Chinnu         25/07/2012 23:45
Nice Song and prayer and good video. Congrats.
    12/05/2012 21:19
God cannot be present with us always PHYSICALLY, so HE gave us MOTHERS. "Honor your mother, and never abandon her all the days of your life. Do all that she wants, and give her no reason for sorrow. Remember, my child, all the risks she ran for your sake when you were in her womb." (Tobit 4:3-5) WISH ALL THE MOTHERS HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
Chinnu         13/01/2011 01:07
Soundingjoy do not be dismayed. I really regret if someone hurt you. Continue your love for Jesus.
Chinnu         13/01/2011 00:32

Bravo. It's really needed for this day. We need not to quit because the battle is so hard. If we stand by Him, sure we will win. Thank You dear Voris for this wonderful fight.
Chinnu         17/07/2010 21:02
beautiful but incomplete
Chinnu         25/12/2009 22:20
It's great joy to receive a Christmas Greetings from Gloria Team. and it's my privilege to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS. May the Baby Jesus bless all your Undertaking. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.
Chinnu     19/05/2009 06:58
This is the snowy view of Cloistered Carmel Ashram in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Chinnu         14/04/2009 02:23
Thank you Father.
Chinnu     07/03/2009 16:47
On 28th February 2009 at the University of San Jose there was a huge gathering of the Youth. Don't think that this is a youth festival but it was Vocation Jambore 2009. More than 8000 Youth Participated. Many Religious Congregations and Religious … [Plus]
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Chinnu     07/03/2009 11:32
This is a touching performance by the University of Cebu in the Vocation Jamboree 2009 which was held at San Jose University Campas on 28th February 2009 as a overnight Programme. This simple play with Dance gives the message for todays world. The … [Plus]
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Chinnu     07/03/2009 10:24
As we are in the season of lent, everyone will be fasting (in their own way). Isaiah chapter 58 tells clearly about the fasting. Added to that these fastings also is needed for the modern man!
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Chinnu     07/03/2009 04:36
This is the Theme Song of Vocation Jambore Which was conducted in San Jose University Campas on 28th February 2009.
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Chinnu         03/03/2009 07:53
God's Creations are always wonderful.
Chinnu         24/02/2009 22:37
God's Providence is more than what we think or expect. "He will give more than what we pray for" if we belive.
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