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A Protestant Culture Has No Standards

When a society creates rules and laws based upon what a majority of people agree on, it arrives a a situation where no real moral standards exist. This is where America and much of the western world currently finds itself.


St. John Berchmans on Recreation

We all need recreation or we'll get burned out. But it should be moderated. Here's how. This is part of a lecture on Living on Purpose and can be found here


Catholic Men Study and Plan

These are 2 character traits of serious Catholic men. This is part of a lecture on Living on Purpose and can be found here


All Hallow's Eve 2015

A popular alternative to contemporary Halloween practices is a family celebration of the actual origin of the day which is All Hallow's Eve on the eve of All Saints' Day. This group gathers annually on that day for fellowship and fun where the …


4 Stages of Denial of the Sin of Immodest Dress

4 Stages of Denial of the Sin of Immodest Dress Posted By Raylan Alleman at Sunday, October 18, 2015 It is very refreshing today to see how much the issue of the requirement of modesty in dress among women and girls is raised amidst some of the …


MAILBAG: College Grad Ready to Commit Full-Time to Family

A testimonial shared with permission-- Dear Friends in Christ at "Fix the Family" - I just wanted to send you a little note thanking you for what you are doing. A brief introduction - I am 24 - soon to be engaged - and just started attending the …


Catholic Father: Priest of His Domestic Church

During Mass this past Sunday, the Priest explained in his homily the required elements of a Catholic Church building. Every Catholic Church must have a pulpit, a confessional, and an altar. He went on to apply these elements to the domestic church …


Integrity: Requisite for Catholic Parents

We parents are the PRIMARY educators of our children, and how do people ESPECIALLY children learn? They learn by OBSERVATION. If we are saying one thing and behaving and doing something else, our children will quickly become confused.

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Pope Francis on the Family

Here's what Pope Francis REALLY believes about family.


Benefiting from the Adversity God Sends Us

Often the adversities we encounter through no fault of our own include an opportunity for learning and growing. We don't necessarily need to view them as punishments but to seek God's assistance to endure them and learn from them. This is the way …


Dads: Train Your Children to Pray

Parents have to train their children to make good choices. St. Ignatius tells us that sincere prayer influences the way we think and the decisions we make. So part of assisting our children in making good choices is training them in an effective …


6 (+2) Reasons to NOT Send Daughters to College-Wise Young Lady Acts!

A wise and intelligent young lady acts on the wisdom of our most notorious blog post with the support of her parents, both of whom are college professors. God bless this most functional and honest family. Natural law in this case wins out. Here's …


The Crisis in the Church is the Laymen's Fault

Click here for mp3 audio of Homily "Spiritual Contraception." This is good news for the faithful. We don't have to wait for the Priests and Bishops to improve to improve the Church. It is God's positive Will that the Church go …

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The Devil and the Practicing Homosexual

Here's Raylan Alleman's take on a couple of news items inovling our society and the Catholic Church that we can use as teaching moments for our families.


Our 12 Marriage Non-Negotiables-Celebrating 25 Years of REAL Marriage Part 2

As mentioned last time, Missy and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year. I wanted to put down some key things that have worked for us for those who might be interested. Some of these are requirements based on Church teachings. Others …


Homosexual Unions-US Compromising the Truth

Be not afraid; pray and don't worry. The Catholic Church has the fullness of the Truth to guide our way of life. We should not be surprised that governments will lower standards for popular opinion.


The Essence of True Femininity

If femininity is not exhibitionism, control/manipulation, becoming a victim, or masculinity, then what is it? Listen in to find out.

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Why are Catholic Marriages Failing?

Are Catholic marriages failing because of lack of communication between spouses or because of lack of grace due to mortal sins of contraception and sterilization/mutilation? Or is it some more fundamental cause?



From his reflection on "Masculine and Feminine Genius," Raylan Alleman reviews some of the more common misconceptions of the beautiful genuine trait of femininity.


What is the meaning of Mutual Submission in Marriage?

Based on the popular passage from St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians, many Catholics have embraced "mutual submission" as the carte blanche rule of doctrine of the day in their marriages, and has left a path of destruction for Catholic family life. …



From his reflection on "Masculine and Feminine Genius," Raylan Alleman first looks at the character of masculinity and refutes some popular misunderstandings of the masculine trait.


The Problem of Gender Blurring

We have an insidious issue that is creeping through our society all around us, the melding of the masculine and feminine into a freak of a being God never intended to create. There is an agenda on the prowl to instill it that we must be aware of …

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Satan's Flattering Words to Women

Based on Marion Fernandez-Cueto's article originally posted under the title "Hands to Heaven" 10/16/2009 at, we reflect on the agenda that the world, the flesh, and the devil has in store for our daughters.


Season 6 Introduction

I'm baaaaaack!!!


What are You Doing for Your Marriage? *NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM*

Order here In “What are you Doing for your Marriage?” our host Raylan Alleman offers lighthearted earthy commentary on • Some practical realities of married life • Spiritual leadership by the husband • …