rhemes1582         Tuesday, 06:01
Thanks for the news.
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better.
St. Maria Goretti pray for us
rhemes1582         Sunday, 22:18
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better.
Thanks for being here for us!
May God be praised in His faithful servants.
rhemes1582         Friday, 20:53
Gloria.TV News     Friday, 02:35
Shadow Synod? Italian journalist Marco Tosatti reports that a group of about thirty persons, most of them Jesuits, plus some Argentineans, is working in great secrecy around the themes of the Synod. The group is led by the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, … [More]
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rhemes1582         Friday, 20:53
Thanks for the News.
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better
May God be praised in His faithful servants
rhemes1582         29/09/2015 22:08
Marie Laurence     28/09/2015 21:22
All Holy Angels, prray for us.
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rhemes1582         29/09/2015 22:08
Thanks for the news
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better.
May God be praised in His faithful servants.
rhemes1582         29/09/2015 22:06
Dr. John Smythe         29/09/2015 20:55
@apvs - You are correct, sir. There is one on here who only wishes to fight, this @Dr Stuart Reiss. It is unfathomable why he is here if that is all he wants to do.
He does not defend the Faith. In fact, he has never clearly stated his beliefs. Yet, he is willing to attack others for no reason, make outrageous false claims based on no evidence and then will never answer a reply to his scandalous posts.
In fact, there is one post of his on this site in which he openly disparages the handicapped… [More]
rhemes1582         26/09/2015 14:06
Gloria.TV News     25/09/2015 01:30
Dangerous Directions: Political commentator Andrew Napolitano believes that the pope uses moral relativism to take the Church in two dangerous directions. Quote: “The first is an assault on the family, and the second is an assault on the free … [More]
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rhemes1582         25/09/2015 20:41
Thanks for the news
Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better.
May God be praised in His faithful servants.
rhemes1582     18/09/2015 20:45
source RORATE CAELI link below
Please, pray with us, along with many Catholics around the world, this Novena to Saint Michael the Archangel for Holy Mother the Church
Use any prayer you may prefer during the novena, let us pray the most powerful … [More]
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rhemes1582         18/09/2015 09:28
Gloria.TV News     18/09/2015 03:05
Covering Up Child Abuse? – No Problem: Voice of the Family has commented on the fact that Pope Francis has personally appointed retired Brussels Cardinal Danneels to the upcoming Synod on the Family although Danneels has covered up child abuse in … [More]
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rhemes1582         18/09/2015 09:28
Thanks for the News.
Thanks be to God for His Faithful servants.
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rhemes1582     16/09/2015 12:43
source Life site news, article by Pete Baklinski with link below
Major appeal by theologians urges Pope to delete ‘seriously defective’ Synod text on contraception.
ROME, September 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- As many as 60 highly distinguished Cathol… [More]
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rhemes1582         07/09/2015 14:01
Father Reto Preaches     07/09/2015 02:23
Father Reto Nay
20th of July 2015
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rhemes1582         07/09/2015 14:01
Wonderful Father.
Thank you Father Nay.
rhemes1582         07/09/2015 09:07
Prof. Leonard Wessell         07/09/2015 07:05
Gloria.tv misses the really feigthening nature of Kim Davis' incarceration. The judge argued that she must go to jail until she accepts that she carries out legally mandated governmental duties,i AND in full consciousness against her conscience -- and that is the decisive point, namely: jail or violation of conscience. This is far worse than death threats (all illegal), because the judge is supposedly enforcing legitimate law. Davis could, if one takes literally the judge's words, remain in … [More]
rhemes1582         01/09/2015 19:43
Nachrichten     01/09/2015 09:27
During the Year of Mery Pope Francis allows all priests to absolve of the sin of abortion. That is written in a letter of the Holy Father to the President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization. Concerning the Society… [More]
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rhemes1582         01/09/2015 19:41
Thank you: Pope Francis
Thank you: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Thank you: all faithful servants of God.
Pray for the upcoming Synod
Our Lady of Fatima: Pray for us
rhemes1582         24/07/2015 06:17
Thank you Father Nay
rhemes1582         24/07/2015 06:15
Father Reto Preaches     23/07/2015 06:40
Father Reto Nay
10th of June 2015
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:52
Thank you Gloria.TV The More Catholic the Better, for being here for us.
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:51
Gloria.TV News     22/07/2015 19:48
More Vatican Bureaucracy: There is no streamlining of the Vatican curia but the opposite. According to the Vaticanist Sandro Magister new organisms are continually added to the existing ones. The latest is the Secretariat for Communication set up … [More]
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rhemes1582         22/07/2015 20:50
My family and I have been blessed to know many very holy, good, and brave priests.
We have seen them persecuted by their Bishop`s ,and their congregations.
Persecuted for introducing the Traditional Latin Mass.
Persecuted for speaking out against, and denying Freemason`s Holy Communion. Restoring the sacred to the Holy Mass etc. Recently a friend told me in these days, and the ones to come: "we will need to stay very close to the Blessed Virgin Mary". I agree with him! I pray, … [More]
rhemes1582     19/07/2015 18:33
source : Blog Traditional Catholic Priest
Traditional Catholic Priests, Please God, Not Men
When we traditional Catholic priests preach at the New Mass, you can see and feel the uneasiness in some of the parishioner… [More]
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rhemes1582         19/07/2015 14:56
Father Nay
What a wonderful example you set!

Preach it Father Nay
rhemes1582         19/07/2015 14:52
Father Reto Preaches     19/07/2015 12:17
Father Reto Nay
19th of July 2015
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rhemes1582         18/07/2015 22:46
erka     22/12/2012 13:51
"Oh Blessed Mother, we pray to thee"
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rhemes1582         18/07/2015 18:53
Not Catholic!
St Michael the Archangel defend us in Battle.
Holy Mary Mother of God, The Immaculate Conception ; destroyer of all heresy.......Pray for us.
rhemes1582         12/07/2015 18:49
Gloria.TV News     12/07/2015 18:29
Wrong Symbol: Pope Francis has offered the controversial hammer and sickle turned into a cross, which he received from Bolivia President Evo Morales to Our Lady of Copacabana in La Paz, the patron saint of Bolivia. The gift included a chain with a … [More]
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