Prof. Leonard Wessell
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Mittwoch, 07:52
The Prelate is not quite right, historically speaking. Traditional marxists thought that the proletarian class would of economic necessity bring about the change to a fully socialized society, i.e., socialism/communism. WW I ended such fantasies because the workers of different nations did not join together, rather supported their own nations. In retrospect, a group of marxist who formd the Frankfurt School concluded, following Gramsci, that a different instrument of revolution must be found, … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Mittwoch, 07:26
@Abamo: I wish you would read a content and if you disagree argue against THE content, not go astray ending in insult that reveal your anti-American prejudices (and I would surmise ignorance). A comment or two about th killing a lot of people. On the battle field between armies such killing is NOT an act of "slaughter".
1.Both the German Wehrmacht and the US armies did non-slaughter killings in battle (indeed, the Wehrmacht always killed more opponents then they lost, even if thy lost the … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Mittwoch, 03:12
@Abramo, there is nothing wrong reporting what anyone has to say. What I object to is jingle-istic underreportings, something that is prone to do at times. I have no doubt that at the moment Assad is the best protection of Christians in Syria and, alas I have no doubt that Obama will not adequately defend the Christians. (Out of the almost 500k refugess from the mideast the the Obama administration has allowed into the US, 95% are Muslim -- I hold that Obama is pro-Islamic in the … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Mittwoch, 02:21
So that the reader may obtain a better insight into "American" viewings of Putin's activities in a light apparently favorable to Putin, turn to FrontPageMagazine - Online, Oct. , 2015 for the article by the American Raymond Ibrahim called "Russia Declares 'Holy War' on the Islamic State. While Obama stays with Christian muderers, 'Freedom Fighters'". Ibrahim is a Coptic Chritian and expert on Islam (who is aghast at Pope Francis' thesis that Islam "is a religion of peace", a statement on par … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Mittwoch, 00:54
Gloria-tv, your disdain for the CIA and your atitude toward the complexity of American politics is as admirably consistent as it is woefullly ignorant. McCain is only one voice and the CIA is charged with realizing tasked put to it by the US administration (here Obama). Both proper parts of the body politic of a democratically organized country. The American interest in Assad stems from: Years ago, peaceful protests began against a "vile" dictator who THEN began bombing his own people and … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Sonntag, 15:58
@adeste fideles You missed my point, assuming you addressed me. Let us speculate that the Pope, apparently backed by the Synode, does conclude, explicitly or implicitly, that the "Catholic law" really, really (sic) is in accord with the changes advocated and so proclaims it. In other words, what is the "Catholic" to do -- and I mean a lay person? Should a lay person proclaim clearly that the Pope and Synode are wrong? Should one be quiet, knowing that no infallible decision had been made? As I … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         Sonntag, 10:14
I ask the impossible question: If Francis alone or in concert with other prelates does in fact change "Catholic law" such that the changes advocated by Crespo and Larumbe do in fact become "Catholic law", will the readers of this remark "obey the (new) Catholic law", in word and in Spirit? If such changes become "Catholic law", are not those true to the previous law now "outlaws" and, hence, effectively in sin? Can one then with semantic sense call oneself Catholic, if the Pope's new law is … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         9.9.2015 02:28
Could give the source for the Pope's pantheistic sounding view regarding Christ's "incarnation" (????). What new "surpise" of the "spirit" that haunts the pope is that? What does it mean for Christ`to become incarnate in anything other than the Host? A people?
Prof. Leonard Wessell         7.9.2015 18:36
Aaaah, "drown" and not "drawn" (?), otherwise pronounced correctly, though incorrect. Oh, well, it must have been one of those "surprises" by the "spirit" Pope Francis keeps talking about.
Prof. Leonard Wessell         7.9.2015 08:57
Vorsichtig!!! Organizationen aus den USA sind nicht die USA (die Regierung?). Wenn man behaupten will, daß die amerikanische Regierung selber für Schleper bezahlt, möge man, bitte, bitte, den Beweis bzw. die Informationsquellen offenlegen. Ich würde gerne wissen, welche amerikanische Organizationen, privat oder öffentlich, daran beteiligt sind. So eine Offenbarung wäre Zündstoff im Rahmen der jetztigen Politik in Amerika. Bitte, konkrete Informationen!
