AK         15/06/2015 21:37
Thanks be to God. Need to seek that peace of God within and pray for those who disturb others peace. Harder to accept that random penance of Providence at holy places at times.
AK         14/06/2015 22:47
Praise Jesus through Mary. Amen, amen... Humble prayer exorcises. Stay close to Our Lady.
AK         31/05/2015 19:15
PopeTube     31/05/2015 10:14
An authentic Christian life cannot but reflect the Holy Trinity. That’s because its model is the “communion” of the three Divine persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and in particular the style with which they love each other “one with the other, … [More]
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AK         19/03/2015 03:12
Father Reto Preaches     09/02/2015 11:13
Father Reto Nay
24th of november 2014
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AK         19/03/2015 03:06
3 Ave Marias for Fr. Reto!
AK         01/09/2014 21:01
Hmm. Saw an article about liturgical reform which admitted a common liturgical abuse I was totally unaware of - using already consecrated hosts at a consecration. Valid if not licit? Another sorrow I didn't expect. Peter given the keys. Can only keep fighting the good fight and offer all glory to God.
AK         12/08/2014 11:07
The Holy Spirit likened to a cleaning lady made me smile. A bitterness has become sweetened by the Presence of God!
AK         25/05/2014 14:57
All glory to the God the Creator of wonders both natural and supernatural.
Cantena Aurea...THEOPHYL. This is an explanation of the doctrine of miracles. It is by prayer, and invocation of His name, that a man is able to work miracles. (John 14:12-14)
Perspective...Private revelation not necessary but supplemental. Hopefully the experience confirmed their faith since on a pilgrimage and they got him down the mountain safely and to a doctor.
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AK         25/05/2014 11:59
Thanks be to God for the wisdom. I was raised post VII in the US and at worship have experienced desolations but nothing like the abomination of an invalid Mass. I hope anyone of prudent judgment will follow-up to help rebuild Mother Church and make reparation as inspired. A good will cleaving to God will find a way to bring good. Spiritual blindness always a danger. There but for the grace of God go I.
AK         27/11/2013 02:17
Thanks be to God for the preaching. 26th was the Feast of St Leonard of Port Maurice who preached how few are saved. I've heard Catholicism described as both/and. We're sinners and will need purgation - and better to start now. Never to take sin lightly as it crucified Our Lord but to weep, repent and accept the pure gift of being washed in the Blood of the Lamb.
AK         17/08/2013 23:38
Amen, amen, amen! Blessed be the Holy Trinity.
AK         20/03/2013 23:27
Thanks be to God for the reminder. Hard to describe but guessing when 'confirmed in grace' it's that supernatural peace of God's Presence. Repenting and being recollected along with the usual battle with concupiscence does seem to dull that sense of confirmation.
AK         22/01/2013 20:16
Living icons is how I've heard it described. Windows to Heaven. Hidden aspect of the baptism in Christ seems to manifest gently, in small ways mostly. Difficult not to get worked up or have holy fear when get to sense God working through one of His disciples in powerful ways. Thankfully know detachment is necessary. Must mortify the senses or can get overwhelmed even by joy.
AK         03/01/2013 01:52
Praise be Jesus and thanks be to God for your preaching. Sounds like holy detachment/indifference needed to obey God in all things and then abandonment to Divine Providence because only Jesus can save us...yet to pray and work out the salvation and thank God for the daily bread to do so.
AK         24/12/2012 01:06
Thanks be to God for the teachings. A grace to receive Anointing of the Sick aka Extreme Unction (Final Anointing). Death is certain but the day of death may be unexpected or even a long process. Must pray always and trust the Guardian Angel keeps watch. May God reward you.
AK         22/12/2012 21:53
We celebrate Christ the King but never related it to every single celebration of the Mass. Takes prudence to speak truth to power without being martyred. Addicted to Christ? Good zeal and bad zeal. More prudence needed. Charity must prevail. I agree God breaks through with His graces in the sacramental life. Tend more toward monastic worship but helps many to have more beautiful structures to praise God.
AK         22/12/2012 01:33
Thanks be to God for the O Oriens preaching. Listening again to better understand. Jumped to the theme being the sacraments. Need to support holy families to get holy men to become priests so we can celebrate the Eucharist.
