Irapuato  10:00
CatholicChicago on Feb 18, 2015 The Sacrament of Penance will be celebrated at 24 locations for 24 hours in the Archdiocese of Chicago, from noon on Friday, Feb. 27, to noon the next day. Here is a video invitation from Archbishop Blase Cupich for … [More]
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Irapuato     09:49
Vatican City, Feb 27, 2015 / 03:08 pm (CNA).- Willy Herteleer, a homeless man who lived on the side streets outside St. Peter’s Basilica, made headlines after his death, when he received a special burial in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery. The following is an account of his story as told by Msgr. Amerigo Ciani, a canon of St. Peter’s Basilica and painter who had become friends with Willy.
Everyone in the neighborhood outside the Vatican knew Willy Herteleer.
The “Borgo” – as the … [More]
Irapuato  09:00
Saints Romanus and Lupicinus his brother
Founder and Abbots (†460 and †480) Saint Romanus, born in the late fourth century, left his relatives and spent some time in the monastery of Ainay at Lyons, near a large church at the conflux of the Saône … [More]
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Irapuato  05:15
TSD on Feb 27, 2015 Il video integrale della meditazione sul Vangelo di Marco dell'arcivescovo di Firenze, cardinale Giuseppe Betori. Gli incontri, ogni mercoledì alle 21, proporranno una lettura dei racconti della Passione del Signore nel Vangelo … [More]
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Irapuato  04:41
Catholic Answers on Feb 19, 2015 Tim Staples answers a caller who asks if God's command to Moses to kill people contradicts the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ. [More]
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Irapuato  04:34
Congregation for the Causes of Saints
St Gregory of Narek will be
proclaimed Doctor of the Church
On Saturday, 21 February, the
Holy Father received in private audience Cardinal Angelo Amato, SDB, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. … [More]
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Irapuato  04:11
CNS on Feb 27, 2015 An Italian shepherd talks about the qualities required in his job. [More]
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Irapuato  04:05
euronews on Feb 25, 2015 Catholic World News - February 27, 2015 Revising a 1912 law on Islam, the Austrian parliament has banned most foreign funding of mosques and required imams to be able to speak German.
“Our goal is to have our own Austrian … [More]
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Irapuato  04:04
nettvcatholic on Feb 23, 2015 David DiCerto: "the mainstreaming of misogyny..." [More]
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Irapuato     23:07
Grace Isabel  Friday, 04:48
Prefiero una Iglesia accidentada, herida y manchada por salir a la calle, antes que una Iglesia enferma por el encierro y la comodidad de aferrarse a las propias seguridades.
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Irapuato  23:04
28 February
29 January (Dominicans)
Daughter of Andrew de’Botti, a merchant. Villana was a pious child, and at age 13 ran away from home to join a convent. She was refused and had to return home. Soon after, her family married her to Ross… [More]
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Irapuato  22:37
Cleveland Diocese on Feb 27, 2015 Second Sunday of Lent - Year B
Saint(s) of the day : St. Albinus, Bishop (+ 550), St. David, Bishop (+ 561)
Commentary of the day : Saint Leo the Great
"Jesus charged them not to relate what they had … [More]
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Irapuato  22:21
breski1 on Feb 27, 2015 Book of Ezekiel 18:21-28.
Thus says the Lord GOD: If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed, if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just, he shall surely live, he shall not die.
None of the … [More]
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Irapuato     22:20
UK Catholic Bishops voice opposition to House of Lords approval of genetic modification to the Human germ line.
-Archdiocese of Detroit's central services are settling into their new space.
-Special funeral Mass held for a homeless man at the Vatican.
Irapuato  22:15
catholictv on Feb 27, 2015 -UK Catholic Bishops voice opposition to House of Lords approval of genetic modification to the Human germ line.
-Archdiocese of Detroit's central services are settling into their new space.