    Santiago74 gefällt das.         7.9.2015 18:50
Prof. Leonard Wessell         7.9.2015 07:05 misses the really feigthening nature of Kim Davis' incarceration. The judge argued that she must go to jail until she accepts that she carries out legally mandated governmental duties,i AND in full consciousness against her conscience -- and that is the decisive point, namely: jail or violation of conscience. This is far worse than death threats (all illegal), because the judge is supposedly enforcing legitimate law. Davis could, if one takes literally the judge's words, remain in … [Mehr]
    Evandro gefällt das.         7.9.2015 12:26
    rhemes1582 gefällt das.         7.9.2015 09:07
Prof. Leonard Wessell         7.9.2015 02:32
I have a slight objection to the terminology, particularly in the more headline part of the ANALISIS. There is, for example, no such thing as the "US" that blocks or supports anything. There is within the "real functioning" democratic political nature of the US, the gaining of power by LEFTISTS, be they secular or Catholic (Biden, Pelosi or Cuomo and at times bishops). Inside of America there is both a cultural war (and I mean "war" culturally as there was a Civil War militarily after 1860) … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         2.12.2014 04:55
Pope Francis is not the first "Catholic" to embrace pan-salvation. (Can hardly wait to get to the NEW "earth" and dine with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and other mass murders who as part of the "tutti" will be winging away in "good times are rolling" Paradise.) I will leave this odd Francis-statement for others to comment. I would like to point out a couple of other implications contained it the Pope's words, relative to which I can understand the Pope's pan-salvationism.
The Pope has totally imman… [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         1.12.2014 11:27
@On Guard: Why? Pope Francis is seeking"unity" where diversity does not count, called A. Traditionalists want "unity" where "diversity" does count, called B. So, we have a A >< B contradiction. Francis cannot make use of traditionalist B without endangering A. If I want to drive south, it is frustrated by driving north. Once one understands that Francis-ism excludes on principle tradtional-ism, then the "why" is answered with full intelligibility and full sorrow.
Prof. Leonard Wessell         26.11.2014 08:30
The Prophet of Oregon, me, would like to thank Fr. Carota for spelling out my prophecy. What am I talking about? As a graduate student just after Vat II, but before the fateful enactments were imposed, I attended a Summer language school at a Woman's Catholic College in Oregon. It got around that the church services were in Latin and, before one knew it, many non-Catholic students wanted the "Latin"-experience. The nuns got wind of it all and had the mass carried out, but not in Latin, rather … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         24.11.2014 18:26
@rhemes, thank you for the reply. Alas, you end with "let him understand". My question is: What should one do? Attend or not attend?
Prof. Leonard Wessell         24.11.2014 16:11
If the German Church sets the Kasper's views into reality, what is the believer to do? Continue attending churches under the formal auspices of said bishops? The hiring of "sinners" will have the effect of filing the "sin-" from "sin-ners" until they become just part of the crowd. In other words, the polite, friendly and affirming treatment of those actually at acting variance with Church doctrine will have the effect of changing evaluations of rejection of their variance. By a slow absorbing … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         21.11.2014 06:41
@Romanus: Wir sind wie "two peas in a pod"! Es verblüfft mich total, bis zum "Ich glaube es nicht, doch es ist so". Europäer, Deutsche wissen wohl, daß Europa demographisch Suizid begeht, und mit allen Konsequenzen. Egal! Dieses Wissen scheint den Politikern belanglos zu sein. Deutsche sind bekannt als "gründlich". Gut, wir haben hier gründliche Idiotie!!! Ich verstehe es einfach nicht! @Josephus: Sie haben recht bezüglich "Toleranz", obgleich dieses Zauberwort noch nicht den Zauberer identifi… [Mehr]
    Carlus gefällt das.         7.9.2015 11:59
Prof. Leonard Wessell         21.11.2014 00:32
Washington ist auf der 1$ Note wegen der Dienste, die er seinem entstehenden Land leistete. Ob er Humanist war, spielte keine Rolle. Der größte Dienst bestand darin, daß er den Vorschlag ablehnte, "König" von Amerika zu werden and daß er sich weigerte, mehr als 2 Amtszeiten zu dienen. Der Vergleiich mit Washington bezüglich Pp Francis klappt nicht. Oder vielleicht kann man sagen, daß der Papst eine Art Washington im religiösen Bereich für die neue Weltordenung sein sollte?
Prof. Leonard Wessell         20.11.2014 11:51
Weder "na" noch "?" ist relevant. Der demographische Trend nährt sich mit jetztigen Geburtsrate "O". Einmal erreicht, wird es keine "na und ?" im Munde von Deutschen geben, weil es keine mehr gibt! Die nationale Geburtenrate schließt katholische Deutsche ein. Vielleicht kann man sage n, daß Kirchen zu Moscheen geworden sind, angenommen, daß die europäizierten (?) Muslime nicht auch "deutsch" geworden sein werden. Vielleicht!? Na und ?!
