Irapuato     06:38
DW on Jul 3, 2015 Along with the EXPO Milan’s visitors can experience a top-class culture program and newly opened tourist attractions as the Fondazione Prada museum and the Da Vinci exhibition at the Palazzo Reale.
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Irapuato     05:17
Lo incontriamo tra gli Apostoli, senza nulla sapere della sua storia precedente. Il suo nome, in aramaico, significa “gemello”. Ci sono ignoti luogo di nascita e mestiere. Il Vangelo di Giovanni, al capitolo 11, ci fa sentire subito la sua voce, … [More]
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Irapuato     05:13
apostleshipofprayer on Jul 2, 2015 Reflection for 7/3/15
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Irapuato         05:05
Saint Thomas, apostle - Feast
Commentary of the day : Saint Cyril of Alexandria
"Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."
Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 20:24-29. Thomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples said to him, "We have seen the Lord." But he said to them, "Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nailmarks and put my hand into his side, I … [More]
Irapuato         04:53
Saint Thomas Puts His Hand into the Marks of Jesus' Wounds
394 Life of Jesus Christ-Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick's Revelations
Jesus told them that if it happened again, they should act otherwise. Jesus now stepped under the lamp, and the Apostles closed around Him. Thomas, very much frightened at the sight of the Lord, timidly drew back. But Jesus, grasping his right hand in His own right hand, took the forefinger and laid the tip of … [More]
Irapuato     23:34
Also known as
Apostle of India
Doubting Thomas
Judas Thomas the Twin Tomaso Memorial 3 July 21 December on some calendars Profile Apostle. He was ready to die with Jesus when Christ went to Jerusalem, but is best remembered for doubting … [More]
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Irapuato     21:37
saltandlight on Jul 2, 2015 Today on Perspectives, the Holy See's Permanent Observer to the UN in Geneva tell the nations of the world that they must confront the roots of terrorism around the globe, Pope Francis asks for prayers for Greece and a … [More]
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Irapuato     Thursday, 16:05
Good Audio Books on Jul 1, 2015 History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution Audiobook Part 1 Rev. James MACCAFFREY (1875 - 1935)
Chapter Time
Religious Condition of England Before the Reformation 00:00:00
The Religi… [More]
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Irapuato     Thursday, 12:50
Saint Joseph's University on Jul 2, 2015 In preparation for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia, SJU experts are sharing their thoughts on the pontiff. In this video, Katie Oxx, Ph.D., give a brief history of Catholicism in Philadelphia and … [More]
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Irapuato     Thursday, 11:14
EWTN on Jun 26, 2015 In Vorbereitung des 75. Gründungsjubiläums, das am 3. Januar 2016 gefeiert werden wird, haben das Regnum Christi und die Legionäre Christi ein Jubiläumsjahr des Dankes ausgerufen, das am Hochfest des hl. Herzens Jesu begonnen … [More]
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Irapuato         Thursday, 10:57
Ana Gracia     Thursday, 10:01
Dos de julio dia de Ntra Sra del Huerto.
"Huerto cerrado y Fuente Sellada eres María y tus perfumes son de Paraíso"
de mariohuertano :
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Irapuato         Thursday, 10:57
GRACIAS... La Congregación de las Hijas de María Santísima del Huerto, conocidas también como Gianellinas, es fundada por Antonio María Gianelli (Sacerdote nombrado Santo por la Iglesia Católica Apostólica Romana) el 12 de enero de 1829 en la ciudad de Chiavari, provincia de Liguria, Italia. Fueron las primeras 12 hermanas, conocidas por su caridad, las que se extendieron por distintos puntos de Italia, abriéndose al servicio de … [More]
Irapuato         Thursday, 05:54
Irapuato     Thursday, 05:17
Diventa patrono di una città addirittura da vivo. Mai vista una cosa simile e con tanta solennità. Siamo a Lecce, nell’estate del 1616: il padre gesuita Bernardino Realino sta morendo, 42 anni dopo esservi arrivato. I reggitori del Municipio lo … [More]
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Irapuato     Thursday, 05:14
apostleshipofprayer on Jul 2, 2015 Reflection for 7/2/15
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Irapuato         Thursday, 05:02
The nine missions Blessed Junipero founded:
Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá, July 16, 1769, present-day San Diego, California.
Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, June 3, 1770, present-day Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.
