seanie         13/04/2013 15:51
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seanie         13/04/2013 15:48
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seanie         13/04/2013 15:10
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seanie         13/04/2013 08:14
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seanie         13/04/2013 07:26
There is no twitter or facebook blackout however.
seanie         13/04/2013 07:24
Someoneshould tell Pope Francis that Reinhard Marx has a 13% share in the porn publishing house Weltbild.
seanie         11/04/2013 15:21
I am beginning to think the Church is going to wait till these liars are all dead and gone. Another 30 or 40 years maybe and then Medju will be no more.
seanie         10/04/2013 17:02
Yes but if they return they're not lapsed any more, are they
seanie         08/04/2013 14:59
That's 700km, not 7000
seanie         08/04/2013 14:49
Well there is ongoing dialogue with Islam and that unfortunately is not a joke.
seanie         07/04/2013 17:53
A lot of joy in their faces. May God be with them all.
seanie         04/04/2013 14:57
Global warming (the manmade variety in any case) IS a hoax.
seanie         02/04/2013 15:29
This is what sodomites think of children.
seanie         01/04/2013 15:20
He is just as big a phoney as Benny Hinn.
seanie         01/04/2013 15:19
I used to get Reinhard Bonnker's spam drivel im my post box when I lived in Ireland. Dangerous heretical trash.
seanie         01/04/2013 15:04
I am loving Russia more and more
seanie         31/03/2013 13:09
At 07:53: "We watch Jeopardy together to see if our brains are still working."
No, sweetie, they are not. Not yours, not your son's.
seanie         30/03/2013 16:14
Vivle la France! Perverts be afraid Be very afraid
seanie         30/03/2013 15:02
I agree with Gloria TV that this has really nothing to do with homosexual "rights" but rather a preparation of launching persecution on Christians and driving us from the public forum as "bigots".
seanie         30/03/2013 14:58
This is old news.
These devils will not get out of the por publishing business any more than they will give up on the Kirchensteuer.
seanie         30/03/2013 11:13
There is a special place in Hell reserved for queers who corrupt children.
seanie         27/02/2013 13:00
@Temperance: the woman "prophesized" about the Pope leaving AFTER HE HAD ANNOUNCED HIS ABDICATION!!!!
So much for this so-called prophet!!
seanie         22/02/2013 17:30
To German Catholics: withdraw from paying the kirchensteuer so these devils can't use your money to kill babies!
seanie         22/02/2013 17:26
German Catholics need to hit these wolves where it hurts and pull out of the kirchensteuer scheme en masse.
seanie         22/02/2013 17:23
So I would like to ask the following....given that the faithful Catholics in Germany are paying the "Kirchensteuer" (Church tax) to fund, among other things, the supply of morning after pills in Catholic hospitals, may one licitly withdraw from paying the church tax in order not to be complicit in baby killing?
Might this be the only way that Christ-denying wolf Zollitch and his ilk will listen?
seanie         20/02/2013 15:20
to the German native speakers. Please...can one of you prepare the text of an email / letter to the heretical bishops that we can then copy and past to send individually?
I could try but my German is not good enough.
Also we need addresses/ emial addresses of these wolves!!
seanie         19/02/2013 13:02
Zollitshc publicly renounced the doctrine of the Atonement on ZDF television in front of millions of viewers. Why should his views on the morning-after pill surprise us?
seanie         17/02/2013 17:16
Thanks be to God this this man is too old to vote in the Conclave.
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