Love EWTN     Donnerstag, 09:31
President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform remains on hold - Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.’s Jeanne Atkinson and FAIR’s Dan Stein have reaction. Diocese of Springfield’s Bishop Paprocki speaks with us about his involvement … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Mittwoch, 17:53
Author and Public Speaker Sherif Girgis relays the strongest facts and arguments he has used while speaking out in favor of traditional marriage
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Love EWTN     Mittwoch, 15:01
What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     Mittwoch, 11:03
We’re back in Baltimore one month since riots erupted following the funeral of Freddie Gray – Jason Calvi updates us on the healing process. Iraq launches an offensive against Islamic State terrorists – Susanne LaFrankie has more. Following Ireland’… [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Mittwoch, 10:47
Easter Weekday
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Love EWTN     Mittwoch, 10:01
This week on Heroic Media, a leading psychologist says addiction to pornography and video games is causing a crisis in masculinity. A young female journalist responds to the NYTimes' assertion that the Catholic Church undervalues women. And finally,… [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 17:07
Memorial Day
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 16:54
St. Philip Neri, Priest (Memorial)
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 15:04
On today’s show, Dr Anders answers a question on confession; How often and what to confess? Also, Dr Anders debates a caller who says that the Hail Mary prayer is proof that Catholics worship Mary. Tune in for this and much more on EWTN Radio’s … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 14:51
“My Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth and Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich” captures the struggle the late German Philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand faced in opposing the spread of Nazism. Hosted by Doug Keck
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 12:39
Fr. Emmerich Vogt explains how Wisdom is at the root of all virtues, and how "the twelve step program" many recovering addicts use is deeply rooted in Christian teaching.
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 11:34
Pentecost Sunday (Solemnity)
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 10:43
John Paul II and the Meaning of Suffering, Love is Stronger than Death, and many other books covering topics including Heaven and Suffering, Heaven: Classic Talks by Mother Angelica(DVD), Queen of Heaven Pewter Frame, Queen of Heaven Rosary Box, … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 10:23
Hosted by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal with a unique array of guests discussing topics designed to help you grow in the spiritual life.
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 09:53
On this Memorial Day special - Representative Tim Huelskamp shares what he’s doing on the Veterans Affairs Committee to honor those who served our nation. Jason Calvi reports from the World War II Memorial as we mark 70 years since Nazi Germany’s … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 09:47
Cardinal Peter Turkson responds to concerns about Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment. Washington Examiner’s David Drucker addresses the White House’s strategy to combat ISIS and the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails. @Caritas[Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Dienstag, 06:21
On this week’s Vaticano: Pope Francis recognizes four new saints, all women, two from Palestine. Thousands of faithful make the pilgrimage to Rome to join in the celebrations from the Holy Land. Catholic charity agencies descend on Rome to organize … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 14:29
LT. COL SARGIS SANGARI (US ARMY, RET.), former US special forces officer and founder of the United Syrian Appeal on ISIS and the fall of Ramadi & Palmyra this week, and the US response to the ISIS advance.
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 13:52
HEADLINE NEWS of the week, plus: LT. COL SARGIS SANGARI (US ARMY, RET.), former US special forces officer and founder of the United Syrian Appeal on ISIS and the fall of Ramadi & Palmyra this week, and the US response to the ISIS advance. KRISTEN … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 11:21
Headline news from the World Over this week: More ISIS victories in Iraq and Syria, UK Prime Minister David Cameron takes immigration stand, Jude Law to star as pope in new HBO series.
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 11:21
KIRSTEN POWERS, FOX News contributor and author of the new book, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 11:19
ARCHBISHOP VINCENZO PAGLIA, president of the Pontifical Council on the Family and postulator of the cause of Father Oscar Romero with his thoughts on the Romero canonization, his recent speech on family at the UN and the pope's upcoming visit to … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     Freitag, 09:33
Ahead of Ireland’s vote to redefine marriage – we hear from Irish attorney Ben O’Floinn campaigning to keep marriage between one man and one woman. Jason Calvi reports from Arlington National Cemetery from a ceremony marking Memorial Day. A … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     21.5.2015 18:19
Catherine Szeltner serves up a story about drinking - with a twist. At D.C.'s The Gibson, Michael Foley gives Catherine a tour through his "Drinking with the Saints" book and explains that holy people can drink, too.
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Love EWTN     21.5.2015 15:01
On today’s show, Dr. David Anders explains to a caller what you must believe to be Catholic. Also, Dr. Anders answers, “why didn’t Jesus write anything down?”, and what it means when scripture says, “call no man father.”. Tune in for this and much … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     21.5.2015 10:45
Easter Weekday
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Love EWTN     21.5.2015 09:35
Ahead of historic meetings between Cuban and U.S. leaders, Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio speaks to us about Pope Francis’ role in their relations – Susanne LaFrankie reports. Jason Calvi speaks with a Philadelphia priest who rushed to the … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     20.5.2015 15:02
Curious about what Jesus was up to between the ages of 13-30? A listener curious of the Catholic thought on that gets an answer from Dr. David Anders on this. Also, Dr. Anders answers when and how the Catholic Church came to America, discusses what … [Mehr]
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Love EWTN     20.5.2015 13:00
Abbey Johnson
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Love EWTN     20.5.2015 11:51
Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle reveals what caused her renewal and reversion to Catholic Faith. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.
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