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wirewrapper     19/02/2015 20:12
Cardinal Wurel is as off his rocker as ever... I mean who knew that it is a bad idea to give communion to Catholic Politicians who dissent from church teachings? Or that people who fully disclose and state that they are heretics but still want to receive communion shouldn't ? I don't know maybe Cardinal Burke was just trying to point out these things to Cardinal Wurel and he just didn't want to listen. And now he has the power granted to him and he wants to call the shots when he wouldn't … [More]
wirewrapper     16/11/2014 20:41
This is a really stupid and silly story that is just about gay stuff... why post this as news?
wirewrapper     24/10/2014 22:23
And I forgot to say that he is laughing because of a lack of good will...possibly one of the biggest problems facing the Church now...
wirewrapper     24/10/2014 22:05
If this is a Hegelian Papacy then we better use Hegelian logic to figure it out. So the thesis of how Pope Francis wanted the Synod to be became its Anti-Thesis and now the Synthesis is something nobody is completely happy with.. I bet Schopenhauer is, laughing wherever he is....
wirewrapper     15/09/2014 12:14
cool... think that might be the Church that Andy Warhol used to go to... I know right where it is... It would have been nice to be back there for something so special.
Thanks for the news.
wirewrapper     09/09/2014 23:05
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
wirewrapper     18/06/2014 07:02
The homily seems alright (honestly I didn't have time to listen to all of it), but that poor church looks like something from the original Star Trek t.v. show set... And where is the Tabernacle?
wirewrapper     08/06/2014 22:06
Thanks Father Reto. I just went to Eucharistic Congress here in Taiwan and it was such a strange mix. The Mass had liturgical dancing, but after the Mass they had a very wonderful Eucharistic Adoration and procession. Then after the Mass was done when we were going home and waiting for our bus my wife saw our Parish priest messaging a teenage girl in a way that she felt was very inappropriate. Now my wife refuses to go back to that parish or let my children go there, and for a pretty strong … [More]
wirewrapper     05/06/2014 12:30
The audio of this recording is not that good for the last 30 minutes of the show...
wirewrapper     28/05/2014 23:12
Here is a link to the original audio from Mic'd up on the movie the Principle from January 7th 2014 show. Church Militant Mic'd Up: 01-07-2014 Is Earth the Center of the Universe and Dispatches: FOX NEWS
wirewrapper     28/05/2014 22:26
This is the May 23rd 3rd hour of the Drew Mariani Show. During this Hour Drew Spoke about a new book on the "Spirituality of George Washington" and Our Lady of America. It is brought to the listeners attention that George Washington allegedly had an apparition of Our Blessed Mother Mary and that some how this was helpful to Benjamin Franklin, both of whom were Masons at the time. George Washington, who is claimed to have converted on his death bed to Catholicism was a life long Mason, at least … [More]
wirewrapper     26/05/2014 00:39
Well if this man has a history of this medical condition it would probably be recorded somewhere wherever he is from or by someone who knows him. If there is no evidence of this in his history then is not possible that this is a miracle. Now, just because some things related to Medjugorje are rather questionable, it doesn't exclude that some things may be legitimate. These things related to Medjugorje just seem more and more complicated and confusing as they go along.
wirewrapper     20/05/2014 21:27
Now this article is from the China Daily but act like the US is some great tried and true defender or the internet security is a ridiculous thought. The US absolutely spies on its own people, tries to control the internet and media in the same way as China, or they at least try to with Government induced influences. To say that there is no truth in this article is the way many Americans like to live, with their heads in the sand thinking everything is just a o.k. it's all smiles and sunshine … [More]
wirewrapper     15/05/2014 21:17
Now is this an abuse or is it just showing what it is like to be a Priest? I guess this kind of video is o.k, but you have to wonder who is going to put what on the Google glasses and nobody would know what they are really looking at while saying the Mass. The possibility for abuse is very very strong knowing how powerfully disorienting computers can be to the human mind.
wirewrapper     02/05/2014 12:51
I am not surprised by this egregious actions by the pagan Taiwanese government which likes to try and make itself look like the are just like everyone else without trying to understand any situation. The government in Taiwan is a big joke and it is a nation run by some of the awfulist money worshiping pagans presently in this end of China.
