Ben Martin
Ben Martin         13/07/2015 09:16
Francis is doing devils work!! He should of slap the man in the face and smash the evil statue on the ground. This was no surprise to Frances---His Secret Service Security open and check everything he touches--they knew this was coming and would be a gift. Francis will have much to face on judgment day.
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Ben Martin         07/07/2015 09:10
Where is Francis on this this and the modern Church---you hear and see nothing. Satan loves it!!
Ben Martin         02/07/2015 09:05
With a the spiritual leader of world, Francis, saying: Who am I to judged! Anything is possible and acceptable. Just keep calling him Holy Father ---he will lead you right. There is consequence to peoples words and actions and inactions.
Ben Martin         02/07/2015 08:43
Dr. Reiss, thanks for the prescription doc---it is time for your nap, to much stimuli in one day for you old boy. Go back to sleep in the opium den of illusion & happy thoughts and m(a)ess facing the people. Get the balloons and the dancing clowns and girls to cheer you up. Oops I hear there is a new visionary just report--better urn and follow it and write article on it. Good luck.
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 09:50
Hey little Joe---just because the world does all this things you think it ok with God?- Who is in control you and your passions and erroneous opinions or God? Man does not dictate the laws of God---nor does fashions, tends, human norms, styles or time change God and His commands--your so vain your view of God--it all about you and narcissism and what you feel is correct.
You cannot back up what you say--because your wrong and like to take subject to the weeds to lost.
Provide any Church teach … [More]
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 08:43
You tell us Uncle Joe---60 years wow--since that 3 times your lifetime that is ancient!! God changes so much and His law change according to fashion and trends. Sin is Sin my boy. I am not going to watch your lustful trash you want others to view. You should be shameful with your behavior going directly against the words of a cardinal vicar of the pope and laws of the Church. Just pick and choose what you want in a God and a church. Why are we such a problem today with the faithful--because … [More]
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 00:45
Maybe the words of a Pope--talking about modesty--might mean something, if your Catholic:
Standards of Modesty in Dress
Imprimatur dated Sept. 24, 1956
"A dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat; which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows; and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knees. Furthermore, dresses of transparent materials are improper."
The Cardinal Vicar of Pius XI
Ben Martin         26/06/2015 08:42
Gloria--You look much better with longer sleeves and plus it is more modest.
Ben Martin         28/05/2015 08:09
Had great fun!!
Ben Martin         27/05/2015 22:56
Francis says who am I to judge so who are you to say it is wrong.
Ben Martin         26/05/2015 22:50
It was so effective the Irish voted in majority for Sodomy marriage
Ben Martin         22/05/2015 08:07
Pray that God grants him mercy based on ignorance
Ben Martin         21/05/2015 08:15
Daredevil is a mortal sin---It IS not a great way to meet your Creator---in the state with no grace or no chance of repentances
DEAN POTTER---DIED THE OTHERDAY!!!…/yosemite-base-j… [More]
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Ben Martin         09/05/2015 08:17
TAKE this sinful trash off---it a tool of SATAN to their punk in your mind and soul---it solves nothing
    pehoward likes this.         16/05/2015 21:40
Ben Martin         08/05/2015 07:54
Unity for the sake of being united on anything and it is amazing what the holy spirit will do--talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!!
Ben Martin         04/05/2015 08:54
How vain===the kids does not even have talent.
Ben Martin         22/04/2015 00:21
boring---listening to s protestant song and thinking just because she is in habit that she is some how holy
Ben Martin         06/04/2015 09:18
As you can see Islam is a religion of peace.
Ben Martin         03/04/2015 09:00
You are s0 Protestant --what are you doing on a Catholic channel
Ben Martin         03/04/2015 08:55
Protestant song to remember Christ suffering as result of heretics
Ben Martin         21/03/2015 08:25
This is not the work of Christ to be paraded around as some victim of Christ. It is all a show and mockery in the end
It all the sin of Vanity and deceiving
The blood is all like All Star Wrestling.
For example look at 00.45 of the video---she is hitting head with a pin or poker to bleed. Watch that she goes back and forth with a object in her hand to her head --she gets from the lady behind her. -
It is all fake and trickery.
Ben Martin         19/03/2015 07:10
Watch he will be the next "Pope"
    Fiel al Evangelio likes this.         19/03/2015 15:28
Ben Martin         19/03/2015 06:57
Getting medals from communist leaders is enough proof that he is not a saint
Ben Martin         16/03/2015 23:11
Should have gave baby up for adoption, to two loving parents. Every kid has a right to two parents--not a kid raising them.
Ben Martin         16/03/2015 08:39
Francis needs to pray to be more humble and meek. To be content with God's will and carry his cross silently--not cry for pity.
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