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Gloria.TV News  Wednesday, 19:10
Reality Check: Father Alexander Lucie-Smith – a parish-priest and journalist for the Catholic Herald – has explained why he signed the letter of 500 British priests in support of Church teaching on marriage. According to him “divorce is no longer … [More]
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mq     10/03/2015 21:22
Gloria.TV News  10/03/2015 19:27
No Cheap Mercy: Yesterday, Pope Francis spoke in his morning homily about forgiveness. Quote: “God always forgives, but He asks me to forgive others. If I do not forgive, I close the door to God’s forgiveness.” humbly believes that it is … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  25/02/2015 18:35
A free country? Talk show host Barbara Simpson has defended San Francisco archbishop Salvatore Cordileone who is being attacked by media and politicians for asking teachers in Catholic high schools not to participate in immoral public activities … [More]
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mq     24/11/2014 21:11
Gloria.TV News  24/11/2014 19:45
Team Bergoglio: Austen Ivereigh writes in a not yet published biography of the Pope that there was a highly organised campaign by a small group of European cardinals to elect Cardinal Bergoglio pope. He calls the group "Team Bergoglio". Its key … [More]
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Sofia  13/11/2014 15:30
Michael Voris
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mq     10/11/2014 10:03
DonaldSpitz  10/11/2014 09:10
Iran's Qara Kelisa honored the memory of Saint Thaddeus and his faithful followers during a ceremony in the northern province of West Azarbaijan.
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Gloria.TV News  30/09/2014 18:45
Another Blow for the Papists: Conservative and papist Catholicism of the United States has been dealt another blow with the appointment of Blase Cupich as the new archbishop of Chicago according to the journalist Sandro Magister. The first blow was … [More]
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Michael Keep it up
mq     29/07/2014 18:56
"The Papacy was silent during WWII, you cannot afford for History to repeat itself", the good judge would do well to acquaint herself to understand the true history of that time, not a 1963 rewrite version of it. It's bad enough that the world does not acknowledge the Popes heroic steering of the Church during WWII, we don't need so called Catholics spewing ignorance of what really happened.
mq     02/07/2014 21:03
Davis Studio  02/07/2014 15:01
Civil War Truce, a true story of courage and generosity told in this hauntingly beautiful account of a young Catholic Sister. As the American Civil War erupted around her, authorities up and down the Ohio River scrambled to make room for injured … [More]
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mq     02/07/2014 21:00
pnicholson  02/07/2014 17:25
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Gloria.TV News  02/07/2014 19:22
Exorcists: The Congregation for the Clergy has recognized the International Association of Exorcists that counts 250 members in 30 countries. The founder of the association is the famous 89-year-old Roman exorcist Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth. He … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  30/04/2014 19:34
Terribly reprehensible: Louisiana Republican State Representative Joe Lopinto has changed his bill that added the electric chair as an option for executing inmates who have been sentenced to death. Difficulty in obtaining the poison to execute … [More]
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Carlus  28/04/2014 11:16
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Sofia  08/04/2014 05:35
Stoking the fires of the Hell Debate.
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mq     18/03/2014 22:02
Gloria.TV News  18/03/2014 20:26
Arthritis in the Legs: The Italian weekly “Chi” publishes today pictures of Benedict XVI while leaving the Vatican monastery where he is living. He looks tired and needs the support of his private secretary, archbishop Georg Gänswein in order to go … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  12/02/2014 18:44
No Mercy: The prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has said to an Austrian press agency that the door for the reconciliation with the SSPX is still open. According to Müller the Congregation … [More]
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giovannasecci  24/12/2013 06:08
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mq     15/12/2013 09:18
I am a big Rush fan but here his pride is getting the best of him and he will not let go. He is out of his league in regards to mans soul. He should stick to Obamacare diatribes which he does well, not so much commenting on what Francis has to say.
mq     26/09/2013 21:20
Gloria.TV News  26/09/2013 19:07
To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News
Damage: Former Catholic convert and now Eastern orthodox Rod Dreher has commented in the New York Times on the Pope’s recent interview. The title: „The pope did more damage than he realized“. … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  05/09/2013 21:36
The Central Dogma Is the Eucharist Not the Papacy
Italy. If you meddle with the Holy Mass, the papacy will collapse. This is the gist of an editorial for RAH di cant tee “Radicati nella Fede” which was translated by “Rorate Caeli”. The text warns … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  04/09/2013 21:05
Bankruptcy: The diocese of Gallup, New Mexico is poised to file for bankruptcy protection. Over the weekend, at Masses throughout the diocese, parishioners were read a letter from bishop James Wall that said in the face of insurmountable lawsuits, … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  03/09/2013 22:44
Fasting for Peace: The appeal of pope Francis to fast and pray on Saturday, September 7 for peace in Syria has received support beyond the Church among Moslems and non-believers in the Italian government. The Sunni grand mufti in Syria wants to be … [More]
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mq     03/09/2013 08:05
Gloria.TV News  02/09/2013 22:37
Badmouthing and Gossip: Where there is God there is no gossip that can kill. This Pope Francis said yesterday morning in his homily. We are used to gossip – he said – “but how many times our communities, even our families have become a hell in … [More]
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mq     28/08/2013 20:06
04:27  28/08/2013 19:49
One of the greatest fathers of the Church, St. Augustine had a famous conversion which lead him to the service of God and His Church. Father reminds us that our conversion is always ongoing and that we must think of ourselves as if we were … [More]
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Gloria.TV News  16/08/2013 08:56
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Evolutionary spirit: On Wednesday, Sr. Ilia Delio addressed the dissenting Leadership Conference of Women Religious gathered for their annual assembly in Orlando, Florida. According to her, the … [More]
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Holy Cannoli  15/03/2012 10:36
The voice of an angel: Sumi Jo.
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Gloria.TV News  13/08/2013 07:05
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No Messiah: A judge in Tennessee changed a 7-month-old boy's name to Martin from Messiah saying the religious name was earned by one person and – quote - "that one person is Jesus Christ." The boy'… [More]
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