Prof. Leonard Wessell         20.11.2014 08:45
Die Deutschen haben ca. 1,4 Geburten/Frau. Eine Gesellschaft braucht ca. 2,1/Frau, um bloß zu überleben. Die These hat nichts mit Moral zu tun, sondern mit Mathematik und Demographie. Laut dem Spiegel gab es 15,2 Millionen Deutschen, 18 und jünger, im Jahre 2000. 2011 gab es 13 Millionen. Extrapolieren!!!! Die deutsche Gesellschaft ist daran, in der absehbaren Zukunft auszusterben, falls sich dieser demographische Trend fortsetzt. Ich lasse alle moralischnen Werte beiseite und behaupte, daß … [Mehr]
    Carlus gefällt das.         7.9.2015 12:00
    Santiago74 gefällt das.         20.11.2014 13:31
Prof. Leonard Wessell         20.11.2014 04:36
By chance I read this entry before the one above. I can only share in the sorrow of the person who posted the video and corresponding comments. In my comment below I noted the ambiguous use of "baptism" by Pope Francis and I see that the poster has well discussed the point. In the light of the critical thoughts expressed I find my comments to be a bit redundant, except for the sociological contextualization. The more friendly the Pope becomes with "low Church" denominations, the more will Pope … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         20.11.2014 04:18
Magister is explaining the "Miracle of Unity", a posting directly below and already made sometime back--one that I commented then. I will repeat little and try a primitive sociological analysis. Not mine, rather that of Peter Berger, a protestant who has tried to understand the sources of secularization (and marvelous sociologist -- still activity at The American Interest in internet). Berger notes: In the everyday interaction of prelates, priests and pastors of various Christian denominations… [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         16.11.2014 10:24
Obama hat es klar gemacht, daß er 4 bis 5 Millon illegale Ausländer (meistens Latinos aus Mexiko) nicht deportieren werde (und es gibt mindestens 11 Million "Aliens" in Amerika), obgleich das Gesetz es verlangt. Obama wird die nicht Deportierten mit effektiv "Green Cards" ausstatten, Recht auf sozial Hilfe (und die gestresste Staaten und Städte werden eine Menge Geld dafür aufbringen müssen) erteilen und ein "pathway" zu Einbürgerung ermöglcihen. Verfassungsmässig besitzt er nicht die Macht. … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         16.11.2014 03:11
"Wow!", dachte dieser Amerikaner. Es scheint, daß der heranschleichende Totalitarismus endlichmal die Deutschen erreicht hat. Ihr seid doch nur Anfänger. Unser Nobel-Preis (für, o ja, Frieden) tragende Caudillo hat schon alles fürs Wohl von uns Bürgern arrangiert, sollten wir einen nationalen "Notfall" haben. S. im Internet nach für: MMnews:"USA: Millionen Särge, und Millarden Gewehrkuglen". "FEMA" ist das Bundesamt für Notfälle". Dann (und es kostet Computer-Arbeit) sollte man den gesetztlich… [Mehr]
    Carlus gefällt das.         7.9.2015 12:01
    Galahad gefällt das.         16.11.2014 06:57
Prof. Leonard Wessell         6.11.2014 03:47
Entschuldingun! Ich habe vergessen, daß ich auf deutsch antworten sollte. Immerhin ist es so, daß Deutsche oft denken, daß sie Herr der amerikanischen Sprache sind. So, Jungs und Mädels, Übung!
Prof. Leonard Wessell         6.11.2014 03:45
Why must continually push politically anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda. The Israelis have great support among American Christians ( who are against Obama) and are not interested is eliminating Christianity from the mideast. Obama is clearly anti-Israel, Israel has accepted over 300,000 Christian refugees. Israel has had military conflict with IS on the Golan Heights, but is trying to keep out of the conflict--and for good reason. Israeli military attacks upon IS would … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell         6.11.2014 03:04
I see an eternal split in and outside the Church, one long existing before the Church came to be. And what is this factor? The PANsexualism (= any form of sex is acceptable) of Antiquity, particularly in its more decadent moments. The Church has sought to remove priests and nuns from this inner tension through celibacy. More than one time in Church history sexualism has entered the Church destructively (Borgia popes come to mind). This time around pansexualism has been more coy and more … [Mehr]
Prof. Leonard Wessell
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