papabennysix         16/05/2011 11:10
Ave Maria!
papabennysix         16/04/2011 19:24 will begin our First Novena on Thanksgiving, the second half of our 54 Day Rosary Novena on Easter Sunday.
The Superior General of the FSSPX has also just announced that another Rosary Crusade for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin on Easter.
Ave Maria, Deo Gratias.
The link for the crusade, which begins with talk of Pope John Paul II, is here:
papabennysix     14/01/2011 01:23
Content from St. Louis de Montfort
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papabennysix         06/01/2011 01:13
St. Philomena, pray for us!
papabennysix     14/12/2010 23:37
Presented by to support devotion to the Holy Rosary and the practice of the 54 Day Rosary Novena, as revealed by Our Lady herself in 1884.
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papabennysix     12/11/2010 03:51
Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis de Montfort, published by Tan BooksMusic: "Iste Confessor" credits at the end of video
In support of the promotion of the Holy Rosary, its proper method, and, dedicated the Rosary, Mary, Help … [More]
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papabennysix         05/11/2010 09:37
This is quite good, gets better every time I watch it.
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papabennysix         05/11/2010 09:27
At 2:27 in this video below there is one with Bishop Fellay meeting Pope Benedict XVI
OPERATION 54: Restore the Mass
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papabennysix         29/08/2010 16:21
Thanks! Hope to make more soon, God willing.
papabennysix         26/08/2010 18:21
We started our second Operation 54 on 15AUG. We received a letter from the Vatican with an Apostolic Blessing.
papabennysix         26/08/2010 18:20
St. Pius X, pray for us, and pray for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI
papabennysix     25/08/2010 03:34
Novena prayer to St. Pius X (still need to add second halt of Novena prayer. The full prayer can be found here:
Ave Maria!
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papabennysix         25/08/2010 03:30
Ven Antonio Margil de Jesus, pray for us
papabennysix     28/06/2010 20:51
An educational video, made by 9 year old, Gabriel the Messenger, to promote a better understanding of Part One of the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass of the Catechumens. Inspired by the book, KNOW YOUR MASS by Angelus Press, Kansas City, MO
For … [More]
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papabennysix         20/06/2010 14:13
new site,
We have just finished our third novena for the Holy Father's return to Tradition. We have high hopes that he will soon offer the Traditional Latin Mass in public, once again.
Ave Maria!
papabennysix         26/05/2010 13:47
Many thanks to my family for putting up with me while I tried to put it together. Hope it inspires prayers for the Holy Father.
Ave Maria,
Ven. Antonio Margil de Jesus, pray for us
Our Lady, Help of Christians, grant us victory!
papabennysix     24/05/2010 19:40
Traditional Catholics unite to offer a 54 Day Rosary Novena from the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians to the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
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papabennysix         19/01/2010 06:10
Thanks! No, they aren't all on here. I have a YouTube channel as well, "PapaBenny6" I'll see what I can do.
papabennysix     18/01/2010 04:10
The First Promise of Mary
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papabennysix     18/01/2010 04:08
The Second Promise by
The Tridentinos Project
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papabennysix         03/11/2009 12:58
Thanks Alfiero!
papabennysix     27/10/2009 12:33
A simply, yet fervent prayer to St. Philomena could change your life forever, if you don't have a daily devotion to her yet, (as she is the patroness of the Children of Mary), then you need to start... She did many favors for the souls under the … [More]
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papabennysix         26/10/2009 00:48
Awesome book, Catholic Controversy, if only Protestants would take the time to read it.... you never know about passing out books..... one time my best friend called me up four years later after I gave him some Tan Books, and he converted to Catholicism right after that.... Ave Maria.
papabennysix         25/10/2009 22:10
10 ratings!?? wow, thanks. May I take this opporunity to plug another great saint....
SAINT PHILOMENA! Pray for us. She was his frequent helper during his life, and she brought him a lot of "unwanted" attention I read, he used to wish she would do her miracles somewhere else..... haha.
papabennysix     24/10/2009 23:17
From the Little Catechism of St. John Vianney.
On Salvation.
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papabennysix         24/10/2009 23:12
Thank you, this was on older one I tranferred from my PapaBenny6 channel at YouTube. I think there is a few more.
Ave Maria! God bless you all and may St. Francis de Sales reach others out there in darkness, as I was 8 years ago as a Protestant-Bible Church guy.
papabennysix     24/10/2009 13:51
A meditation on Death, from Saint Francis de Sales.
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papabennysix         22/10/2009 23:11
Thanks Miss Maria!
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