Yoshimine         08/03/2012 12:22
Taxes are one area where I think the Church actually would have the right to speak out, since it's an issue of justice... a MORAL issue, ultimately. If a government is fleecing it's people, taxing poor who can't even afford to survive, who are WELL below the poverty line... that is a moral issue. If governmental authorities are engaged in this kind of gross injustice against the individual who has a right, not only to survive, but to property as well, this is an issue which it seems to me that … [More]
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 17:19
Cannoli - Nope. But I'm all for holy Italians. Especially ones born before 1962.
Just so you know, though, not everyone who isn't ready to pick up their machine gun is a modernist.
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 17:14
Rhemes - Don't get me wrong... I'm all for correcting these things, and publicly. I'm just not for verbal lynching of anyone by the laity. The Church certainly ought to stand up and support the clergy who take a stand to defend Our Eucharistic Lord from profanation by public sinners. There is no question about it.
My only "problem" is that these days people are SO indignant (even if justly), that they seem to loose sight of charity. We can clamor (and we should) for the Church to defend Our … [More]
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 16:45
Our Lady wasn't a modernist, and she armed us with the Rosary. It has proven to be a most effective weapon any time it is employed by men of faith. Our Lady has promised that one day God will, by it and the scapular, save the world. Of course, some men wouldn't believe the mother of God, unless she appeared to them personally. (And most likely not even then.)
Here are some other very traditional, non-modernist things:
"Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world." Pope Pius … [More]
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 15:00
Not impossible to prove. St. Therese knew of a hardened criminal going to the gallows unrepentant. She prayed for him, and at the last moment the man converted. Without condemnation. Sr. Josefa Menendez suffered the very fires of hell to convert sinners. She never sent them letters from her convent, calling them names, however. Such was her love of sinners, that she was willing to suffer anything to save them... especially those sinners in religion. I'm sure the good thief heard many times … [More]
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 14:07
Give me two hardened sinners and a convent full of holy traditional nuns. You can swear at and condemn the one sinner, and the sisters can pray for the other without saying a word about them or to them otherwise, and we'll see which one converts first.
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 12:23
I can agree wholeheartedly that her actions should be condemned (by legitimate authorities) without name calling. Every sinner is a "dirty rotten Judas, selling out Our Lord for the price of whatever their sin got them". But do we really need to go around pouring that kind of hatred on one another? Is that really going to fix anything? Nope. Save souls? Nope. Work justice? Nope. Serve pride? Bet your bottom.
Absolutely it's reprehensible. It's doubly reprehensible that the priest isn't hailed … [More]
Yoshimine         04/03/2012 10:51
Well, I should hope that each of us remembers to treat (and speak of) even the worst sinners as Our Lord would want them spoken of. (I say not, "as we would want to be spoken of," because we can then dismiss our uncharitable attitudes on the grounds we'd want others to treat us the same way if we were the sinner).
Obviously, this is one of those heinous sins that is utterly galling, but we also ought to remember... Our Lord bears no hatred for sinners. Only the sin. We ought to walk in His … [More]
Yoshimine         01/03/2012 17:44
Indeed... always the very best way. I, too, have seen such processions by the SSPX, and have heard of others that met with both awe and backlash both. Very edifying, in any case. But most people wouldn't know WHY you were doing it, so... for many people, it would be something strange they saw that they just didn't get. (The only reason I spoke of signs and roadsides.)
Of course the former is obviously better in terms of grace.
Yoshimine         01/03/2012 14:33
I'd be happy just to see Catholics giving a hoot when people say the garbage that they do... and being willing to even so much as protest. If every Catholic out there stopped subscribing to the papers and stopped watching the stations that publish or broadcast that garbage and if Catholics organized to "march for their rights" the way gays and lesbians do, I'm betting people wouldn't be so quick to spew their hate messages in public.
Just imagine driving down a public street in your city, seein… [More]
Yoshimine         29/02/2012 11:58
Catholics should remember to pray in reparation for these public blasphemies and mockeries of Our Lord.
Blessed be God! Blessed be His Holy Name! Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man!
Yoshimine         29/02/2012 11:54
If the Vatican were really that rich, the Church wouldn't need to be closing churches, convents and monasteries left and right, even if they were virtually empty.
Yoshimine         29/02/2012 11:49
Our Blessed Savior was already crucified once. Why deliver him into a dungeon of tortures (a heart stained by unrepentant sin) on purpose, once again? The priest acts, so to speak, as the warden of the Divine Prisoner of Love, therefore the priest must be careful of his Charge, not to betray Him, his God (and ours), to whom his own heart and soul is espoused.
Yoshimine         28/02/2012 17:01
Time to find out what the Catholics are made of, I guess... and maybe time for everyone to dust off their books on St. Thomas More.
Yoshimine         28/02/2012 11:33
People have also forgotten the supreme right and authority of Christ to reign, even in society. They have been so busy being ecumenical that they forgot what compromising with the devil leads to: if you lean over hell halfway, the devil will push you in the rest of the way.
Our Lord IS Lord, and they cannot take His reign from Him, neither in the Church, NOR in the state! People need to remember, outside of God, there is only sin and death. If your state doesn't belong to God, there's only one … [More]
Yoshimine     27/02/2012 12:08
"... Fulfill well the will of God in the cases in which you may have the most difficulty. It is a little thing to please God in what pleases us: filial fidelity requires that we will to please Him in what does not please us, putting before our eyes … [More]
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Yoshimine     27/02/2012 11:53
"This life is short, it is only given us to gain the other..."
"You will often be amongst the children of this world, who, according to their custom, will laugh at all they see or think they see in you contrary to their miserable inclinations. Do … [More]
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Yoshimine         26/02/2012 20:51
Just think, if they convert to the Faith, they can have all of the rest of what they're missing too!
Yoshimine     26/02/2012 20:37
"They who discouraged the Isrealites from going into the land of promise told them it was a country that devoured it's inhabitants; or, in other words, that it was impossible to withstand the pestilential infection of its air; and, further, that … [More]
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