Love EWTN     Monday, 16:11
Doug Keck interviews various authors from the 2015 NAPA Institute.
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Love EWTN     Monday, 16:08
Today John Martignoni on apologetics. Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     Monday, 15:03
HEADLINE NEWS of the week, plus: MOST REV. WILLIAM LORI, Archbishop of Baltimore and Chair of the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, on the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage and how it affects … [More]
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Love EWTN     Monday, 14:59
What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     Monday, 13:01
Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     Monday, 12:52
The Chiaroscuro Institutes's Meg McDonnell discusses how their organization's mission is dedicated to fostering strong communities based on the foundation of strong marriages and the gift of raising children. Hosted by Fr. Mark and Doug Barry.
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Love EWTN     Monday, 12:46
The U.S. Supreme Court redefines marriage nationwide – Jason Calvi reports from The High Court and we’re joined by Judicial Crisis Network’s Carrie Severino and The Heritage Foundation’s Sarah Torre to discuss the greater impact of this historic … [More]
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Love EWTN     Monday, 12:42
Saturday Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Love EWTN     Monday, 12:30
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Love EWTN     Friday, 18:04
MOST REV. WILLIAM LORI, Archbishop of Baltimore and Chair of the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, on the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage and how it affects religious freedom and the Catholic Church
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Love EWTN     Friday, 17:03
The High Court rules in favor of Obamacare – Susanne LaFrankie reports with reaction and we’re joined by The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall and Ethics and Public Policy Center’s James Capretta for analysis on what this ruling means for … [More]
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Love EWTN     Friday, 16:55
JOHN SUNUNU, former governor of New Hampshire and former chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush on his new book The Quiet Man: The Indispensable Presidency of George H.W. Bush.
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Love EWTN     Friday, 16:54
ELLIS AND DELFEAYO MARSALIS, the father and son New Orleans jazz legends on their music, the importance of musical education in passing jazz on to new generations of players, and the vital role of faith and family in their lives and work.
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Love EWTN     Friday, 16:50
U.S. Supreme Court sides with President on Obamacare. Agenda for the Synod on the Family set. Vatican doctrinal body rules "no evidence" of Medjugorje phenomenon.
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Love EWTN     Friday, 15:31
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Love EWTN     Friday, 15:29
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Love EWTN     Friday, 13:00
Call in at 1-800-585-9396
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Love EWTN     Friday, 12:54
St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Priest (Optional Memorial)
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Love EWTN     Friday, 12:52
Jim and Joy w/ Sussan Barrett and Andrea Depauw Susan Barrett of "Aid for Women," which has been providing emotional and material resources for mothers and their unborn children since 1978.
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Love EWTN     Friday, 09:43
Spreading the truth and beauty of the faith, in a unique podcast! These US-seminarians and priests have taken the initiative to bring the contents of the faith onto this social platform. The three founders and hosts think big and have … [More]
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Love EWTN     Friday, 09:39
Let there be Light! With this emblematic title a group of 18 renowned scientists, theologians, philosophers and artists gathered at Rome’s Regina Apostolorum University. The conference was inspired by UNESCO’s “Year of Light”. Among the participants… [More]
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Love EWTN     Friday, 09:36
In preparation for their 75 anniversary to be celebrated on January 3rd of next year, Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ started a Jubilee year of thanksgiving on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart. The General Director, Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil … [More]
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Love EWTN     Friday, 09:28
In the heart of Rome is the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. Scholars, enthusiasts and professors gravitated towards the campus last weekend, to participate in a conference about liturgy. The conference put one document at the center of … [More]
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Love EWTN     Friday, 09:11
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Love EWTN     Friday, 08:16
The first book printed in the U.S. was a prayer book – Jason Calvi turns the intriguing page of American history. Original Air Date: June 5, 2015
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Love EWTN     Friday, 08:11
A new bill could change Medicaid to possibly help kids with very special needs. Jason Calvi shares why these kids and family members are lobbying on Capitol Hill. Original air date: June 16, 2015
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Love EWTN     Friday, 08:10
Jason Calvi visits Arlington National Cemetery, visiting with soldiers who remember those who came before them. Original air date: June 22, 2015
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Love EWTN     Thursday, 18:22
Greg Erlandson, President & Publisher of Our Sunday Visitor talks about the need for resisting the temptation to either dismiss or exploit the Pope's Encyclical to serve one’s own agenda.
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Love EWTN     Thursday, 16:55
How should the Catholic faith inform a vote? Jason Calvi shares how CatholicVote took to Capitol Hill today to stand up for marriage. Susanne LaFrankie reports from The White House about the major policy shift for families of American hostages. … [More]
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Love EWTN     Thursday, 15:02
Call in with your questions 1-800-585-9396 or from outside the U.S. or Canada, dial: 1-205-271-2985
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