Ben Martin
Ben Martin         Friday, 08:07
Pray that God grants him mercy based on ignorance
Ben Martin         Thursday, 08:15
Daredevil is a mortal sin---It IS not a great way to meet your Creator---in the state with no grace or no chance of repentances
DEAN POTTER---DIED THE OTHERDAY!!!…/yosemite-base-j… [More]
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Ben Martin         09/05/2015 08:17
TAKE this sinful trash off---it a tool of SATAN to their punk in your mind and soul---it solves nothing
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Ben Martin         08/05/2015 07:54
Unity for the sake of being united on anything and it is amazing what the holy spirit will do--talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!!
Ben Martin         04/05/2015 08:54
How vain===the kids does not even have talent.
Ben Martin         22/04/2015 00:21
boring---listening to s protestant song and thinking just because she is in habit that she is some how holy
Ben Martin         06/04/2015 09:18
As you can see Islam is a religion of peace.
Ben Martin         03/04/2015 09:00
You are s0 Protestant --what are you doing on a Catholic channel
Ben Martin         03/04/2015 08:55
Protestant song to remember Christ suffering as result of heretics
Ben Martin         21/03/2015 08:25
This is not the work of Christ to be paraded around as some victim of Christ. It is all a show and mockery in the end
It all the sin of Vanity and deceiving
The blood is all like All Star Wrestling.
For example look at 00.45 of the video---she is hitting head with a pin or poker to bleed. Watch that she goes back and forth with a object in her hand to her head --she gets from the lady behind her. -
It is all fake and trickery.
Ben Martin         19/03/2015 07:10
Watch he will be the next "Pope"
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Ben Martin         19/03/2015 06:57
Getting medals from communist leaders is enough proof that he is not a saint
Ben Martin         16/03/2015 23:11
Should have gave baby up for adoption, to two loving parents. Every kid has a right to two parents--not a kid raising them.
Ben Martin         16/03/2015 08:39
Francis needs to pray to be more humble and meek. To be content with God's will and carry his cross silently--not cry for pity.
Ben Martin         16/03/2015 08:26
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
Ben Martin         05/03/2015 21:46
Ben Martin         26/02/2015 08:26
It might help to put in English-(if you post it on English site)--show a photo and describe who it is.
Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., (15 February 1927 – 31 August 2012) was an Italian Jesuit and cardinal of the Catholic Church. He was Archbishop of Milan from 1980 to 2002 and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1983. [More]
Ben Martin         24/11/2014 08:50
Ridiculous to call the man over and over "Holy Father" and then describe grounds for being a heretic in the next sentence
Call a spade a spade --by there fruits you shall know them
Ben Martin         24/11/2014 08:21
If we could only make him a saint, like all the other V2 popes--all would be forgotten and happy again.
Ben Martin         22/11/2014 08:44
Stupid video---proves nothing --thanks for wasting 3:20 minutes of my day
Ben Martin         22/11/2014 08:37
Not one word that it would be a mortal sin to do otherwise and to be married by the Justice of the Peace you would not be validly married in the Eyes of God and living in sin.
Any children from the unit would be illegitimate and bastards. You cannot receive the living sacraments and many other points
Ben Martin         22/11/2014 08:21
crazy nonsense---just buck up to the facts---all the V2 "popes" are modernist heretics that have destroyed the face of the Church and are leading the faithful to Hell.
Want to see the real fake:
Ben Martin         21/11/2014 08:25
Amen Brother
Ben Martin         18/11/2014 07:55
I am sure she was arrested and thrown in the street under the pretense of love and peace.
The Muslims are only getting use to praying in Cathedrals, for in a few years they will own and occupy them.
We will buy the rope to hang ourselves---while the good Christians just sit back watching Rome burn and put money in the Sunday collection basket, so the bandits can buy more matches and gasoline.
So day one all will have to go before God and face what he did not do to stop this madness
Ben Martin         16/11/2014 07:05
Some modernist nun is going to teach us---they are ones that got us here to this problem already.
Ben Martin         15/11/2014 07:03
You can trust Dolan!!-----to lie! He love to cover up the truth and a greasy salesman.
Blame the reports again--to hide the evil. What working document would even table the ideas of grave sin as a option???
Do not be fooled by these slick talkers they are Wolves in sheep clothing.
Ben Martin         15/11/2014 06:48
I think you need to post a few posting from yourself and make more realistic!!
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