Catolico     30/07/2008 20:28
Testemunho de Neil Velez
Eu estava morrendo na cama de um hospital. Especialistas do Texas e da Califórnia viajaram à cidade de Nova York para me dizer que não podiam fazer mais nada por mim e que eu teria somente três meses de vida.
As válvulas do meu coração não estavam funcionando corretamente e surgiram tumores em minha cabeça, os quais faziam com que eu tivesse convulsões. Além do mais, um desses tumores oprimiu o nervo óptico deixando-me cego. Eu tinha hemorragias internas, … [Altro]
Catolico  30/07/2008 20:21
Testemunho de Neil Velez cura e libertacao 2008
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Catolico  26/07/2008 20:29
Pregacao de Neil Velez na integra atravez da tv Catolica Cancao Nova - cura e libertacao 2008.
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Catolico  26/07/2008 17:30
Pope's Tree Flourishes While Others Wither
Jerusalem, Jul 22, 2008 (CNA).-
In the Jubilee Year of 2000, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land stopping at one point to bless an olive tree on the Mount of the Beatitudes. A forester … [Altro]
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Catolico     05/07/2008 04:57
Truly is shocking for a Judge and law enforcement to behave in such way, when ironically the US constitution which is based on Christian values is very clear, and says the following:
we hold these truths to be self evident, that all man are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator.
Meaning GOD.
Sounds to me as if the Judge, the Law enforcement officers and all other officials are the ones in need of therapy.
But sadly it does not surprize me, the world is heading for straigh for … [Altro]
Catolico  01/07/2008 16:21
A FÉ DOS HOMENS - Veja o Programa Ecclesia da RTP2 sobre a Diocese do Algarve
As diversas confissões religiosas existentes em Portugal!
Um espaço dedicado às diferentes religiões reconhecidas em Portugal e instituídas através de uma Igreja própria.
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Catolico  01/07/2008 16:17
A FÉ DOS HOMENS - Veja o Programa Ecclesia da RTP2 sobre a Diocese do Algarve
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Catolico  23/06/2008 20:19
Amazing Testimony
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Catolico     12/06/2008 17:50
Homossexualismo e Candomblé 2/2
Catolico     12/06/2008 17:49
Homossexualismo e Candomblé 1/2
Catolico     12/06/2008 04:04
oops, wrong section was ment to have been posted under the Portuguese speaking section.
Is there a way to change it now?
Catolico  12/06/2008 04:02
O Sr. Antônio, do Rio de Janeiro, conta sua emocionante experiência. Passou pelo Candomblé, foi "pai de santo" e finalmente converteu-se pela intercessão de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes.
- Tudo comprovado com fotos.
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Catolico  12/06/2008 04:00
O Sr. Antônio (RJ) conta sua experiência de transformista e "pai-de-santo", e a posterior conversão, pela intercessão da Virgem Maria.
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Catolico  02/06/2008 19:36
Roberto Ramirez testimonio
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Catolico  02/06/2008 19:32
Roberto Ramirez testimonio
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Catolico  02/06/2008 19:29
Roberto Ramirez testimonio
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Catolico  02/06/2008 19:26
Roberto Ramirez Testimonio
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Catolico  29/05/2008 21:01
She was JEWISH, accepted the Lord Jesus as the Messiah and converted to "Evangelical" Protestantism, then the Lord Jesus introduced to her His True Church, the Catholic and Apostolic.
In the following link you can listen to … [Altro]
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Catolico     29/05/2008 20:05
here are some podcasts by Dr Hilgers (very interesting stuff even for men to understand)
Catolico  29/05/2008 19:53
NaProTECHNOLOGY - A Major Breakthrough In Monitoring and Maintaining a Woman's Reproductive and Gynecological Health
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Catolico     27/05/2008 18:28
If we all visit, link, comment, vote, on such videos, these videos will then become highly visible in the Youtube ratings, and hopefully will start to have high visibility for those who do not know or care about abortion.
Is truly sick and for that reason alone that is why we must help others understand that these are human beings.
Catolico  27/05/2008 18:22
Fr. Frank introduces Dr. Byron Calhoun's examination of babies killed by prostaglandin abortions.
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Catolico  09/05/2008 05:13
The big bang theory proves that GOD exists
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Catolico  02/05/2008 16:21
How to Improve Your Memory Skills
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Catolico  27/04/2008 20:23
Why is FOCUS around? What is it like to be a FOCUS missionary? This video explains our purpose and the need to evangelize our culture.
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Catolico     15/04/2008 16:29
This video has no link or anything to do with religion.
The video tries to demonstrate a conspiracy run by the American secret services to plot 911.
Let me also say that I personally took part of the millions round the world who demonstrate against the war against Iraq, and this video did not convince me of any conspiracy. Let me give you one example, it was report just after 911 that someone in NY had made a statement prior to 911 where the person knew that 911 was going to take place, and if … [Altro]
Catolico  14/04/2008 16:18
The World Over Interview With President Bush (EWTN Full Program)
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