Love EWTN     Thursday, 15:01
On today’s show, Dr. David Anders explains to a caller what you must believe to be Catholic. Also, Dr. Anders answers, “why didn’t Jesus write anything down?”, and what it means when scripture says, “call no man father.”. Tune in for this and much … [More]
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Love EWTN     Wednesday, 15:02
Curious about what Jesus was up to between the ages of 13-30? A listener curious of the Catholic thought on that gets an answer from Dr. David Anders on this. Also, Dr. Anders answers when and how the Catholic Church came to America, discusses what … [More]
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Love EWTN     Tuesday, 14:59
What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     Monday, 15:02
Called to Communion Monday Host: Dr. David Anders Are you confused about the perpetual virginity of Mary? Tune in today to hear Dr. Anders explain what that means, how it’s possible, and how we know so from the Bible. Also, Dr. David Anders … [More]
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Love EWTN     14/05/2015 15:34
What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     13/05/2015 14:59
Dr. David Anders ask the question "What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic?" If you have a question- Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     12/05/2015 15:04
Resources: What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     11/05/2015 15:01
Are indulgences like brownie points? Dr Anders discusses indulgences and how they work on today’s show. Also, Dr. David Anders answers the question, “Did Jesus found the Catholic Church?” Tune in for this and much more on EWTN Radio’s Called to … [More]
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Love EWTN     07/05/2015 15:02
What are the top ten questions Catholics are asked? Tune in today to hear what those may be. Dr David Anders also answers a on the Catholic thought on the sinner’s prayer, baptism being a water ritual, and what the teaching on the rapture is. Tune … [More]
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Love EWTN     06/05/2015 15:02
What's Stopping You From Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     05/05/2015 14:59
What's Your Reason for Not Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     04/05/2015 15:06
Do you have questions or misunderstandings about the Catholic faith? Today’s show is for you! Tune in today as Dr. David Anders discusses the similarities and differences between the Mormon and Catholic faiths. Also, Dr Anders clears up a question … [More]
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Love EWTN     30/04/2015 15:00
On today’s show, Dr David Anders discusses what a caller refers to as “the bloody past of the Church”. Also, Dr Anders answers a listener curious about what Jesus’ descent to hell means, the Church thought on suicide, and where in the Bible it says … [More]
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Love EWTN     29/04/2015 15:00
Have you ever wanted to know why sinners can’t receive communion, or had question about communion in the Catholic Church? Join us today as Dr David Anders answers questions on that exact topic. Dr Anders also discusses Martin Luther, baptism, and … [More]
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Love EWTN     28/04/2015 15:35
If you’re non-Catholic, and have questions about the Catholic faith, this is the show for you. Join us today as a caller asks if Catholics believe Protestants are going to Hell, like some Protestants think Catholics are… Also, Dr Anders discusses … [More]
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Love EWTN     27/04/2015 13:38
What's You Reason for Not Becoming a Catholic? Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985
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Love EWTN     23/04/2015 14:59
What's stopping you from becoming a Catholic? - Dr David Anders has a conversation with a caller whose son is an atheist, and can’t belief because of lack of scientific faith. Also, Dr Anders talks with a listener who has issue with calling no man … [More]
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Love EWTN     21/04/2015 06:52
On this week’s VATICANO: Pope Francis officially convokes the Holy Year of Mercy on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday. Together, with Armenian faithful and Church officials, Pope Francis celebrates a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica during which he … [More]
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 18:30
CHRISTIANITY, ANCIENT AND EVER NEW - Most Rev. Gregory J. Mansour, STL, DD, Bishop of the Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 18:30
Collin Raye's autobiography, 'A Voice Undefeated', recounts the professional and personal struggles the singer faced during his rise to international stardom. Hosted by Doug Keck.
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 18:00
Cardinal Francis George dies at 78. Pope Francis considers visiting Cuba. The parents of the Boston Marathon Bombing's youngest victim doesn't want the convicted bomber to face the death penalty - Jason Calvi reports. With a series of controversial … [More]
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 17:30
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 12:08
Third Sunday of Easter
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 12:01
Easter Weekday
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Love EWTN     20/04/2015 11:49
Easter Weekday
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Love EWTN     17/04/2015 16:12
Surgeon Dr. Mark Hickman and his ministry that offers affordable vasectomy reversals so that husbands can become fathers.
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Love EWTN     17/04/2015 16:03
Dr. Ray Guarendi offers parenting advice and practices to help strengthen the faith and foundation of any family.
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Love EWTN     17/04/2015 15:30
Hillary and Rubio launch presidential bids. Obama and Congress reach agreement on Iran nuclear deal. Masters champion Justin Spieth's Catholic roots. A Mother Angelica birthday tribute.
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Love EWTN     17/04/2015 15:27
HEADLINE NEWS of the week, plus: BARONESS ELIZABETH BERRIDGE, member of the UK Parliament (Life Peer - House of Lords) and chair of the All Party Group on International Religious Freedom on the global rise of religious persecution and how Western … [More]
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Love EWTN     17/04/2015 15:20
From the Shrine of the Most Holy Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama with Fr. Miguel Marie
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