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ChristinaKing     26/01/2013 18:02
Want to see Exclusive footage on March For Life 2013? Check out my YouTube Channel or Facebook
ChristinaKing     19/11/2012 15:46
My guest today is Fr. Michael Gaitley author of "33 days to Morning Glory" and "Consoling The Heart of Jesus" and his new book is out this Wednesday entitled "The One Thing is Three". Listen to all the videos on my youtube channel ( or watch a sampling here.
ChristinaKing     12/11/2012 18:34
My Guest Today was Dr. Mark Miravalle and we discussed aspects of Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Check some of our conversation out!
ChristinaKing     17/11/2011 17:19
Check out my program November 21st at 10am Central to hear Brandon Vogt discuss his new book "The Church and New Media".
ChristinaKing     17/11/2011 17:16
The reason this is important is because through an Icon, Our Lady of Guadalupe of Spain, the Catholic Faith was protected and propagated to the new world ensuring and laying a foundation that would allow Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico to convert 10 million Aztecs and thus ensure that in the 21st Century, we would then discover that through the lens of Iconography, that OUr Lady of Guadalupe Mexico is going to be the catylst of propagating the faith, protecting the remnant, healing the … [More]
ChristinaKing     04/08/2011 15:14
I am praying for the intercession of St. Alphonsus de Ligouri to help keep me on the straight but narrow path toward heaven. My obedience and faithfulness will not waiver and if anyone finds fault with anything I do or say that is contrary to the teachings of the magisterieum then I would beg them, to have love, charity and mercy on me by correcting me, then I would pray that Mary open me to be docile to the Holy Spirit so that I could receive that correction and make the changes necessary to … [More]
ChristinaKing     26/07/2011 17:13
Suzanne Baars, daughter of Dr. Conrad Baars will be my guest on tomorrows show. Listen live at I will upload the show after.
ChristinaKing     20/07/2011 19:36
My Show today will be dealing with divorce, marriage and the difficulty loving and being loved when faced with our brokenness our wounds and a throw away culture! My Guest is Mario Sacasa!
ChristinaKing     14/07/2011 14:06
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
ChristinaKing     14/07/2011 13:25
First segment on HOARDING. Bernadettes interview starts at the 8 minute mark. This is one of three videos.
ChristinaKing     13/07/2011 17:19
My show will be live today, July 13th at 5pm central time. My guest is Bernadett Kozak and she will be talking with us about sexual addictions, sex addicts and how the church has the means to help heal the wounds that fuel these "addictions".
ChristinaKing     09/07/2011 18:44
What is up with the dyed black hair and the harley davidson jacket? I am so VERY confused as to what is happening this priest. In persona Christi? I don't think so.
ChristinaKing     07/07/2011 17:03
AID, Addictions, Generational Sin, we are all dealing with material or spiritual wounds in need of healing. This month the Holy Father has asked us as a church to pray for this and so my shows on Radio Maria will be focused on issues relating to Wounds. This week we talked about Addiction, AIDS and generational healing, this Wednesday I will be talking with a woman who counsels sex addicts. What is sexual addiction? That will be my show on Wednesday July 13, 2011
ChristinaKing     29/06/2011 20:37
New York's "Gay Marriage" law; Triumph or Tragedy?
Check out my interview with Fr. Bryce Sibley on Homosexuality and the churches teachings in light of this new law in New York.
ChristinaKing     27/06/2011 15:03
You need to upload these to podbean. Then you need to click the link on my blog to get your own radio show that you can upload these to so more people can happen across them. has a link on the left hand side to a free service for your own radio show.
ChristinaKing     27/06/2011 14:58
Join me live every Wednesday 5pm to 6pm Central time on World Family of Radio Maria or on my Ustream Channel. I will upload shows to Youtube and!
ChristinaKing     27/06/2011 14:39
You are a rockin awesome priest man! Thank you Mother Mary for Fr. Bryce.Can't wait to have you my radio show.
ChristinaKing     27/03/2011 11:56
Hi there~ This is Christina King. I pray those who have been sexually abused find some healing through my story. For more check out my blogspot or website; or
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