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The Conversation

This is a new song recorded a month or two ago in my garden. The Conversation You will be the One I cry to Behind closed doors, the world at bay There we will sit, though I won't feel You As we watch the rain I will speak my thoughts and feelings …


Father Steven Scheier's Judgment Experience

Great video! Thanks!


Father Steven Scheier's Judgment Experience

Great video! Thank you!


Andrew sings Pie Jesu

Such a beautiful voice! Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting this video.

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Jesus Of Mercy

A video made by Steve Clark with photos of the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki, Kraków, Poland. The is "Jesus Of Mercy" from my CD "Time Of Mercy." be sure to check out the paintings of Tommy Canning, an artist from Scotland who does wonderful …

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Your Holy Face

I wrote this song contemplating this well known portrait of Our Lord that is superimposed under a photo of the Shroud Of Turin. My brother, Mike Lisney plays bass and sings the backing vocal on this track from my CD "Time Of Mercy."


"The Music of the Mass"

Very inspired and unique, mixing traditional with folk. Thank you.

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Bells Of Heaven

This was recorded around Easter of this year and is an instrumental celebrating the Lord's Ressurection. It was recorded on a small digital camera, so the sound is not the best. For guitarists, the guitar is tuned to D low to high, D A D F# A D and …

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How Many Know?

This in another video put together by Steve Clark using pictures from Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ." The song is called 5,480 (How Many Know?) and was written about and inspired by St. Bridget Of Sweden's 15 Prayers. There are many sites …

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Going Home

Another nice video by Steve Clark using the expressionist paintings of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The song is called "Going Home" and is from my new CD, "Draw us Closer To You, Lord." Going Home Intro: 4/4 Em G / D :// Em G D Lord, Lord, Lord …

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Kyrie Eleison

This video was made by my friend Steve Clark in England, using a song I wrote called "Kyrie Eleison." It goes without saying that the words are not my own.

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This was made for my lovely mother, Frances Lisney, who went home to Our Lord on January 4th of this year. Such a beautiful soul!


Roving Reporter #2 - Fr. Don Calloway MIC: Our Lady, Coredemptrix

Very deep, but explained nicely and in a way that is understandible to the common person. Thank you.


Roving Reporter #1 - Fr. Don Calloway MIC: Conversion Story

Wonderful interview. I heard Fr. Calloway's more complete conversion story through a free CD offered by the Mary Foundation at
Thanks for posting the interview.


Divine Mercy

This a new song from my CD "Draw Us Closer To You. Lord". It was finished on Divine Mercy Sunday of this year.