Keith B.
Keith B.         08/12/2012 04:02
Ora Pro Nobis!
Keith B.         09/01/2009 01:34
Cute haircut. Happy New Year!
Keith B.     07/01/2009 00:02
St. Nicholas makes a surprise visit to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Mandeville, Louisiana. USA
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Keith B.         25/12/2008 16:33
Beautiful! Merry Christmas everyone!
Keith B.     20/12/2008 15:08
Video of my Creche with music by vocalist Kitty Cleveland
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Keith B.         05/11/2008 00:57
Father forgive us for we know not what we do. Please pray for America, we've just elected a great evil.
Keith B.         25/08/2008 00:17
God help us if this menace to society is elected.
Keith B.         25/08/2008 00:15
The one with the macaw did it for me! What were they thinking?
Keith B.         11/06/2008 23:55
The new organ was installed in the summer of 2004. August 29,2005, hurricane Katrina tore a small hole in the roof right above the organ. Rain poured in and ruined it. In June 2008, it was finally re-installed.
Keith B.     10/06/2008 18:38
Newly refurbished pipe organ in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans' historic French Quarter.
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Keith B.         06/06/2008 17:56
His style is a bit unconventional, but if you listen to the message he really has a true gift.
Keith B.         06/06/2008 01:15
VERY nice! I noticed that the priest was quite young which is very encouraging. The pastor at my parish is also very traditional. At this years' Easter vigil Mass, he was wearing a beautiful "fiddle-back" chausable. After Mass, he explained that it was a gift from a parishoner and that it had belonged to a French archbishop from the 15th century. The entire church let out a huge gasp!
Keith B.         06/06/2008 01:08
I've seen pictures of the statue on the altar, but I had no idea that there was a painting in front. Beautiful! Thanks for posting.
Keith B.         29/05/2008 01:58
Thank God that my parish has an orthodox pastor! He's planning to re-install an altar railing in the near future and god-willing, it will be put to proper use.
Keith B.         29/05/2008 01:55
If anyone needs proof that pornography is addictive AND is the work of the devil, this is it! May God have mercy on his soul.
Keith B.         10/04/2008 03:01
We all know that there have been numerous violations from renegade priests but these were the acts of individuals who have serious problems with their faith and can't be considered as a result of Vatican II or the new Mass. Vatican II was and is truly the work of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, there has been much confusion since Vatican II but there is still only one true Church! If some of the clergy have strayed (some severely) then we should pray for them. On top of all that, who has the authority … [More]
Keith B.         10/04/2008 02:44
The sad truth is that there are many Oprah fans who will gladly follow anything and everything she says and does. A woman told me once that she wanted to eat Swiss chard because Oprah said it was her favorite vegetable. If something as trivial as a vegetable was all important to her, who knows what else she may follow?
Keith B.         07/04/2008 01:02
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