rhemes1582  Tuesday, 15:10
Thanks to blog Vox Cantoris
What better way to dispel the darkness?
The Divine office for all hours of the day.
Latin & English divinumofficium.com/.../officium.pl# Divinum Officium ↓ ↑ Kalendarium Ordinarium Psalterium Propri… [More]
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rhemes1582  Tuesday, 11:28
source: Catholic Site
One Peter 5
What’s Going on at the USCCB? More trouble at CCHD and CRS
As a publisher of a Catholic website, I receive lots of information that may be of interest to readers. Lately, that has included press releases about the … [More]
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rhemes1582  Tuesday, 11:09
source: Catholic Blog
Rorate Caeli rorate-caeli.blogspot.com
While reading St. Robert Bellarmine’s superb Commentary on the Book of Psalms, I came across a passage that struck me as worthwhile to share with readers. The Society of Jesus has produc… [More]
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rhemes1582     Monday, 22:23
Gloria.TV News  Monday, 19:06
Strange Guests: Last Saturday afternoon Pope Francis received in private audience a 48-year-old Spanish woman who dresses like a man and had her breasts removed. She was accompanied by her lesbian lover. The woman had written to Francis complaining … [More]
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rhemes1582     Monday, 21:21
The courage, and honesty you display in reporting {not soft peddling } the news that affects today`s Catholic is
Deo Gratias.
rhemes1582     Saturday, 11:41
Another perspective:
from: liturgicalnotes.blogspot.com
emphasis mine
Wolves again?
I know very little about the French Church, but I do wonder whether it is appropriate to assume too quickly that the Bishop of Quimper has been "massacred" in any sense that calls into question the role of the Holy See. The known facts suggest that Bishop le Vert may have perhaps been drive to resign by tendencies within his diocese or even among his brother bishops; or, possibly, that he may have been driven… [More]
rhemes1582  Saturday, 10:10
source One Peter 5
While Humanae Vitae is viewed today as the Catholic Church’s official response to the increasing acceptance of birth control within marriage, the actual teaching contained within Pope Paul VI’s landmark 1968 encyclical is much … [More]
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rhemes1582  Saturday, 09:47
source: Rorate Caeli
It's unstoppable - for the umpteenth time in this Pontificate, a bishop who is related to a conservative community, who is considered conservative, who has conservative positions, who is under the "protest" of a sizable portion … [More]
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rhemes1582     Thursday, 22:29
Thanks for the news.
Gloria. Tv The More Catholic the Better.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us.
rhemes1582     Thursday, 06:52
Thanks for the News.
Great Job
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better.
rhemes1582     Thursday, 06:49
Rafał_Ovile     Wednesday, 08:35
Blasphemy occurs when a person wants to be in the "center" - the focus and the object. Anthropocentrism places the man in the place of God. One of the main symptoms of anthropocentrism is the loss of faith in the real presence of God in the Blessed Sacrament - Holy Communion. This in turn leads to a mass insensitivity. One of the injections against violent doubt of the presence of Our Lord in the Holy Host may be a spectacular profanity when the insensible actors in the society of spectacle … [More]
rhemes1582     Thursday, 06:49
kam     Wednesday, 21:30
Does it really matter if the Holy Father 'knew' what was happening concerning the Most Sacred Host or not? No! I doubt if he was in charge of this way of distributing Holy Communion and perhaps he wouldn't care, but that's not the point. The Vatican, Rome, Holy Mother Church knows the proper way of distributing Holy Communion, what to do and what not to do, and the proper steps to take when our Lord falls to the carpet. To take the chance to allow Him to fall into the mud of Manila or even to … [More]
rhemes1582  Thursday, 06:48
source Vox Cantoris
Freemasonry and the Religion of Peace
The Radical Catholic has a brilliantly written piece which I highly recommend. Here is an excerpt.
Which brings us back to our original question: Why would people choos… [More]
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rhemes1582     20/01/2015 20:47
Thanks for the news
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better
Pefect family 3 children...
Not in my home!
Our Lady of Fatima : Pray for us Our Lady of Akita: Pray for us St. Michael the Archangel defend us in Battle. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us.
rhemes1582     19/01/2015 21:42
@Dr Stuart Reiss
If you can slow down, just a little : Your insults, and other rants will make much more sense.
I think what you meant to say was.
rhemes1582 Pope Benedict XVI doesn`t miss you.
rhemes1582     19/01/2015 21:12
@Leonard Wessell
I know of a TLM community that has over a dozen young men serving Holy Mass
Another TLM started in a local Parish drew several more, with the potential for more vocations.
My own parish has young men preparing for the seminary.
It is a shame that the new theology {novelty, and modernism}that so many Catholics embrace today, leaves destruction for a future generation in its wake. I too feel sorry for the young women, that will grow up, and have to deal with the emotions you … [More]
rhemes1582     19/01/2015 21:00
Thanks for the news
Gloria.Tv the More Catholic the Better
I Miss Pope Benedict XVI
I miss the reform of the reform also.
Pray for the Pope {s} [More]
rhemes1582     19/01/2015 06:57
Thank you
Father Nay
rhemes1582     18/01/2015 20:01
Thanks for the news
Gloria.Tv The More Catholic the Better.
rhemes1582  18/01/2015 18:13
source: Offerimus Tibi Domine
What altar boys can do that altar girls can't
I came across this American Blogger - Liturgy Guy. Great post on the link between altar boys and the priesthood. Some of his other posts are great fun too. Elsewhere he … [More]
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rhemes1582     18/01/2015 15:20
The Traditional Latin Mass is Completly Christ Centered. I love our Lord through it also.
There are several good organizations, that help Catholics find the TLM in their area
a couple are
Una Voce unavoce.org Ecclesia Dei www.ecclesiadei.org I hope this helps you.
rhemes1582     18/01/2015 10:21
@ Dr. Stuart Reiss @Lindsaywtf
Do Either one of you even read the comments that you attack.
Your ignorance is deplorable, and your malice equal.
Neither Glocker`s Comment which I happily repeat, because it is true.
Pope Francis does not see the need for the traditional Latin Mass as does Benedict XVI. What a pity!! or Fidelium comment : which is a Beautiful hope All Catholics should desire, as I do! we need the holy and reverent Latin Mass back in all our churches! One day it will be. Fideliu… [More]
rhemes1582     18/01/2015 01:06
Your post is accurate, and honest.
I miss Pope Benedict XVI
Dear God let it be so.........
rhemes1582     17/01/2015 20:32
Christ the King
True Light of the World
rhemes1582  17/01/2015 20:29
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us
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rhemes1582     17/01/2015 20:15
Now more than ever: Pope Leo XIII Shines forth with great wisdom.
Pope Leo XIII and Leon Prayers : prayed after Low Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite .
Remember! When you attend the Mass of our Catholic Forefathers: The Mass Of the Saints
The Traditional Latin Mass , after every low Mass you may pray the Leon Prayers in Union with the Priest for the deliverance of Holy Mother Church.
You kneel in utter reverence embraced by silence, in all but prayer. You may gaze toward the Altar, and the … [More]
rhemes1582     17/01/2015 20:14
Rafał_Ovile     17/01/2015 19:05
Unfortunately, modernists inside the Church are absolutely convinced of their own subjective "right". Puffed with conceit, mutual adoration and stupidity, they are successfully taking total control over the Church of Christ by methods of censorship of all who contradict their modern ideology. Their goal: unification of all false religions with the one true religion revealed by God in the Catholic Church - Mystical Body of Christ. In result, the new world religion is meant to provide the world … [More]
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