holyrope1     12/12/2012 16:01
Hmmmm... can non-Catholics go to Heaven?
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holyrope1         24/06/2010 10:13
clown masses, beach masses, childrens' masses, new age masses, magic masses, teddy bear masses,..etc,. etc,.....
This is why the Holy Father wants the Traditional Latin Mass in ALL churches. [More]
holyrope1         22/06/2010 16:09
Modern mass for you.....Return our Traditional Latin Mass as the Holy Father wants it! Reprimand the disobedient priests & bishops who refuse it against the will of the Pope!
holyrope1     21/06/2010 15:11
St. John Cantius....
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holyrope1         21/06/2010 12:53
thanks for the news!
holyrope1         17/06/2010 15:21
Nothing like the Traditional Latin Mass....Hope all priests and bishops take heed and be Obedient to the Holy Father's
Motu Proprio on getting the Latin Mass in ALL churches! And they are in all the dioceses,..so lets keep praying for the pastors who still refuse the Pope's wishes!
holyrope1         17/06/2010 15:18
There are more qualified people that know and confirm their belief in Un Identified Objects.
holyrope1     17/06/2010 13:48
The Inspiration
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holyrope1     17/06/2010 13:24
The Pope breaks out the heretic Hammer!
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holyrope1         17/06/2010 12:56
Muslims are constantly building their mosques throughout the world, over 2000 right here in the USA and still building...Catholic voices must be heard when dioceses' talk about selling our churches to the muslims... but by the time we hear about it, the deal is done.
Was that a sister or a mister in that photo? I think I heard the word sister, but the pic showed otherwise.
holyrope1     12/06/2010 13:48
Michael Voris Back From Rome
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holyrope1     07/06/2010 17:30
Red Skelton 1969, Pledge Of Allegiance
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holyrope1     06/06/2010 22:20
Universal Enemies
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holyrope1         06/06/2010 21:57
This posting has been cancelled by the author of the medium.
holyrope1         06/06/2010 21:56
Let's see the Latin Mass.
holyrope1     03/06/2010 19:12
Catholic Prayer of Thanksgiving
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holyrope1         02/06/2010 17:08
hOW IRONIC THAT BISHOP MARTIN AMOS SPEAKS UP ABOUT ORDAINING WOMEN, WHEN AT HIS CONFERENCE at St. Adelberts in Ohio, he had a suit clad feminist nun acting as though she were a priest, while Bishop Amos had her go through certain things a priest does during Mass to familiarize to the people WHY they do what they do. He later made a comment to all present that the "nun" made mad a wonderful "priest". All had a laugh at the same time cheering in the church. There are FEW of American bishops that … [More]
holyrope1     31/05/2010 23:44
This is Catholic Tradition
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holyrope1         30/05/2010 22:34
Very Nice...thank you for this.
holyrope1     26/05/2010 19:11
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holyrope1         23/05/2010 11:44
Very nice..thank you.
holyrope1         22/05/2010 22:43
James Martin is a liberal and was fired from being editor to the AMERICA magazine, as he wrote and promoted his anti-Catholic views and opinions.
holyrope1         22/05/2010 11:09
And in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient. (Rom 1:26-28)
Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination. (LV 18:22)
SEE also: Rom 1:24....Lv 20:13....1Cor 6:9-10...… [More]
holyrope1     19/05/2010 21:37
Sacred Music At MASS [More]
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holyrope1     19/05/2010 21:09
Kyrie Eleison [More]
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holyrope1     19/05/2010 15:40
Mediatrix of All Grace [More]
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holyrope1     19/05/2010 15:00
Veni Sancti Spiritus [More]
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holyrope1         19/05/2010 10:13
My...it has snowed here in the USA in May too before.
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