Per an OSB site:
O DAYSPRING (Zech 6:12; Lk 1:78), Splendor of Eternal Light (Heb 1:3), and Sun of Justice (Mal 4:2): Come, and enlighten those that sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death (Is 9:2; Lk 1:78-79). Oriens was the name… [More]
AK         20/12/2012 13:19
Stunning teachings, thanks be to God. To enter into the Liturgy that deeply would be awesome. The conquering of sin and death in the liturgy by the Theopany! Rest of the time we're the Church militant, fighting the good fight but can find rest in the Liturgy. Hmmm. The Holy Father representing Christ the King aka Ruler of the Universe being carried around is foreign to my generation. Quite a contrast with Christ riding on a donkey but I get the point even though for an American most sadly … [More]
AK         19/12/2012 19:41
Now and forever, praised be Jesus Christ. Hearing truth preached about longing for the Lord to come is so refreshing. Used to have solemn vespers during Advent but that Msgr has been assigned elsewhere. Few seem to keep Advent as a season of penance. May the Lord have mercy on us taking Him for granted.
AK         18/12/2012 14:30
+Thanks be to God for the gift of the Advent retreat and being in the person of Christ the Teacher. Hard to convey the experience of how God transfigures souls but what you say rings true with the experience I've had so far. Was given the desire to worship daily even though requires ongoing confession and even had what seemed like a purgation - was totally humiliating but consoled by the love of God at the same time. Requires greater mortification and frequent confession. The spiritual life … [More]
AK         10/12/2012 00:02
Now and forever, praised be Jesus. Thanks be to God for the confirmation of the sweetness of God (unspeakable joy at times) and vivid warnings of the onslaughts of the Devil (indeed, brutal and will torment in every way possible but limited by God's hidden judgements for the salvation of the world. (Please correct me if I'm in error). We're helpless, easily distracted and deceived. Must dwell with/seek God's Presence who rules all things mightily and seeks to redeem us body and soul...the … [More]
AK         05/11/2012 23:37
Speaking hard truths and illuminating the Scriptures, thanks be to God.
AK         01/11/2012 23:31
+Thanks be to God for the lesson. Answered a question I had gotten long ago about discerning good fruit. Recall with sorrow some can be blind to discerning the bad fruit of birth control in ministry to the poor. They point to the temporary good fruit of earthly prosperity and health and think the tree is good. Ignoring the spiritual fruit is the rotten apple of disobedience.
AK         24/10/2012 20:49
Union with God is the goal. I just never considered it possible in this world except for select souls. The pain of loving that much would be a crucifixion.
AK         23/10/2012 22:48
+Thanks be to God for the preaching, illuminating the Scriptures, and increasing humility. Both spiritual and material poverty seem necessary to have that deep awareness of needing God. Yet the Lord clearly relied on others to share what they have been given so we must share God's hospitality with others too. He also praised the widows mite so I thought for giving everything back to God. The saints illuminate further per Haydock commentary: Ver. 3. Whatever we offer to the Almighty with a good… [More]
AK         23/10/2012 21:51
+Thanks be to God for the preaching. This one reminds me of related counsels: the Devil knowing our achilles heel; the world, flesh and the Devil are at enmity with God and the necessity to mortify; created good but fallen and redeemed; always some predominant fault(s) in everyone and blindspots - hence need for obedience to spiritual director or elders in the faith and to seek God's will.
AK         21/10/2012 19:11
Thanks be to God, Fr. Nay, for the teaching/preaching. Grateful when the Spirit tutors to go to Scripture to followup on the lesson. Googled Haydock and talents and got further instruction in graces/talents in Mt 25. Any good we do is by means of God's grace so there's hope for even a foolish preacher boasting of his ability to give a sermon....'however mean or despicable our abilities may be, we still have an equal facility with the most learned of entering heaven. (Jansenius).
AK         18/10/2012 15:53
We should pray against our unbelief! Thanks be to God. Reminded of a prayer learned in childhood:
The Pardon Prayer
The seers said this prayer was taught to them in the initial Fátima apparition in the spring of 1916, by an angel who called himself "the Guardian Angel of Portugal".
My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee! I beg pardon for all those that do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee.
AK         22/09/2012 00:17
+Thanks be to God for the preaching. We're not in Heaven yet. If anything one should be learning charity at Mass :-). Many graces God wants to give. Motivated me to seek out supplemental preaching online and if too distracted to repent and ask for the grace of attention, reverence, and devotion.
AK         13/08/2012 21:09
+Peace! Have you seen the one whom my soul loves? (Sgs 3:3) Some advise going over circumstances to see Jesus in them. The Most Holy Trinity indwells if in a state of grace. Why would anyone look outward or bother about the past or future when in God's eternal/timeless Presence? Makes sense sometimes but then distracted and lose the recollection. Lord have mercy. Obviously God keeps everything in existence, is always present though we're blinded to Him or He parts the ocean of Mercy so you … [More]
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