SML2     22:46
Pourquoi les Terroristes Rigolent en Tuant?
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SML2     Sunday, 23:42
DEBATE WITH ANJEM CHOUDARY: What Does History Tell Us about How Islam Began
On May 20th, 2015 Jay Smith and Don Deal debated Anjem Choudary and Mizanur Rahman on the historical problems surrounding the emergence of Islam, on … [More]
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SML2     Sunday, 17:22
Tunisie : la police agresse les non-jeuneurs mais ignore les terroristes
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SML2     Saturday, 22:56
Global Warming: The Other Side of the Argument and Evidence of More Manipulated Data
John Coleman, KUSI meteorologist, Weather Channel founder, and iconic weatherman, explains the science and controversy surrounding Global … [More]
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SML2     23/06/2015 21:44
How the Global Warming Scare Began
A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years … [More]
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SML2     23/06/2015 21:00
Sweetening the pill: Could some birth-control methods kill you?
Could some pharmaceutical birth-control methods be having side-effects that are more dangerous than women realise? The birth control pill was one of the greatest … [More]
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SML2     22/06/2015 22:18
Der nächste islamistische Anschlag kommt الضربة الارهابية القادمة
Nicht zu bestreiten, dass die Auseinandersetzung zwischen dem Islam und der nichtmuslimischen Welt von verschiedenen Faktoren unterfüttert … [More]
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SML2     22/06/2015 22:03
Der Islam und das Schweigen der Kirchen
Viele Menschen sind verwundert darüber, mit welcher Passivität die christlichen Kirchen die Entwicklung in Deutschland und Europa bezüglich zunehmender Macht des … [More]
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SML2     22/06/2015 00:01
Der Klimaschwindel - SpiegelTV
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SML2     21/06/2015 23:48
Das Klima-Kartell? Von Storch, Latif und Rahmstorf äußern sich zu Climategate
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SML2     21/06/2015 17:50
Brigitte Traeger ❤ Segne du Maria
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SML2     17/06/2015 21:11…
Sexuality Explained: A Guide for Parents and Children
By Louise Kirk with Jessie Gillick
£12.99 paperback from Gracewing (free delivery for UK orders) $19.95 from Freedom Publishin… [More]
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SML2     15/06/2015 23:32
Sunnisme et Falsification du Coran
L’Islam sunnite n’est rien d’autre qu’une religion de soumission aux califes, émirs, sultans, walis… et toute sorte de dictateurs sanguinaires qui ont gouverné les musulmans pendant des … [More]
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SML2     14/06/2015 21:50
Islam et monde contemporain : conférence du père Henri Boulad au Centre Charlier
Conférence du père Boulad au Centre Charlier ; organisée par Chrétienté-Solidarité
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SML2     12/06/2015 20:16…/egypte-un-chef-…
شاهدوا اخلاق وشذوذ شيوخ السلفية على الهواء
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SML2     10/06/2015 22:24
Islam. How To Properly Beat Your Wife (MEMRI TV)
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SML2     10/06/2015 22:04…/discours-sur-li…
Discours sur l'islam du Père Boulad à l'Assemblée Nationale
A l'invitation du député des Yvelines Jean-Frédéric Poisson, le père égyptien jésuite Henri Boulad a discouru le 27 … [More]
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SML2     10/06/2015 15:47…/celui-qui-delai…
Celui qui délaisse la prière, Allah permet de le tuer
Le cheikh Mohamad Said Raslan explique qu'il est licite de tuer celui qui délaisse la prière. Il ne fait en fait que répéter le … [More]
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SML2     08/06/2015 22:41
Die Juden - Geschichte eines Volkes (6/6) Überleben (Doku)
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SML2     08/06/2015 22:20
L'Islam en conflit (1/2)
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SML2     08/06/2015 15:50…/muslim-church-a…
Muslim vandalizes church, is free on bail
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SML2     07/06/2015 22:59
Tod oder Taufe, die Juden - Geschichte eines Volkes (4/6)(Doku)
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SML2     06/06/2015 22:32
Die Juden - Geschichte eines Volkes (5/6) Heimatsuche (Doku)
Die Reihe ist eine faszinierende Expedition in die über 3.000-jährige Geschichte des Judentums, eine Geschichte voller Glanz und Elend, Hoffnung und Verzweiflung. … [More]
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SML2     05/06/2015 22:03
Western culture can’t be renewed until it gets sexual act right: Cardinal Burke in Ottawa…
Cardinal Burke – Culture must get sex right, or be destroyed
Cardinal Raymond Burke speaks in … [More]
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SML2     05/06/2015 21:59
Colleen Bayer is a papal dame and the national director of Family Life International in New Zealand. This is the full transcript of her talk given in Rome, May 2015, at the Rome Life Forum.…
Francis' 'Rabbit… [More]
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SML2     03/06/2015 16:12
High schoolers’ powerful new pro-life film compares abortion to Boston bombing…
Tale of Two Tragedies
Boston is the home of one of the most recent tragedies in the US against human life … [More]
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SML2     30/05/2015 21:31
Entretien avec Mohammed Christophe Bilek, organisateur du colloque Yeshua el Messiah
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SML2     26/05/2015 21:44
Le Suicide Mental dans le Monde Islamique
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SML2     25/05/2015 22:17
Il était une foi, l’Islam ……/il-etait-une-fo…
Le plan pour gagner la bataille des idées sur l'islam. Majid Oukacha.
Comment faire pour éviter que notre beau pays laïque de culture chrétienne (fer de lance … [More]
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