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mrsreneoriordan         03/02/2014 18:53
And God bless you - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         28/11/2013 18:25
"......Pope Francis on Thursday said the Catholic Church will not accept a Middle East without Christians, who often find themselves forced to flee areas of conflict and unrest in the region...." -
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mrsreneoriordan         12/11/2013 18:22
Muslim fanatics are so brazen - they take what the Catholic schools give and yet want to dictate their own terms. grrrrrrr. - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         18/10/2013 13:31
And God bless you - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         18/10/2013 13:22

I think the Pope is saying "know Jesus" more than know the rules. By prayer he means a direct and conscious contact with Jesus rather than repeating a load of prayers. If we enter deep into the adorable Will of God we will not go wrong. - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         04/09/2013 19:18
Looking very nice today Canolli. That tie goes very well with the shirt. The Oirish accent isn't great but you did try and we Irish always love a trier - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         03/09/2013 17:15
He'll sleep to-night, hopefully. Thanks for uploading, he's a delight - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         03/09/2013 09:27
There was no problem with Kosher over all these years, everything was grand until the muslims started infiltrating halal onto the public -
mrsreneoriordan         02/09/2013 15:26
Hi Cannoli - you're looking very pretty today - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         22/08/2013 06:40
"As you are now so once were we as we are now so shall you be" - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         20/08/2013 15:25
The Kohein are direct descendents of the Levites. Leonard Coen is one - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         20/08/2013 15:03
It will end well. Civil society in Egypt want an all inclusive Government. The Coptic Christians support the army. Gen. Sissi has said that they will rebuild all the Churches that have been destroyed. Hopefully this is the end of the Muslim Brotherhood not just in Egypt but worldwide. Obama administration have too many Muslim Brotherhood affiliates as advisers in the White House, he will have egg on his face when they are finally declared a terrorist group. - Keep on praying for our … [More]
mrsreneoriordan         06/08/2013 18:54
Aid to the Church in Need is one Catholic Charity that is totally trustworthy. - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         12/07/2013 13:16
He looked like His mother - he had only her dna - r
mrsreneoriordan         10/07/2013 07:46
Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. It goes straight to the heart. - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         09/07/2013 08:24
Not now, not ever, not in our country and not in our name!!! Yaaay - God bless Ireland - great video thanks - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         21/06/2013 17:58
Yes we are - Rene
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mrsreneoriordan         21/06/2013 16:03 -
Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft engage in discussion and debate - Robert Spencer shows how Peter really doesn't have the same standard of knowledge on islam as Robert displays - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         21/06/2013 15:04
Raymond Ibrahim records Christian persecution by muslims every month -
mrsreneoriordan         18/06/2013 18:39
Bravo - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         17/06/2013 16:13
Pretty, pretty dress - Blessings - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         10/06/2013 19:34

Perhaps they have discovered their Christian roots - thanks to the near islamization of their country? - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         01/06/2013 17:07
The "little flowers of St. Francis" - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         19/05/2013 13:27
"..... for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these..." - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         17/05/2013 19:57
The driver was brilliant - he kept cool and opened the doors for the animal - he deserves a medal - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         16/05/2013 13:26
Thanks for giving me joy - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         06/05/2013 16:39
I don't think that is a Catholic Church - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         05/05/2013 17:19
Thanks for the encouragement. - Rene
mrsreneoriordan         30/04/2013 16:04
When you see that Jesus is not being given the worship due to Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, do as the angel of Fatima told the children "console your God" say this prayer - "Oh Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity
of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. By the … [More]
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