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Ben Martin         Saturday, 10:08
What happens if the "Pope" refuses to follow the Church and Christ---is one to follow the Modernist Heretics to Hell just to be obedient. No one can answer that question. This is a red herring idea that being loyal to the Church and Christ is wrong.
Ben Martin         26/09/2015 14:09
Let 'bring Francis out into the public squares like St. Ambrose and St. Athanasius did to their heretic bishops of their day and make it be publicly known that mission is to deceive the faithful and hold him accountable to the Catholic Faith and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Ben Martin         25/09/2015 23:25
nothing on abortion or against gay marriage
What this world needs today is a Pope who would speak for and like Christ. Telling the world we have a spiritual problem, not a political or economic one.
The only answer is to make Christ the KING of all nations and hearts.
Pretend a CEO of huge Cancer Research company develops drug that will cure all cancers. He is asked to speak in front of assemble of people filled with cancer and looking for hope and answers. Instead of promoting his company … [More]
Ben Martin         24/09/2015 09:08
So little of anything---one is has to dig deep to find something so basic. Next we will be calling for his sainthood if you see him with a rosary. Come on people, You could find more defining words from a Boy Scout Leader.
Ben Martin         23/09/2015 22:30
Ben Martin         22/09/2015 17:49
how immodest
Ben Martin         12/09/2015 07:46
These V2 “popes” are not just bad sinning popes but enemies of Christ—big difference. Their mission is to pollute doctrine, water down Church teaching, open the door of hell for the faithful to jump in thinking they are doing the will of God. Look around you at state of the world and the faithful—it is rotten, you can tell by their fruits Christ said. V2 and V2 popes are all rotten!! To the core!! These are not personal sins of pope or impeccability wishes---but an evil force ushering the Anti-… [More]
Ben Martin         11/09/2015 08:10
Dr--any abuse going on, it is you, towards God---lying and not defending Christ and using the Church teaching to defend and protect evil.
The Church lost all of England because of King Henry VIII annulment and the pope refusing to grant him on. But now Francis want to make the annulment process even faster and quicker and easier---like a McDonald drive thru window.
You ok with that ==you going to defend the "Holy Father" on this---this is Catholic? You doing the work of evil, thinking your … [More]
Ben Martin         11/09/2015 00:40
See Dr-- I proved my point, your all talk and no show---back up your "pope". You are not doing the will of God pretending these things do not exist
I am way more Catholic than you could imagine, I can actually back up my Faith--you can't. You stand with Modernist and Heretics and want to call them Holy Father--shameful. This is not God's will
I think Christ warned us about you and Gregory, the men of Later Days.
Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:52
That is gratitude refuse their food as they illegal enter their country.
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Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:42
The Pope Francis Statement That Changed the Church on LGBT Issues…/pope-francis-lg…
1. Pope Francis said that God doesn’t condemn LGBT individuals — Sept. 30, 2013
2. Pope Francis suggested the church could be open to civil unions — March 5, 2014
3. The Francis effect goes global — Summer of 2014 4. The Synod on the Family’s interim report affirmed the “gifts and qualities” of LGBT individuals — October 2014 5. The pope began a series of meetings and dialogues with LGBT individuals …
Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:42
Not my words---but the worlds---pointing at your "Holy Father" that you cannot defend your own "Pope" that your member too===sound fishy and not very Catholic--like a Cult maybe
Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:39
The Vatican is in damage-control mode after the Pope sent his blessings to a same-sex family…
Pardi also sent the Pope a package of children’s books about untraditional families from her publishing house, Lo Stampatello (link in Italian). Why do you have two moms?, as well as two of Pardi’s other books, have been banned from Venice’s Kindergarten libraries.
The Pope closes the letter with his “apostle’s blessing” (a special benediction), for Pardi, she … [More]
Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:36
So in the 1930's there were around 10 annulments granted worldwide. Then in the 60's that number rose to 300 or so. Today it is over 60,000 per year and that is not "merciful". A little clue here, there was a recent they were slow and deliberate it was a major deal. It is truly a site to behold to watch this guy finalize the destruction of the visible "physical" church with such ease.
Papal Motu Proprios make annulment process shorter
Pope Francis' changes to the annulment process in full
www.… [More]
Ben Martin         10/09/2015 10:32
Come weaklings defend your "Holy Father" with the Standard of the Church and Christ---can not do it can you---only in name and uniform and then use the real teachings so they are adulterate for a man that is a Modernist-- that is love of Christ. Can't do it --so hide behind the very teaching that will bring you to Hell unless you repent.
Looks like you got what Christ said--the enemies of Christ leading and directing the flock, as wolves in sheep's clothing.
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