Ursula1815     17/10/2014 22:44
A homily comparing the Christian Scripture with the Islamic qu'ran.
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Ursula1815     27/08/2014 16:56
Two stories about St. Monica
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Ursula1815     25/08/2014 20:03
Great Advice by St. Louis to his son.
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Ursula1815     24/08/2014 17:00
God loves us so much and reveals himself to us through our senses. The Sacraments are gifts given to us by Jesus through HIs Catholic Church.
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Ursula1815     23/08/2014 22:06
The main job of the Pope is to be the source of unity that keep us united to Christ.
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Ursula1815     18/08/2014 19:16
Even though the rich young man had many possessions, he was still looking for something more. Th purpose of education is not to get a job but to become the person God has called you to be.
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Ursula1815     17/08/2014 23:18
Are we like the Pharisee or the publican when we go to the Sacrament of Confession?
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Ursula1815     16/08/2014 21:35
The Canaanite women did not complain or say she deserved what she wanted. She simply made a humble supplication. How do we approach the Eucharist?
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Ursula1815     15/08/2014 12:26
The tweet about Robin William's suicide is really the heresy of gnosticism.
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Ursula1815     14/08/2014 11:10
Ezekiel, and the prophets told God's message by actions. The sacraments show God's loving by doing. People learn by example.
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Ursula1815     13/08/2014 13:51
A Martyr is someone who gives witness. The devil cannot create but only destroy so he takes things and perverts them in a mockery of martyrdom.
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Ursula1815     11/08/2014 14:21
St. Matthew shows Jesus not only as the new Moses but also as God. And Jesus includes St. Peter as well.
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Ursula1815     09/08/2014 20:13
Do we expect a wind, earthquake and fire display when we come to Mass? God comes in the gentle whisper,"COME"
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Ursula1815     06/08/2014 23:51
God prepares us for the worst but giving us something wonderful to see us through the bad times.
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Ursula1815     05/08/2014 17:41
We often focus on Peter's lack of faith and sinking. But how much faith did it take to step out of the boat?
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Ursula1815     04/08/2014 23:45
A series of short statements from the works of the Cure` D'Ars.
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Ursula1815     03/08/2014 20:57
A Steward does not own the things which he administers. St. John Paul II talks about how the priest is the steward of the sacred mysteries.
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Ursula1815     03/08/2014 20:55
How can I make a difference? The Apostles sacrificed their fives loaves and two fish and Jesus used them to feed 5000. We can sanctify the world by offering everything to God.
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Ursula1815     02/08/2014 23:43
Whether its, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, or the modern day Catholic priest, they should proclaim the True Gospel without concern for their popularity
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Ursula1815     31/07/2014 16:59
St. Peter Chrysologus is a Doctor of the Church; one of those 35 saints that the Catholic Church has declared to be particularly important in understanding the Catholic Faith. But How often do we ever hear about St. Peter Chrysologus, who said "Do … [More]
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Ursula1815     29/07/2014 17:42
Jeremiah was not a king or priest but a layman. He was sent out into the culture to call it back to God. This is what the Vatican II says id the vocation of the laity.
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Ursula1815     28/07/2014 23:45
Everything in this world is passing away. The only thing that is permanent is God. If we place our trust in the things of this world, they will simply rot and leave us with nothing.
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Ursula1815     26/07/2014 23:24
The sacraments are the pearl of great price. If we take them for granted, or try to redefine them, or use them for another purpose, they will not unite is to God.
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Ursula1815     23/07/2014 22:23
Prodigal means wasteful. God throws His grace around freely hoping against hope that it will produce an abundant harvest.
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Ursula1815     22/07/2014 14:53
If you think that Mass is boring, maybe it's because you don't have a relationship with Jesus.
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Ursula1815     21/07/2014 21:21
Homily 14-7-21
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Ursula1815         04/05/2014 00:52
PIUS XII Humane Generis
36. For these reasons the Teaching Authority of the Church does not forbid that, in conformity with the present state of human sciences and sacred theology, research and discussions, on the part of men experienced in both fields, take place with regard to the doctrine of evolution, in as far as it inquires into the origin of the human body as coming from pre-existent and living matter - for the Catholic faith obliges us to hold that souls are immediately created by God. … [More]
Ursula1815         11/04/2014 00:24
Aphthartodocetism, (Greek aphthartos, “incorruptible”), a Christian heresy of the 6th century that carried Monophysitism (“Christ had but one nature and that divine”) to a new extreme; it was proclaimed by Julian, bishop of Halicarnassus, who asserted that the body of Christ was divine and therefore naturally incorruptible and impassible; Christ, however, was free to will his sufferings and death voluntarily. Severus, patriarch of Antioch, himself a condemned Monophysite, vigorously challenged … [More]
Ursula1815     15/03/2014 23:10
A comparison of Protestant and Catholic beliefs in the Bible.
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Ursula1815     05/12/2013 01:44
Historical Documentary showing the roots of the Mass in Jewish practice and the continual belief of the Catholic Church throughout the centuries of the teaching that at the Holy Mass Christ one definitive unrepeatable sacrifice on Calvary is made … [More]
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