MarysDowryProductions     26/07/2015 07:37
Trailer for a new film presenting the life, mission and martyrdom of Jesuit Elizabethan missionary priest Saint Robert Southwell. Due for release in 2015, check our website for more information and DVD release worldwide. Many more DVDs on the lives … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 17:28
Advert for a film that takes a creative, detailed and devotional look at the famous maker of priest holes, St. Nicholas Owen who was eventually killed in the Tower of London by the English government for his work hiding priests and helping to keep … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 17:21
Absorbing, detailed, creative encounter with heroic Jesuit priest and Martyr Saint Edmund Campion, once known as Queen Elizabeth I's diamond and eventually executed by her for his priesthood and Catholic Faith. OUT NOW on DVD worldwide from Mary's … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 17:16
DVD film trailer for a new film presenting the fascinating life of Jesuit priest and English Martyr St. Henry Morse, looking at his whole journey including his early education, his time in Rome where he worked as a tour guide, his mission to … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 17:14
A trailer for a film looking in detail at St. Thomas More, from his early years, his marriage, his family and his friendship with King Henry VIII, to his refusal to join the King in Schism which led to his arrest, imprisonment and eventual … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 17:05
Presented on location at the Shrine of St. Philip Howard, English Martyr, Earl of Arundel and cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, this documentary takes a detailed, devotional and creative look at the history of devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham over 950 … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 16:41
Trailer for a new film out now on DVD worldwide through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon. A simple, detailed, devotional and creative way to enjoy the inspiring life of St. Anthony of Padua.
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2014 16:34
Trailer for full-length film on DVD about St. Bede: England's Doctor of the Church, available worldwide from Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon.
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MarysDowryProductions     06/03/2013 06:25
Young Catholic priest from Somerset in England, sacrificed his life for the Catholic Faith in Elizabethan England. His love of the Passion of Christ gave him great insights into suffering. He offered his excruciating tortures in the Tower of London … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     05/01/2013 12:40
A compilation of footage taken from a selection of films presenting the lives of the Catholic Martyrs of England and Wales whose heroic sacrifices for the True Faith are an inspiration for today. The films of each of the Saints featured in this … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     13/10/2012 10:49
Blessed Alexandrina's feast day is October 13th. Share her life story in an hour long biographical documentary from Mary's Dowry Productions available on DVD through our online shop or AMAZON. Or visit the websites promoting her important and … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     02/10/2012 13:12
Saint Edmund Campion's life presented in a film available worldwide on DVD through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon Com and Amazon UK. A great way to share his inspiring story!
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MarysDowryProductions     01/10/2012 10:28
A new film about the last few months of St Therese of Lisieux's life, where her conversations during that time give incredibly rich insights into her soul. Available worldwide through Amazon and Mary's Dowry Productions. Out now.
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MarysDowryProductions     24/09/2012 16:50
Produced in 2011 this is a detailed and devotional presentation of the life of Kateri Tekakwitha by Mary's Dowry Productions, available worldwide on DVD through our online shop at Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon - this is an inspiring and … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     16/02/2012 13:20
Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions.
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MarysDowryProductions     07/04/2011 14:37
A clip from the documentary on 'Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa' produced by Mary's Dowry Productions. The full-length film runs for one hour and covers Blessed Alexandrina's awesome journey as a Victim Soul. Here, Our Lord pleads with Blessed … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     06/04/2011 16:13
An excerpt from the documentary film on Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, a victim soul, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004. The full-length documentary is available from Mary's Dowry Productions. An important resource to promote the … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     19/02/2011 17:45
This is a teaser trailer for an upcoming film production on Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the Lily of the Mohawks. For more information on the film and other Catholic films on DVD visit the official site for Mary's Dowry Productions - the Lives of the … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     03/12/2010 15:39
Trailer for a film by Mary's Dowry Productions on Saint Margaret Ward, one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, who was hanged at the Tyburn Triple Gallows with a group of young Catholics and priests in their twenties. The film is available now … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     16/11/2010 15:33
A NEW montage trailer for a new DVD resource especially geared for young Catholics of primary school age - The Primary Series: Volume Two - Saxon Saints for children. Seven mini biographies each five minutes in length and combining sacred art, … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     03/10/2010 08:50
Blessed Francisco Marto's heroic and powerful response to Our Lady's message of Fatima is shown in this new film from Mary's Dowry Productions. With original portrayals, sacred art, historical imagery and narration this new film focusses specificall… [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     22/09/2010 18:45
Trailer for Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa knowin in Portugal as the Fourth Seer of Fatima. This film is currently being produced by Mary's Dowry Productions to promote the life and message of this Blessed, closesly linked to the message of … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     25/05/2010 16:19
A Catholic Film Production Company in England producing original DVDs on the lives of Engand's great saints and martyrs. Visit for more information and for a full range of original authentic Catholic productions availa… [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     12/04/2010 10:56
Seven Short lives of the Saints on one DVD, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Faustina, Saint Joseph, Saint Paul, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Francis of Assisi. This DVD series aims to give people a unique encounter with … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     29/03/2010 06:35
Tyburn. So many Catholics were martyred at the infamous Tyburn Gallows. This footage, taken from 'The Martyrs Walk' documentary film, shot on location in London during the annual Martyrs Walk from Tower Hill to Tyburn remembering the many martyrs … [More]
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MarysDowryProductions     25/03/2010 17:20
The 8th Countess of Salisbury, Blessed Margaret Pole is an English Martyr and excellent witness to the Catholic faith! This scene is taken from the DVD documentary film of her life and tells of her most gruesome death, beheaded under King Henry VIII.
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MarysDowryProductions     25/03/2010 06:39
From the DVD movie "Saint Edmund Campion" some beautiful visuals of the life of this wonderful and heroic English Martyr. Saint Edmund Campion is an inspiring English Martyr and saint for our times. He entered England as a Jesuit priest during a … [More]
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