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Father Gabriele Amorth said the Islamic State (ISIS) “is Satan,”

Rome, Italy, Apr 15, 2015 / 02:25 am (CNA).- In a recent Facebook post, well-known Roman exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth said the Islamic State (ISIS) “is Satan,” and he also questioned the lack of response from Western nations. “ISIS is Satan. Thin…

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Fr. Barron on "The Theory of Everything"

@Linds.... The question was not directed to you, mind your own business.

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Clear Creek Monastery

Clear Creek Monastery is a Benedictine Abbey in the diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded in 1999 by Notre-Dame de Fontgombault, to the Solesmes Congregation, as does Clear Creek. The patron Saint of the Clear Creek Abbey is the Blessed Virgin …

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Mother of Our Savior

Mother of Our Savior is a source for traditional Catholic gifts.

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Pro Life Action League

Pro Life Action League has a list of all pro-life resources in a variety of categories.

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Ecclesia Dei

This is a sample of the approved Traditional Latin Masses being offered in the U.S. & Canada as of June 27, 2012

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Fr. Barron on "The Theory of Everything"

Fr. Barron, do you offer the traditional Latin Mass?

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A Church at the Center of the English Catholic Revival (Pivotal Players)

Attend a traditional Latin Mass nearest you!

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Gloria.TV News on the 7th of January 2015


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Cardinal Burke: Catholic Church has ‘become too influenced by radical feminism’

John-Henry Westen Follow John-Henry Share on Facebook 1.2k Share on Twitter Catholic Church, Family, GenderTue Jan 6, 2015 - 12:05 pm EST Cardinal Burke: Catholic Church has ‘become too influenced by radical feminism’ cardinal raymond burke ,

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Cardinal Burke celebrates old Pontifical High Mass

Burke for Pope!

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Fr. Marcel Guarnizo - Homosexuality in Relatio (Q&A 3 of 6)

The following is the third of six questions taken from an interview with Fr. Marcel Guarnizo during the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome from October 5-19, 2014. 3. The paragraphs on homosexuality seem to be gaining the most atte…

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Father Michael Rodriguez put on sabbatical

Persecution will only continue. Defend the priests & religious who defend the faith!!! Or don't call yourself 'Catholic'!

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How Cardinal Burke welcomed home a gay activist

Burke for Pope!

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Episode 21: Dolan Gets Exalted, Burke Gets Malted

Thanks Matt for keeping us informed with what's going on. God help us!

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Hail Mary Song For Sr. Lucia Of Fatima

@Ben Martin..Lucia from Fatima

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Gloria.TV News on the 4th of August 2014

THE PRIEST'S ATTIRE My son, let thy modesty be known to all men; walk as you have the model prescribed by the Church. If thou dost not conform to the law of the Church, thou shalt be as the heathen and the publican; see therefore that thou despise not the law of thy Mother; she has decreed what shall be the color and the style of thy clothes; OBSERVE HER RULES. She has prescribed simplicity and becomingness in priestly attire; COMPLY with Her rules. How many there are among my priests who ARE … [More]

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Judge Jeanine: Time for Pope Francis to protect his flock

She's right! The Pope is the moral leader of Christianity.. He needs to yell it from the roof top to STOP THE PERSECUTION! Let's Hear it, pope Francis!!!

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Judge Jeanine: Time for Pope Francis to protect his flock

Jul. 27, 2014 - 6:28 - Christians in the Middle East are marked for death because of their faith and no one is fighting for them

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Bishop Paprocki: Return the Tabernacle to the Center of the Sanctuary

maybe Paprocki can tell NY Card. Dolan to leave the Latin Mass alone !

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Sodomite Elton John is a fan of Francis!

those poor children..what a dysfunctional govt that allows such a heinous act as allowing innocent children to be brought up by sodomites! They will suffer for their actions!

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Gloria.TV News on the 13th of May 2014

Thanks for the news!

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Happy St. Valentine's Day

h2onews: February 14th is Saint Valentine's Day, isn't it? No, it's Saints Cyril and Methodius! Who was St. Valentine? According to tradition, he was one of the first bishops of Terni, who died a martyr in the year 273 AD under the reign of Emperor …


BREAKING: Belgium Parliament Passes Law Allowing Children To Be Euthanized

BREAKING: Belgium Parliament passes law allowing children to be euthanized By: Peter Baklinski Thu Feb 13, 2014 13:06 EST BRUSSELS, February 13, 2014 ( – Belgium has become the first country in the world to approve euthanasia for …

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Shamrocks and Witches

ChurchMilitant.TV.. 2/13/14 - The Land of Saints, and Scholars, and Leprechauns and WITCHES!