-Special funeral Mass held … [More]
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Irapuato  21:49
breski1 The Blessed Daniel Jules Alexis Brottier, C.S.Sp. (7 September 1876 – 28 February 1936), was a French Roman Catholic priest in the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (who currently refer to themselves as Spiritans). He was awarded the Croi… [More]
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Irapuato  21:42
CNS on Feb 27, 2015 The Catholic Church in Mexico City opens chapels in stations along a commuter underground train line. [More]
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Irapuato     21:38
stjako1000  Friday, 16:46

Ears - Mamka

Keď mamka spieva,
spievam si s ňou. Mám štyri roky, skrytý za sukňou. A všade to vonia, a všade to hrá, zvedavo hádam, čo dobré mi dá. ❀
Keď mamka spieva, ideme von, mamka slnko, tata nebo, ja vietor a zhon. A Slnko nám svieti… [More]
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Irapuato  Friday, 12:40
ODN on Feb 25, 2015 A mother in California was left in awe after her baby boy was born inside his amniotic sac. (CNN)We all know that every baby is special, but Silas Philips pulled off a rare feat right out of the womb.
Days before he's scheduled … [More]
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Irapuato     Friday, 12:21
VATICAN CITY (AP) — A whodunit is making the rounds at the Vatican.
The publisher of a book on traditional Catholic marriage is crying foul, saying someone apparently swiped upward of 100 copies of the book from the Vatican mailboxes of bishops who attended a meeting on family issues last October.
The publisher sent the books to attendees to counter progressive proposals by one of Pope Francis' favorite theologians to let divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive Communion. The book, … [More]
Irapuato  Friday, 12:06
Nonne, Ordensgründerin
* 14. August 1860 in Kaltbrunn bei St. Gallen in der Schweiz
† 27. Februar 1943 in Pasto in Kolumbien
Maria Josefa Karolina Brader verlor schon als kleines Kind ihren Vater; die junge Mutter erzog ihre einzige Tochter … [More]
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Irapuato  Friday, 12:04
Mother Maria Caridad Brader was born into a pious family in Kaltburn, Switzerland, in 1860. Maria was unusually intelligent and her mother, a widow, went through great pains to give her a good education.
Despite her mother's opinion, Maria entered … [More]
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Irapuato     Friday, 11:26
¿Porque los feligreses recorren la noche del Jueves Santo siete templos? Esta es una de las más comunes tradiciones que se practica durante la Semana Santa en toda América Latina y cuya explicación se debe a los siete recorridos que hizo el Señor Jesús desde el Jueves Santo hasta el Calvario.
1era. Desde el Cenáculo hasta el huerto de Getsemanía, donde oró y sudó sangre.
2da. Desde el huerto, donde fue preso, hasta la casa de Anás, donde fue interrogado y recibió una cruel bofetada.
3era. A casa de Caifás, donde fue escupido y padeció graves injurias y dolores toda la noche.… [More]
Irapuato  Friday, 11:25
P. José de Jesús Aguilar Valdés el 17 de abril, 2014. ¿Porque los feligreses recorren la noche del Jueves Santo siete templos? Esta es una de las más comunes tradiciones que se practica durante la Semana Santa en toda América Latina y cuya … [More]
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Irapuato     Friday, 11:21
Confraternity of Crucifix. The confraternity was founded to venerate the Crucifix (crocifisso) from nearby Chiesa di S.Marcello.
The Brotherhood of the Crocifisso was founded in 1520 to preserve the veneration of a crucified who miraculously got over a fire in 1519 which ultimately destroyed the close church of San Marcello. In 1559 the brothers ordered the construction of the community house and of an oratory based on a project by Giacomo Della Porta. Was there:Christmas… [More]
Irapuato  Friday, 10:30
Gabriel era hijo de un distinguido abogado, quien ocupó una serie de cargos importantes por cuenta del gobierno de los Estados de la Iglesia: Sante Possenti. Tuvo trece hijos, el undécimo de los cuales fue el futuro santo, que nació en 1838 y … [More]
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Irapuato     Friday, 10:30
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
Irapuato  Friday, 10:29
San Alejandro de Alejandría, obispo
can.: pre-congregación
país: Egipto - †: 326
hagiografía: «Vidas de los santos de A. Butler», Herbert Thurston, SI
Conmemoración de san Alejandro, obispo, anciano célebre por el celo de su fe, que fue elegido … [More]
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