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Fix the Family     Friday, 11:31
During Mass this past Sunday, the Priest explained in his homily the required elements of a Catholic Church building. Every Catholic Church must have a pulpit, a confessional, and an altar. He went on to apply these elements to the domestic church … [More]
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Fix the Family     28/09/2015 18:44
We parents are the PRIMARY educators of our children, and how do people ESPECIALLY children learn? They learn by OBSERVATION. If we are saying one thing and behaving and doing something else, our children will quickly become confused.
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Fix the Family     23/09/2015 00:34
Here's what Pope Francis REALLY believes about family.
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Fix the Family     21/09/2015 23:40
Often the adversities we encounter through no fault of our own include an opportunity for learning and growing. We don't necessarily need to view them as punishments but to seek God's assistance to endure them and learn from them. This is the way … [More]
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Fix the Family     15/09/2015 16:13
Parents have to train their children to make good choices. St. Ignatius tells us that sincere prayer influences the way we think and the decisions we make. So part of assisting our children in making good choices is training them in an effective … [More]
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Fix the Family     18/08/2015 09:48
A wise and intelligent young lady acts on the wisdom of our most notorious blog post with the support of her parents, both of whom are college professors. God bless this most functional and honest family. Natural law in this case wins out. Here's … [More]
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Fix the Family     10/08/2015 21:21
Click here for mp3 audio of Homily "Spiritual Contraception." This is good news for the faithful. We don't have to wait for the Priests and Bishops to improve to improve the Church. It is God's positive Will that the Church go … [More]
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Fix the Family     04/08/2015 10:33
Here's Raylan Alleman's take on a couple of news items inovling our society and the Catholic Church that we can use as teaching moments for our families.
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Fix the Family     21/07/2015 09:30
As mentioned last time, Missy and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year. I wanted to put down some key things that have worked for us for those who might be interested. Some of these are requirements based on Church teachings. Others … [More]
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Fix the Family     06/07/2015 19:02
Be not afraid; pray and don't worry. The Catholic Church has the fullness of the Truth to guide our way of life. We should not be surprised that governments will lower standards for popular opinion.
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Fix the Family     01/07/2015 15:59
If femininity is not exhibitionism, control/manipulation, becoming a victim, or masculinity, then what is it? Listen in to find out.
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Fix the Family     30/06/2015 01:32
Are Catholic marriages failing because of lack of communication between spouses or because of lack of grace due to mortal sins of contraception and sterilization/mutilation? Or is it some more fundamental cause?
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Fix the Family     23/06/2015 09:50
From his reflection on "Masculine and Feminine Genius," Raylan Alleman reviews some of the more common misconceptions of the beautiful genuine trait of femininity.
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Fix the Family     03/06/2015 21:09
Based on the popular passage from St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians, many Catholics have embraced "mutual submission" as the carte blanche rule of doctrine of the day in their marriages, and has left a path of destruction for Catholic family life. … [More]
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Fix the Family     03/06/2015 20:57
From his reflection on "Masculine and Feminine Genius," Raylan Alleman first looks at the character of masculinity and refutes some popular misunderstandings of the masculine trait.
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Fix the Family     27/05/2015 10:59
We have an insidious issue that is creeping through our society all around us, the melding of the masculine and feminine into a freak of a being God never intended to create. There is an agenda on the prowl to instill it that we must be aware of … [More]
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Fix the Family     27/05/2015 10:51
Based on Marion Fernandez-Cueto's article originally posted under the title "Hands to Heaven" 10/16/2009 at, we reflect on the agenda that the world, the flesh, and the devil has in store for our daughters.
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Fix the Family     27/05/2015 10:50
I'm baaaaaack!!!
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Fix the Family     16/09/2014 16:19
Order here
In “What are you Doing for your Marriage?” our host Raylan Alleman offers lighthearted earthy commentary on
• Some practical realities of married life
• Spiritual leadership by the husband
• … [More]
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Fix the Family     16/09/2014 16:13
Join the Citabelles on The Good Life for their personal testimonies on how they each came to wear veils to Holy Mass and in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
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Fix the Family     14/07/2014 21:33 Here's a preview from a brand new Fix the Family production based on real life issues in marriage, masculine and feminine communication, and common challenges to married live. Full program coming soon to DVD.
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Fix the Family     29/04/2014 22:25 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, we take a look at the sin of anger. Dr. Dilsaver points out a man's anger is tied to his passion for self-love as opposed to love of God and family. … [More]
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Fix the Family     24/03/2014 22:43 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, we consider the wife as the head of the family. Many believe the wife could and should be the head of the family even when the husband is present. … [More]
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Fix the Family     17/03/2014 20:21 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the father of the family should be the final decision-maker in home. He should consider what is best for all involved and the input of his wife and … [More]
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Fix the Family     11/03/2014 22:34 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the father in the home should be a ruler. He should rule his home vigorously and decisively. Tune in to this segment for an example of ruling … [More]
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Fix the Family     24/02/2014 19:50 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, to save the Catholic family, we must instill a NEW CHRISTIAN PATRIARCHY. The government and society are set against it, so it will require great … [More]
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Fix the Family     17/02/2014 20:04 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (,when a man is not in control of his passions and resorts to sinful acts, his wife assumes control of his virility and becomes his master. This … [More]
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Fix the Family     10/02/2014 22:53 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the weakness of men and death of manhood today lies in the defiling of their seed for sensual pleasure.
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Fix the Family     03/02/2014 20:06 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the fathering of children is a sacred act. By doing so, he assists in the redemption of his wife who is "saved by childbearing" according to St. … [More]
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Fix the Family     03/02/2014 19:49
Many Catholics of today have fallen into the trap of feminism, and don’t even realize it justifying the decisions they make for themselves under the guise of not being “sinful” even if done to the detriment of their families. I’m speaking mainly … [More]
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