’s love … [More]
Bob Jones papist         04/12/2011 23:16
@Michel-René Landry Cette Eglise est le monastère de Clarisses (et Sanctuaire) ... (Mère Angelica / EWTN), à Huntsville, en Alabama, Etats-Unis, . Aussi vous reconnaître la voix du Père Goodwin que le recteur du séminaire de la Fraternité Saint-Pierre, à Denton, Nebraska
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