It's kind of funny to because the current president has been cozying up to the Church here with a lot of political events untilizing the Church. Now his … [More]
  Immaculate heart likes this.     02/05/2014 14:41
wirewrapper     20/04/2014 10:56
I have all of the Mic'd up shows audio recorded on my page here, if you would like to listen to the show and don't have time to watch: @wirewrapper
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wirewrapper     30/03/2014 11:49
These are probably my favorites of Mr. Schmalz's works. This really captures the essence of the fall and how sin isolates us from God. Bravo!
wirewrapper     27/03/2014 21:03
BRAVO! I was a sculptor and for about 10 years and art instructor for about 3 and Mr. Schmalz work is fantastic! It really is Art, not all this other stuff that is all flash and funk. Capturing the beauty of Divine!
wirewrapper     09/03/2014 21:52
"Bread and butter" and Dolan just don't mix. I hope Morlino isn't becoming more of a Dolanite from Wisconsin. Morlino (bishop of Green Bay) and Dolan (former bishop of Madison) are playing some odd rhetoric games that makes me question what are they up to? Pretty soon they will both be wearing those cheesehead hats together...
I believe the Catholic Church is the "Universal" Church so what goes in the US or Argentina should go pretty much anywhere, just stating the obvious.
wirewrapper     19/02/2014 01:06
Thanks for the information. I didn't know that about Maryknoll. They have quite a presence here in Taiwan. They do most the education of foreign priests who come here to learn how to speak Chinese. They also have a website to teach priests how to preform the Novus Ordo Mass, but the Translation they use is here on this website. It has some minor flaws in the Translation and representation of the pinyin in the of the Order of the Mass. I cannot say with complete assurance to how badly some of … [More]
wirewrapper     29/12/2013 23:12
Well the Readings for December 30th say something about not being seduced by worldly things that are enticing to the eyes... Those who succumb to such things are not to be worthy of the kingdom of heaven..
Ya know hypnosis isn't exactly a fast process..
Pray for this priest..
wirewrapper     15/12/2013 03:37
Ya know AIDS supposedly came from some guy who liked monkey's too much! This guy might also try to marry someone who is the equlvanet of his 4 year old daughter! Talk about Diabolical Disorientation!
wirewrapper     24/10/2013 02:52
Here is the litany that can go with your novena if you like:
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us. God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed. God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed. God the Holy Spirit, Have mercy on the souls of the faithful departed. Holy Trinity, One God, Have mercy on the souls of … [More]
wirewrapper     18/10/2013 01:25
I have to admit that I keep on thinking the samething that the USA is going into it's Freemason mode after being post-Christian and secular it wil become more and more back to its roots when Americans feel that they have nothing else to believe in! America is in a very very dangerous place!
wirewrapper     08/10/2013 22:55
GOOD! Finally something that needed to be done was done!
wirewrapper     04/10/2013 22:01
It maybe true that this was not a moto proprio or anything official, but his words make everyone percieve something is going on that is different or there wouldn't be any fuss.
When a Pope speaks everyone listens and if Pope Francis wants to speak, he's gotta be very very careful about what he says.. Pray for the Pope.
wirewrapper     03/10/2013 07:35
good I was very worried...
wirewrapper     24/09/2013 23:42
Very insightful. This vortex was very helpful.
wirewrapper     23/09/2013 23:54
This is good news... but I don't think I will stop being concerned because he took out one guy... From the way that things sound, there are probably more and it should probably be done like a massive FBI sting, which takes out the small guys at the bottom along with the guys at the top...
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