Leah         01/06/2011 17:01
Inappropriate is an understatement! She is half naked, standing on top of a Priest's shoulders. Sorry - this is just NOT tasteful......
Leah         22/09/2009 16:18
What a beautiful and sad story. God truly does bless us in ways we cannot understand or imagine. These two parents will now be better parents for what they have gone through and have taken a large step towards God. May God Bless their family (of four!).
Leah         07/09/2009 17:57
As a resident of this area, I understand. Bishop Joseph Martino is too Pro-Life. He is not politically correct or in line with the majority of his fellow bishops in the USCCB. A true Shepherd, who has been "forced" to resign. Very very sad.....
Leah         24/06/2009 17:08
How beautiful. I wish all who are thinking of abortion could see this video first!
Leah         06/12/2008 18:11
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all Priests could hear this story!
Please pray daily for all Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.
Pray for our Pope as well.
How wonderful is Mary the Mother of God and a Great Intercessor of Priests!
Leah         06/11/2008 11:47
I am a little confused with Fr. Frank Pavone's statement that the American people are mostly pro-life. Why would we vote in such an evil President if we opposed abortion???? I think we need to stop relying on politicians, and rely on God. Our Catholic Church needs to speak a little louder for the unborn. We need more Priests and Bishops like Fr. Pavone to speak in defense of these little ones.
May God have mercy on us!
Leah         08/09/2008 17:17
I loved the music (huge Mozart fan) and the animation. Bravo!
Leah         26/08/2008 17:10
Protecting the unborn should be the 1st a foremost concern in our country and when we vote. America's death toll for the unborn is almost 50 million! I just pray that Sen. McCain actually means what he says.
Leah         19/08/2008 20:42
Great video. I have a 4 year old with DS who is just as cute. I am going to forward this video to my DS Support Group. Thank you & God Bless!
Remember - 92% of these beautiful children with DS are aborted. Fight and pray to support the unborn!
Leah         14/08/2008 09:59
Bravo! I wish all of our Catholic Priests had the same courage as Fr. Cary to speak the truth from the pulpit about contraception and abortion. May God Bless him.
Leah         13/08/2008 19:58
Thank our good God for such a wonderful gift of Mary - Queen of Heaven - and Our Mother!
Leah         01/07/2008 18:29
what a beautiful story!
Leah         17/06/2008 13:07
I do believe Cardinal Arinze was trying to joke around about this - but to make the point that some clergy make unauthorized changes during the New Mass and Traditional Latin Mass.
Both Masses are valid and can be beautiful when celebrated reverently by a good , holy Priest. God Bless.
Leah         10/06/2008 12:46
Fr. Ignatius thank you for such truthful and beautiful sermons. May God Bless You!
Leah         09/06/2008 16:16
I really wish the SSPX would unite with the Roman Catholic Church. It seems that you and good people are separating yourselves from the true Church. We need to be united NOW more than ever.
If someone from the SSPX Church could please tell me what is wrong with Latin Masses offered now that are valid???
Leah         01/06/2008 19:34
God Bless our pro-life youth!
Leah         30/05/2008 12:59
We need to get involved an - Get out to our abortion clinics and planned parenthoods and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY to end abortion!
Leah         26/05/2008 19:40
Amen to that!!!!
Leah         20/05/2008 17:28
It is pretty funny that the liturgical dances are "BAD" - at least they could hire some professionals who know haw to dance.... It is amazing that the seniors seem to enjoy this! I attended a liturgy with 70 year old nuns doing a liturgical dance up the isle before the consecration - it is a MESS!
Thank God for our current Pope Benedict 16th - long live the Traditional Latin Mass!
Leah         08/05/2008 17:45
I believe that Our Church still stands under our current Pope Benedict 16th. Vatican II is not the cause of this abuse. Our misguided clergy and lay persons are to blame. Christ said "I will be with you always - even until the end of time." There is a new "springtime" as Pope John Paul II has stated. God promised us - He will not abandon us! God Bless! Long live the Catholic Church!
Leah         25/04/2008 17:01
it is ashame we no one will have this on television. US seems to love graphic details and violence. We will be ashamed of this disgrace one day! Blood shed from innocent victims!
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