mareksitar     20/03/2014 03:14
It does not have any value what he says until he comes to the point: "We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve."
mareksitar     19/02/2014 16:53
It is trully her and she does such a great job: (Nessun Dorma)
mareksitar     25/12/2013 14:35
A poor couple wanted to enrich each other for Christmas. She wanted to bring him joy by buying him a new bracelet for his ancient watch, since she did not have money she did it at the expense of cutting her long hair. He in turn sold that precious watch from his grandfather and bought her some combs for her beautiful hair. On Christmas Day their mutual gifts were useless. But their love saved their relationship throughout their whole life.
mareksitar     25/12/2013 13:04
The best way to keep Christ in Christmas is to keep Mass in Christmas!
mareksitar     02/09/2013 16:48
Fr. John Hardon made a great point in this regard.
mareksitar     25/02/2013 15:25
The old lady was smart.
Nevertheless, the atheist did a good deed to feed the hungry woman.
He might convert in future and he won't exmperience hell just purgatory from where there is only one way and thus he will join the poor woman in heaven.
mareksitar     04/08/2012 05:19
So beautiful and not very common to find a nice heart in a nice woman.
Thank you for sharing.
mareksitar     31/07/2012 04:44
Beutiful chant of Oriental Rite in honor of our Lady.
mareksitar     05/06/2012 23:35
If the children don't find God in the Eucharist, they won't know true God.
mareksitar     29/03/2012 09:51
So glad they teach the term of TRANSUBSTANTIATION (unfortunatelly misspoken in the video)!
The Catholic Church believes in transubstantiation: the substance of bread and wine change while the accidents usually remain (weight, shape, taste, color, smell etc.), unlike the heretical view of consubstantiation (a parallel presence of both of bread and Body, wine and Blood) or pure transfinalization (a change of meaning of the Eucharistic elements).
The Council of Trent stated that the term "transubs… [More]
mareksitar     21/03/2012 22:11
Let us not forget that we support oversea mosques with our taxes:
mareksitar     05/03/2012 13:42
Tony de Mello is a heretic,
as repeatedly noted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 1998.
mareksitar     20/02/2012 14:26
On the Presidential Day we ought to pray for conversion of Mr. Obama and holiness of the coming one.
mareksitar     31/01/2012 22:56
Those are not Christian Social Services at all then; read the Bible.
mareksitar     24/01/2012 21:44
At the conversion of St. Paul: Christ ~ the Church:
'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.'
Then I asked, ‘Who are you, Lord?’
‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,’ the Lord replied. [More]
mareksitar     24/01/2012 20:48
Many Catholic schools do not teach the true Catholic faith any more;
why to pay for a Catholic school if it does not differ from a public school?
mareksitar     14/01/2012 22:23
Cogratulations, Fr. Rodriguez; keep the good fight!
mareksitar     13/01/2012 10:36
Ephesus - goddess Artemis and cult of the Roman Lord - the Cesar => laxity in faith and morals in midst of this multicultural pagan city
Smyrna - strong Jewish population (by an exception spared from Roman pressure) => Christians hid behind Jews to avoid persecution
Pergamum - large Amphitheater => sexual immorality
Thyatira - trade guilds (f. e. textile such as Lydia) => work but also prostitution (God will judge works)
Sardis - wealth and commerce => active in worldly matters (but dead in a … [More]
mareksitar     03/01/2012 22:08
Ultimatelly someone named it: Not all go to heaven after death!
mareksitar     12/12/2011 22:41
mareksitar     10/12/2011 22:54
Gaudete Rejoice Freuet Radujte sa.
mareksitar     06/12/2011 20:47
Did this happen in Russia or China?
mareksitar     24/11/2011 13:46
This woman got it wrong;
she might have been spiritually abused;
not Blessed John Paul but perhaps Fr. Liar said that in her church.
mareksitar     24/11/2011 13:33
Nice protestant setting... shame it is a Catholic Mass .
mareksitar     23/11/2011 21:50
Sometimes (not every Sunday!), it is permitted to have underpubescent children (small!) seperated for children liturgy of the Word - always getting an explanation approved by the parish priest (he should preview the catechesis!).
But why, in this case, is the deacon not conducting it?
Besides other abuses, here once again we cut the branch we sit on: let not the young ones understand Holy Mass is serious business... "Everybody feels relaxed?"
mareksitar     22/11/2011 23:47
Beutiful! We have a chance to follow the Intention of our Holy Father Pope Benedict for November 2011:
That the Eastern Catholic Churches and their venerable traditions may be known and esteemed as a spiritual treasure for the whole Church.
mareksitar     12/11/2011 00:13
Beutiful tradition
mareksitar     15/10/2011 23:47
I believe the US bishops in the area of doctrine and faith (until convinced otherwise by Magisterium), but I seriously doubt about authenticity and truthfulness of their report on money.
mareksitar     17/09/2011 23:43
Fr. Rodriguez fights a good fight on the field of defending the natuaral law as well as the definitive Catholic teaching; he seems to be a holy man and Saint priest.
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