Mission San Antonio de Padua, July 14, 1771
Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, September 8, 1771, present-day San Gabriel, California. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, September 1, 1772, present-day city of San Luis Obispo, California. Mission San Juan Capistrano… [More]
Irapuato     Thursday, 04:53
San Aarón, santo del AT (1 coms.)
can.: bíblico
hagiografía: Abel Della Costa
Conmemoración de san Aarón, de la tribu de Leví, a quien su hermano Moisés ungió sacerdote del Antiguo Testamento con óleo sagrado. A su muerte fue sepultado en el monte … [More]
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Irapuato         Thursday, 04:34
Marienkinderkreis Totus Tuus Maria     Wednesday, 06:57
Papst Bennedikt XVI. sagte beim Angelus am 5. Juli 2009 über das kostbare Blut Jesu:
„Auf den Schrei aufgrund des vergossenen Blutes, der sich aus so vielen Teilen der Erde erhebt, antwortet Gott mit dem Blut seines Sohnes, der das Leben für uns … [More]
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Irapuato         Thursday, 04:33
Other Saints of the Day:
Our Lady of the Garden
Our Lady of Madhu
Our Lady of Montallegro
Our Lady of the Grove Our Lady of the Leśniów Spring Our Lady of the Visitation Our Lady of the Way of Leon Our Lady of Vaussivieres — Bernadine Realino Giovanni da Fabriano Becchetti Jacques Fermin Jéroche Lidanus of Sezze Martinian of Rome Monegundis Otto of Bamberg Oudoceus Processus of Rome SwithunMartyred Soldiers of Rome – 3 saints Martyrs in Carthage by Hunneric – 7 saints Martyrs … [More]
Irapuato         Thursday, 04:31
Thursday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time
Book of Genesis 22:1-19.

God put Abraham to the test. He called to him, "Abraham!" "Here I am!" he replied.
Then God said: "Take your son Isaac, your only one, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah. There you shall offer him up as a holocaust on a height that I will point out to you."
Early the next morning Abraham saddled his donkey, took with him his son Isaac, and two of his servants as well, and with the wood that he had cut … [More]
Irapuato     Wednesday, 23:14
Also known as
Apostle of Pomerania
Father of Monks
Otho of Bamberg
Memorial 2 July formerly 30 September formerly 30 June 1 October in Pomerania Profile Born to the Swabian nobility. Priest. Part of the household of Duke Ladislas of Poland. … [More]
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Irapuato         Wednesday, 23:07
Irapuato     24/06/2015 01:08
irapuato on June 19-21, 2015. Venerated B. A.K. Emmerick in Dülmen. Her remarkable visions: It is thought that the most extraordinary gift that Anna Katharina possessed was that of her extraordinary visions, also known as ecstasies. She was given … [More]
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Irapuato     Wednesday, 23:01
Bob Dolan on Jul 1, 2015 New Franken, WI, located just outside of Green Bay, is home to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the only Marian apparition site approved by the Catholic Church in the United States.
It is there in 1859 that the Virgin … [More]
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Irapuato         Wednesday, 12:15
Father Ramm has 5 places available for Holy Land Pilgrimage, October 13-23, 2015 .
Details: 13. bis 23. Oktober 2015 „Kleine Herbstwallfahrt“: 10 Tage Israel Diese Wallfahrt ist offen für alle. Sie eignet sich insbesondere auch für ältere Teilnehmer und wird deutlich weniger anstrengend als die „Große Wallfahrt“. Für Gehbehinderte ist sie allerdings nicht geeignet. Stabile Gesundheit ist vorausgesetzt. Die Wallfahrt steht unter der Leitung von … [More]
Irapuato         Wednesday, 11:58
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Wednesday invited the faithful to unite in prayer for the good of the Greek people.
A note released by the Holy See Press Office says that the Pope has expressed his closeness to the Greek people who are suffering the effects of the current crisis.
Describing the news from Greece “regarding the economic and social situation of the country as worrying”, the Pope “conveys his closeness to all the Greek people, with a special thought for the many … [More]
Irapuato     Wednesday, 11:52
wochitnews on Jul 1, 2015 Pope Francis urged prayers for Greece and its people Wednesday, saying the country was weathering a "keenly felt human and social crisis."
Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said in a statement the situation over … [More]
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