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We have an insidious issue that is creeping through our society all around us, the melding of the masculine and feminine into a freak of a being God never intended to create. There is an agenda on the prowl to instill it that we must be aware of … [More]
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Fix the Family     Wednesday, 10:51
Based on Marion Fernandez-Cueto's article originally posted under the title "Hands to Heaven" 10/16/2009 at, we reflect on the agenda that the world, the flesh, and the devil has in store for our daughters.
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Fix the Family     Wednesday, 10:50
I'm baaaaaack!!!
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Fix the Family     16/09/2014 16:19
Order here
In “What are you Doing for your Marriage?” our host Raylan Alleman offers lighthearted earthy commentary on
• Some practical realities of married life
• Spiritual leadership by the husband
• … [More]
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Fix the Family     16/09/2014 16:13
Join the Citabelles on The Good Life for their personal testimonies on how they each came to wear veils to Holy Mass and in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
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Fix the Family     14/07/2014 21:33 Here's a preview from a brand new Fix the Family production based on real life issues in marriage, masculine and feminine communication, and common challenges to married live. Full program coming soon to DVD.
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Fix the Family     29/04/2014 22:25 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, we take a look at the sin of anger. Dr. Dilsaver points out a man's anger is tied to his passion for self-love as opposed to love of God and family. … [More]
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Fix the Family     24/03/2014 22:43 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, we consider the wife as the head of the family. Many believe the wife could and should be the head of the family even when the husband is present. … [More]
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Fix the Family     17/03/2014 20:21 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the father of the family should be the final decision-maker in home. He should consider what is best for all involved and the input of his wife and … [More]
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Fix the Family     11/03/2014 22:34 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the father in the home should be a ruler. He should rule his home vigorously and decisively. Tune in to this segment for an example of ruling … [More]
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Fix the Family     24/02/2014 19:50 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, to save the Catholic family, we must instill a NEW CHRISTIAN PATRIARCHY. The government and society are set against it, so it will require great … [More]
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Fix the Family     17/02/2014 20:04 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (,when a man is not in control of his passions and resorts to sinful acts, his wife assumes control of his virility and becomes his master. This … [More]
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Fix the Family     10/02/2014 22:53 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the weakness of men and death of manhood today lies in the defiling of their seed for sensual pleasure.
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Fix the Family     03/02/2014 20:06 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, the fathering of children is a sacred act. By doing so, he assists in the redemption of his wife who is "saved by childbearing" according to St. … [More]
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Fix the Family     03/02/2014 19:49
Many Catholics of today have fallen into the trap of feminism, and don’t even realize it justifying the decisions they make for themselves under the guise of not being “sinful” even if done to the detriment of their families. I’m speaking mainly … [More]
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Fix the Family     27/01/2014 20:28 Here we discuss the meaning of St. Paul's admonition for married couples to "submit to one another" (Eph 5:21). It is in no way a promotion of reversing roles of husband and wife or co-leadership, but a call for the husband and … [More]
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Fix the Family     21/01/2014 00:12 Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood (, a man expresses his love a devotion to his wife by being 100% masculine without compromise, and his wife responds in kind with her 100% femininity. … [More]
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Fix the Family     13/01/2014 20:50 Government curricula omit much of the contribution of the Catholic Church to the world throughout history. Here the ladies discuss some good quality homeschool curriculum resources. We also hear about some of the organizational … [More]
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Fix the Family     06/01/2014 22:15 Homeschool associations and groups afford the students an opportunity to make friends among members of a controlled group of families who know each others' backgrounds. There are opportunities for group learning exercises that … [More]
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Fix the Family     06/01/2014 21:25
There seems to be quite a bit of controversy surrounding Pope Francis, and it appears many people are still trying to “figure him out.” That’s a bit ironic as we see in this Pope a marked simplicity and commonness about him. It just goes to show … [More]
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Fix the Family     02/01/2014 12:18 This segment focuses on homeschooling the younger child and the benefits of one-on-one attention. Homeschooling also provides great benefits of flexibility for the varying schedules of a growing family. Educating children in a … [More]
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Fix the Family         28/01/2013 22:37
tbswv--That's the problem with all the SSPVs and SSPXs--they seem to have this sense that they have some possession or exclusive claim to the Church. So what? If a protestant see that Catholicism is right, they have to have your permission to enter the Church? SSPX need to return to Holy Mother Church in Her time of need.
Fix the Family         13/12/2012 11:02
I'm so impressed that God made ALL kids to do this SAME thing. This is great!
Fix the Family         19/11/2012 21:10
Very sick--these "doctors" should have their licenses revoked.
Fix the Family         23/07/2012 18:31
For the record I think SSPX would do well to express itself more like philosopher here instead of as this article and some of those commenting. He has the right idea as to where the problems we are all aware of lie-it's not in the documents. When attributed to VC2 you antagonize a lot of folks who might otherwise support you. Just a little hint here guys.
Fix the Family         23/07/2012 18:27
BM-that would defeat my purpose for commenting here.
Fix the Family         23/07/2012 14:03
Ben Martin--I would reply, but GTV will delete my comment.
Fix the Family         21/07/2012 13:26
Let me try again--this addresses the title of the article: If SSPX is so right, why do they recognize the authority of the Pope or seek to rejoin the Holy Roman Catholic Church?
Fix the Family         21/07/2012 13:18
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Fix the Family         21/07/2012 13:15
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
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