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Evil is fighting back
Ben Martin         23/08/2015 14:30
How about the desecrations that have daily with the new Mass, that is celebrate in all the Catholic churches. How about all these Gay Masses, or other abuse in the modern day.
Ben Martin         21/08/2015 09:00
Just following the love of Francis 1
Ben Martin         18/08/2015 08:43
What kind of violent nut father is this ---even the cat know it wrong to use that much force.
Ben Martin         31/07/2015 09:24
Him and Francis should tour together!!
Ben Martin         31/07/2015 09:20
JpII promoted many heresy
Ben Martin         13/07/2015 09:16
Francis is doing devils work!! He should of slap the man in the face and smash the evil statue on the ground. This was no surprise to Frances---His Secret Service Security open and check everything he touches--they knew this was coming and would be a gift. Francis will have much to face on judgment day.
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Ben Martin         07/07/2015 09:10
Where is Francis on this this and the modern Church---you hear and see nothing. Satan loves it!!
Ben Martin         02/07/2015 09:05
With a the spiritual leader of world, Francis, saying: Who am I to judged! Anything is possible and acceptable. Just keep calling him Holy Father ---he will lead you right. There is consequence to peoples words and actions and inactions.
Ben Martin         02/07/2015 08:43
Dr. Reiss, thanks for the prescription doc---it is time for your nap, to much stimuli in one day for you old boy. Go back to sleep in the opium den of illusion & happy thoughts and m(a)ess facing the people. Get the balloons and the dancing clowns and girls to cheer you up. Oops I hear there is a new visionary just report--better urn and follow it and write article on it. Good luck.
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 09:50
Hey little Joe---just because the world does all this things you think it ok with God?- Who is in control you and your passions and erroneous opinions or God? Man does not dictate the laws of God---nor does fashions, tends, human norms, styles or time change God and His commands--your so vain your view of God--it all about you and narcissism and what you feel is correct.
You cannot back up what you say--because your wrong and like to take subject to the weeds to lost.
Provide any Church teach … [More]
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 08:43
You tell us Uncle Joe---60 years wow--since that 3 times your lifetime that is ancient!! God changes so much and His law change according to fashion and trends. Sin is Sin my boy. I am not going to watch your lustful trash you want others to view. You should be shameful with your behavior going directly against the words of a cardinal vicar of the pope and laws of the Church. Just pick and choose what you want in a God and a church. Why are we such a problem today with the faithful--because … [More]
Ben Martin         01/07/2015 00:45
Maybe the words of a Pope--talking about modesty--might mean something, if your Catholic:
Standards of Modesty in Dress
Imprimatur dated Sept. 24, 1956
"A dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat; which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows; and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knees. Furthermore, dresses of transparent materials are improper."
The Cardinal Vicar of Pius XI
Ben Martin         26/06/2015 08:42
Gloria--You look much better with longer sleeves and plus it is more modest.
Ben Martin         28/05/2015 08:09
Had great fun!!
Ben Martin         27/05/2015 22:56
Francis says who am I to judge so who are you to say it is wrong.
Ben Martin         26/05/2015 22:50
It was so effective the Irish voted in majority for Sodomy marriage
Ben Martin         22/05/2015 08:07
Pray that God grants him mercy based on ignorance
Ben Martin         21/05/2015 08:15
Daredevil is a mortal sin---It IS not a great way to meet your Creator---in the state with no grace or no chance of repentances
DEAN POTTER---DIED THE OTHERDAY!!!…/yosemite-base-j… [More]
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Ben Martin         09/05/2015 08:17
TAKE this sinful trash off---it a tool of SATAN to their punk in your mind and soul---it solves nothing
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Ben Martin         08/05/2015 07:54
Unity for the sake of being united on anything and it is amazing what the holy spirit will do--talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!!
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