lukedaniel     20/03/2015 16:09
Regina Caeli Academy
Training The Mind To Form the Soul
Classical Hybrid Education in the Catholic Tradition
Hartford, Connecticut
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lukedaniel         04/08/2014 17:26
Leticia María     02/08/2014 13:20
Father Hector Orozco Gutiérrez, born in León, Guanajuato and working in Culiacan has the gift of bilocation and cure people.
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lukedaniel         04/08/2014 16:29
DrJoe     02/08/2014 14:15
A Winston-Salem restaurant is giving customers a 15 percent discount if they pray in public.
Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem gives the discount for anyone who takes the time to appreciate their food before digging in. Although the restaurant … [More]
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lukedaniel         04/08/2014 16:25
The 'Hug Daddy'...... Says something when priests, (in this case, Jesuits) feel comfortable posing with 'Hug Daddy' while in lay clothes. Disgraceful! The whole thing!
lukedaniel         07/02/2014 09:48
'Sister'? Whose sister?
lukedaniel         07/02/2014 09:46
holyrope 3     06/02/2014 12:49
Feb. 2014 The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles is an order of contemplative nuns who live in a cloister and are still climbing music charts. They are set to release an album later this month for Lent.
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lukedaniel         21/01/2014 13:19
Gloria.TV – News Briefs     21/01/2014 06:52
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, posted on his blog yesterday the reasons why he is planning to join the Washington DC March for Life this coming Wednesday, January 22. He said:
I plan to join the … [More]
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lukedaniel         20/01/2014 19:56
Dear Father, In Michael Voris's Vortex, "The Gay Priest Party", I was wondering what you would have done if you had experienced the same thing as that priest who was invited to the party, then be introduced to all the homosexual priests and their partners? And too, remembering they haven't "broken communion with the Roman Pontiff".
lukedaniel         20/01/2014 19:45
Tell it Glocker! They come here expecting free handouts. And the Kenjan in the White House gives it to them.
lukedaniel         20/01/2014 19:36
Hey 'Seasons'.... In your world its OK if the priest is a homo, as long as he doesn't rape a young kid.
lukedaniel         18/01/2014 11:19
Voris talks alot about social justice and the scam behind it! I know of three priests right here in our diocese that have children, also a bishop.
lukedaniel         18/01/2014 10:54
Voris, we've heard all this before (thanks to you!)... but we need to hear what is going to be done about it! Sure the priest who went to the chancery will be what happens..everything still remains hidden. How is that helping the priesthood? The Faithful? The Whole Church by keeping it under wraps? If your going to be persecuted then be persecuted for the Truth and be done with it!! Just glad I have the Latin Mass to go to!
lukedaniel         15/01/2014 15:43
Thanks for the news!
lukedaniel         15/01/2014 15:40
I once attended a novus ordo mass and when ashes were administered.. The Franciscan priest has a lay distributor of communion administer the ashes upon his forehead...I could have puked right there!
lukedaniel         11/01/2014 09:04
Females never should have been put into the sanctuary to begin with. They want to play football with the guys or be construction workers or cops as they do rather than be the woman God made them for, keep destroying your real purpose and the femininity you should be exercising ladies.. Up to you... But Leave the Mass Alone ... That is Not your place.. Never was .. Never will be! This could all be solved by not attending the modern Protestant Novus Ordo and attend and demand the true Mass! The … [More]
    yuca2111 likes this.         11/01/2014 19:06
lukedaniel         06/01/2014 15:14
Wow...all that $$$$ so we could watch bishops do their 'dance fever' choreographed by an openly homosexual...attend mass with the 'boat altar' and receive communion from paper cups. Money used wisely.. Ugh!
lukedaniel         01/01/2014 12:28
Enough with the 'hand holding'.. 'do not judge', 'we must be sensitive.' It just comes down to plain common sense and in imitation of the saints and apostles who feared nothing at correcting and condemning the sins of others. Had we not been 'so sensitive' in correcting our erring brothers for the past Fifty years, maybe the church and the world wouldn't be where it is now. God help us!
lukedaniel         01/01/2014 12:15
Gloria.TV – News Briefs     31/12/2013 06:47
Painting ~ Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple (El Greco, Minneapolis)
Contrary to much popular belief, the catchphrase "hate the sin but love the sinner" is not of biblical origin, and caution should be given to its connotations. The … [More]
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lukedaniel         01/01/2014 12:14
Workers for Satan!
lukedaniel         24/11/2013 09:50
The Saints would have died from witnessing the novus ordo messes; but not before exorcising the church.
lukedaniel         24/11/2013 09:47
Gloria.TV – News Briefs     24/11/2013 06:37
I can't help feeling that having girls or women serving, apart from being a significant break with tradition, is a first step towards women clergy, 'stealth priestesses'. The function of a server is obviously to assist the priest, a good server … [More]
1,409 clicks     3 Postings
lukedaniel         28/10/2013 14:34
The devil found a way to destroy families.. Now he wants to continue destroying innocent children..born & unborn!
lukedaniel         28/10/2013 14:32
The True Mass!
lukedaniel         26/10/2013 09:49
And don't forget to 'thank' all those 'lay distributors' of communion at your local novus ordos.
lukedaniel         26/10/2013 09:47
The Mexican government expects the U. S. to do what they want. But don't even dare an illegal to enter into their own country! They want to send their cesspool of corruption over here. Anyone, including Gomez, who associates with these baby killers and sodomites will have to answer for it!
lukedaniel         03/10/2013 07:19
"We have to encourage people to move towards what they think is Good." More ambiguity!
lukedaniel         03/10/2013 07:15
Gloria.TV News     02/10/2013 21:34
Distant in thinking: In his interview with the atheist Eugenio Scálfari, Pope Francis made an attempt to find a common ground. Quote: “Do you think we are very far apart?” Scálfari basically said yes: “We are distant in our thinking, but similar as … [More]
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lukedaniel         06/09/2013 22:23
Attend the True Mass!
lukedaniel         06/09/2013 22:17
Gloria.TV News     05/09/2013 21:36
The Central Dogma Is the Eucharist Not the Papacy
Italy. If you meddle with the Holy Mass, the papacy will collapse. This is the gist of an editorial for RAH di cant tee “Radicati nella Fede” which was translated by “Rorate Caeli”. The text warns … [More]
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lukedaniel         06/09/2013 22:17
I liked the ending
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