Love EWTN  11:40
News from the World Over this week. The Catholic Republican trend. EPA talks global warming with the Vatican. Church of England installs first female bishop. Nigerian bishop warns of Boko Haram takeover. Raymond Arroyo and Bill O'Reilly discuss … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  11:18
PATRICK LOFTON of the National Catholic Educational Association and PATRICK REILLY of the Cardinal Newman Society joins us to talk about Catholic Schools Week, the state of Catholic education in the US today, and the controversial Common Core … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  11:01
REP RANDY HULTGREN, US Congressman from Illinois' 14th District on his legislative efforts in the new congress to clamp down on the scourge human trafficking here in the US and abroad.
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Love EWTN  11:00
KEVIN COSTNER, Academy Award winning director, actor, and producer on his newest film, a labor of love called Black Or White, that deals with the state of race in modern day America. He also speaks candidly about his career, family and faith in … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 15:25
Francesca Pellegrino, the Founder and President of Catholic Coalition for Special Education, shares why an integrated school system is beneficial to a Catholic school identity.
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 15:18
Jason Calvi takes us to Paul VI's Catholic High School in Fairfax, Virginia - where students with disabilities work alongside other students.
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 15:17
Judicial Crisis Network's Jonathan Keim was at the confirmation hearing for U.S. Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch. He shares his take on how it went and how she would compare to Eric Holder.
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 14:09
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 13:57
Raised as a Mormon in Salt Lake City, Fr. Erik became interested in the Catholic faith after going to Mass with a friend. After reading about the Catholic Church he not only decided he wanted to be a Catholic, but at the age of ten also decided he … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 13:57
Francis grew up Catholic in Los Vegas. In the 1970’s, when he was in high school, he was searching for Christ and truth. His religion teachers at his Catholic school were more into talking about their feelings and were not interested in the … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 13:57
The tables are turned on Marcus, as he is interviewed by Doug Keck. Marcus was reared Lutheran but, while in college, accepted Christ in a Charismatic Congregational church. After attending Gordon-Conwell seminary he was ordained a Congregational … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 13:13
This Catholic Schools Week, Jason Calvi introduces us to an innovative school that has become a model for others and the Founder of Catholic Coalition for Special Education speaks to us about integrating disabled students into the Catholic school … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 11:30
Fr. Mitch welcomes guests from Opus Dei which provides spiritual formation aimed at helping people develop their spiritual life and sanctify their work.
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 11:03
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Love EWTN  Donnerstag, 10:56
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 17:11
As the U.S. House of Representatives gains bipartisan support to combat human trafficking, we hear from a sex slavery victim - Jason Calvi reports.
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 17:10
70 years after Auschwitz is liberated, we speak with Diane Saltzman from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on how we can honor Holocaust survivors and victims.
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 13:57
Marcus and Paul answer open-line questions. Paul was brought up Presbyterian but at the age of 12 became an atheist. As a senior in high school he was brought back to Christ through a frightening experience with the demonic. Paul served as a … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 11:48
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 10:47
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Love EWTN  Mittwoch, 10:30
While Saudi Arabia is a key ally in the Middle East – Susanne LaFrankie reports on the country’s poor treatment of women and suppression of Christianity and The Wilson Center’s Michael Kugelman discusses U.S.-India engagement as President Obama … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 16:00
We're joined by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's Dawn Hawkins to discuss their annual "Dirty Dozen" list of companies with sexually exploitative policies.
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 15:55
Catholic Charities asks lawyers to volunteer to represent illegal immigrants - Wyatt Goolsby reports.
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 15:49
Jason Calvi introduces us to Father Aloysius Schwartz - a simple D.C. priest who is a step closer to sainthood.
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 09:51
They call him “Father Al” – Jason Calvi introduces us to a priest from the nation’s capital who is a step closer to sainthood. Susanne LaFrankie reports on President Obama and Prime Minister Modi’s meeting in India. Ahead of the President’s trip to … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 09:50
Marcus and Father Doug answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. When Doug was a teenager, a friend shared Christ with him. Doug wasn’t sure God existed but, at his friend’s invitation, prayed for the Lord’s forgiveness and felt … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 09:50
Richard was brought up in a Lutheran home. Thanks to a strong mother, who insisted he attend church, he actively searched for spiritual truth beginning when he was in his teens. This search, after 19 years, led him to the Catholic faith, in 2003. … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 09:50
Dr. Gresham is a convert, traveling a spiritual pilgrimage from evangelical and Pentecostal roots, in the Assemblies of God, through the Episcopal Church, finally finding his way home to the Catholic Church in 1996. The talks with Marcus about how … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN  Dienstag, 09:40
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Love EWTN  Montag, 17:05
Father John Crossin is a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and Director of the USCCB's Office for Ecumenical Dialogue. He speaks with EWTN News Nightly on the significance of ecumenical outreach.
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