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Fiel al Evangelio

FLASHBACK 2011 -- Berlin, Germany: Catholic Cardinals and Bishops refuse to shake Benedict's hand

Este es el mismo video que se ha compartido nada cambia si el video habla por si solo. . El mismo Federico Lombardi tuvo que … [More]

Holy Cannoli

January 1st: Fr Reto! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday and Happy Haircut.

Holy Cannoli

Forgiving - a Truly Divine Action

If your hair gets any longer you will be able to stow the Lectionary in the overhead bin.


Crímenes ciberneticos de espionaje y suplantación de identidad y como denunciarlos a la policia …

Aqui el moderador ha violado la política de privacidad de la pagina adulterando nuestros comentarios y además publicando nuestras conversaciones … [More]

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Gloria.TV News on the 24th of October 2014

Better remain poor but free.
Poor people always say that.
It's best to have money AND be free.
P.S. Lucia is a babe. [More]

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Father Gillelan Demonstrates Dance as an Expression of Joy in God

Photo ~ Father Robert Gillelan, Jr. who competed in the Dancing with the Central Pa. Stars fundraiser with a swing dance. He earned recognition for earning the most money through sponsors and votes during the competition. The Diocesan Vicar General …


Pope Francis' arrival in Jordan (Video)

(CNN) -- Pope Francis celebrated Mass on Saturday at a stadium in Jordan on the first leg of a Holy Land trip intended to promote a message of unity.His trip has been billed as a "pilgrimage for prayer," with its roots in faith, not politics. But …

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Bishop Paprocki issues a decree of excommunication

Good for Bishop Paprocki but this excom was an easy call. Keldermans is a nobody and everyone knows that her sponsoring organization, Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Inc are a bunch of loony harpies who should be occuping their 'Golden Years' by knitting socks for their grandchildren.
This is the guy who needs a public excom but don't hold your breath. The most that Catholic bishops in Illinois will do is to send the governor a "strong statement."
No guts.
You see, Quinn, the Catholic pro-… [More]

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US cyber thief cries thief

Greatest country in the world? F that...
If you don't like it here and if you believe that there is someplace on earth that offers more opportunity than America, then take your perpetually negative attitude and go. With your attitude, you'd be a fool to stay in such a "terrible place" as the United States. Besides, nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to stay and you and the rest of the "hate America" chronic complainers would not be missed.
You also seem to have a problem with the … [More]

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Will Pope Francis Meet with P.A. Muslim Sheikh Who Called for Exterminating Jews?

It wouldn't surprise me if Francis meets the Mufti. The PR apparatus and the protocol dept at the Vatican has a history of being incompetent although this would be a new low. If it happens, kiss the Jews good-bye as far as any meaningful future "Dialogue TM " is concerned.

Holy Cannoli

While in Church, a Catholic Woman Says: "I almost got in a fistfight today"

I'd guess that the soldier was following orders and so he did not interfere with the screaming kid. I'd also guess that it was a N.O. mass since Trads, from my experience, have more consideration for others than to allow their bundle of joy to so greatly disturb the mass and many of the mass goers.

Holy Cannoli

US cyber thief cries thief

Such vitriol directed at the greatest country on earth? I sense jealousy.

Look, there's plenty to dislike and distrust about the U.S. especially under the corrupt Obama regime. However, ones personal “feelings” regarding the decay occurring in America should not cloud the facts of what is and what has been happening in China with respect to Catholicism.

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US cyber thief cries thief

This is equivalent to reading a propaganda article from Pravda during the cold war and expecting to find the truth.

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While in Church, a Catholic Woman Says: "I almost got in a fistfight today"

Although I would have advised most women to react differently in a similar situation, I like this lady and her story, a lot. Too bad she wasn't carrying an umbrella. :o)
As far as the 2 effeminate pansies “THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO!” sitting behind her who looked like men , they were not men. If this courageous lady were a relative or a friend of mine, I would definitely have eventually met up with these 2 and told them to their faces that they were cowards and a perfect example of the wussific… [More]

Holy Cannoli

Gloria.TV News on the 19th of May 2014

“impossible to resist”. Quote: The priest is “100% divine, and needs you.”
How about adopt a cannoli...impossible to resist and tastes divine.

Signore solo, per favore.

Holy Cannoli

Harvard University “Black Mass”: Mother Olga

Good for you, Fr. JW.
Where was His Eminence? We know what he said but how about some 'rubber meets the road' leadership? His attendance would have added a great deal to the spirit and effectiveness of the event. Is it beneath him to march with the faithful?

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Pope Will Baptize Little Green Men If They Ask

Father Guido Sarducci, the Prefect of the Pontifical Committee for Intergalactic Dialogue, has said that even though Martians or other visitors from space are aliens and not really men and therefore are not descendants of Adam and would not have …

Holy Cannoli

World's heaviest drinking countries

Mazel Tov!

Holy Cannoli

Elderly pro-life man threatened with violence (video)

Goon: I'm not a baby killer. I supply a service.
The jerk is no Socrates and it's futile to talk with him. Period. He (and I would guess that the rest of the employees inside) live in a world of denial and rationalization.
This older man and any other pro-lifer need to be careful. Hotheaded, big-mouth bullies can be dangerous especially to those they perceive as vulnerable and who present no physical threat.
Choose your wing man wisely. Preferably a big, ugly, mean looking minority to watch … [More]

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A priest's journey to Heaven, hell, and purgatory

lost souls that were “dirty, filthy and ugly.”
Could also be the congress of the United States.

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Our 'Elder Brothers in the Faith' Scrawl "Kill the Pope"

Photo ~ The Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem, preparing for a visit by Pope Francis later this month, has expressed alarm over threats to Christians scrawled by suspected Jewish extremists on church property in the Holy Land, May 11, 2014. — …


Francis: What if a Martian came here and wanted to be baptized?

(Vatican Radio) "Who are we to close the doors " to the Holy Spirit? This was the question that Pope Francis repeated this morning during his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, a homily dedicated to the conversion of the first pagans to Christianit…

Holy Cannoli

Suor Cristina - "What a feeling" - The Voice Of Italy

I'll be glad when her 15 minutes is over. She's uses and she profanes what identifies her as a religious (the habit) as a commercial tool to sell her singing. It stinks but it's typical of post VC-II modernism.
Analysis of her singing:
In spite of the glitzy backup and music, she's mediocre at best. Whenever one sings a song that was made famous by another performer, the audience always will compare it to the original artist. .
Listen to this.
Irene Cara kills that song. She's got the pipes, … [More]


Gloria.TV News on the 8th of May 2014

In the life of St Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) we discover that his Bishop, Archbishop Gagliardi, falsely accused Padre Pio of various wrongdoings,… [More]

Holy Cannoli

Father Piotr Natanek, the Polish Savonarola

Would you please answer few questions?
Who suspended Padre Pio?
Did he/they have reason for suspension?
Would you say Padre Pio was an idiot and was suspended?

After I wrote that lengthy logical piece which, in almost any sentient being, would destroy their trust in this rogue preist, you write the above garbage to me? Look, Natanek is no St. Pio and you demonstrate again that you are living in denial regarding this suspended priest. Natanek's obligation was to obey his bishop in all that is … [More]