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Rome MMX

In 2010, I have 3 occasions to be in Rome. Firstly, the General Chapter of the Order of Preachers from 31 August - 21 September, where I am serving as the official Chronicler. My posts and photos are at the Chapter's website. Then, a holiday from … [More]
  • 3,816x2,762
    San Bartolomeo all'Isola
    The century-old history of the Basilica of St. Bartholomew begins on the Tiber Island, one of the …
  • 2,472x4,410
    St Bartholomew
    Today is the feast of the apostle Bartholomew (Nathanael), who was born at Cana and brought by the …
  • 4,144x2,742
    Santa Sabina Chapter Room
    St Dominic clothed St Hyacinth in the habit of the Order in 1220 here in Rome in this chapter room …
  • 1,806x2,869
    St Hyacinth of Poland
    Today, the Order celebrates the feast of Saint Hyacinth (Jacek) who was born near Wrocław (Breslau)…
  • 4,276x3,084
    Santa Sabina Cloister
    The main cloister of Santa Sabina, headquarters of the Dominicans in Rome since it was given to St …
  • 2,676x3,652
    Sanctus Dominicus
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,872x4,662
    Man of Faith
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,595x4,272
    Nave Ceiling of Il Gesu
    Decorated in 1679, the ceiling of the main Jesuit church of in Rome is painted by Baciccio, with …
  • 3,983x2,555
    Emblem of the Society of Jesus
    In 1541 St Ignatius of Loyola adopted the Christogram of the Holy Name of Jesus as his seal as …
  • 2,848x3,307
    Heavenly Discourse
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,897x2,856
    Christ entrusts his Flock to St Peter
    "Simon Peter, if you love me, feed my sheep." – Matins antiphon for the feast of SS Peter & Paul. …
  • 3,195x2,700
    St Paul in Rome
    "O Paul, teacher of truth and apostle of the Gentiles, you are truly worthy of honour.Through you, …
  • 2,713x4,430
    St Romuald
    Today is the memorial of the abbot St Romuald who lived between 950 and 1027, and came from Ravenna…
  • 2,528x3,840
    Relic of the Column
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,474x2,615
    The Triune God
    "With all our hearts we proclaim you in a loud voice, uncreated Father, only-begotten Son, Holy …
  • 2,659x2,852
    Deus Caritas Est
    "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be …
  • 2,632x3,514
    St Dominic
    "Almighty God, you have enlightened your Church by the merits and teachings of Saint Dominic, your …
  • 4,206x2,792
    Santa Maria del Rosario
    The chapel of the Dominican nuns' convent at Monte Mario in Rome. The nuns who live here are in …
  • 2,264x4,232
    Relic of St Dominic
    "Most holy priest of God, gracious confessor and outstanding preacher, most blessed Father Dominic,…
  • 2,728x3,932
    Shrine Chapel of St Dominic's Cell
    This is the once austere cell (monastic room) of St Dominic in the convent of Santa Sabina in Rome.…
  • 2,285x3,387
    Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the Order
    It has been the custom of the Church to invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary under titles such as Advocat…
  • 4,131x2,478
    Opus sectile Altar
    Opus sectile is a technique where, instead of having lots of individual tesserae, shapes in a …
  • 2,591x1,702
    St Cyril & St Methodius
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,186x3,963
    St Valentine
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,164x2,702
    Corinthian Capital
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,594x4,082
    Virgin Mother in Silos
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,272x2,848
    Silos beasts
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,272x2,848
    Silos Bestiary
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,208x2,981
    St Francis Xavier baptizing
    "Almighty and everlasting God, we thank you for your servant Francis, whom you called to preach …
  • 2,544x4,072
    Today, 10 November, is the feast of St Leo I, the first pope to be called 'The Great'. He died in …
  • 1,960x2,931
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,608x2,526
    Under Our Lady's Mantle
    "He was called Dominic, and I speak of him as the gardener chosen by Christ to help him in his …
  • 3,930x2,676
    Wise Virgins
    "But at midnight there was a cry, 'Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him.' Then all those […
  • 3,114x4,473
    Ceiling of SS Cosma e Damiano
    The twin brothers Cosmas and Damian were martyred in c.287. They were from Cilicia (modern Turkey),…
  • 4,149x2,848
    St Peter and St Damian
    Detail from the 6th-century apse mosaic in the basilica of SS Cosmas & Damian in Rome. Here, St …
  • 2,636x2,884
    St Paul and St Cosmas
    Detail from the 9th-century apse mosaic in the basilica of SS Cosmas & Damian in Rome. St Paul …
  • 2,672x3,908
    San Pio da Pietrelcina
    "Almighty and eternal God, who, by a singular grace, allowed the priest Saint Pio to participate …
  • 3,327x2,731
    St Matthew
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,622x4,098
    Pope St Gregory the Great's Throne
    In the church of San Gregorio on the Coelian Hill in Rome, which is built on the site of Pope St …
  • 2,848x4,200
    St Gregory's chapel
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,848x4,110
    Gregorius Magnus
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,444x3,907
    The Virgin of Mount Carmel
    Today is the principal feast day of the Carmelite Order. Through the efforts of the crusader Bertho…
  • 3,882x2,561
    Flos Carmeli
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,272x2,848
    Gloria Cælorum
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,728x3,434
    Loving Shepherd
    "‘Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke …
  • 4,272x2,699
    Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza
    Built in 1642-1660 by the architect Francesco Borromini, the church of St Yves in Rome is part of …
  • 4,218x2,848
    Temple of All the Martyrs in Rome
    The Pantheon was the first temple in Rome to be converted into a church in 609, and dedicated to …
  • 3,954x2,740
    Sarcophagi of Roman Martyrs
    "Father, you sanctified the Church of Rome with the blood of its first martyrs. May we find strengt…
  • 4,032x2,820
    Ss Peter & Paul leading the Martyrs to Glory
    Detail from the glorious arch mosaic in Santa Prassede, c.822 which shows St Peter and St Paul, …
  • 1,980x2,873
    Precursor of the Lord
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,679x4,072
    Relics of St Peter Martyr
    "Almighty God, you granted Saint Peter the crown of martyrdom for his perseverance in professing …
  • 2,795x3,524
    Ascendit Christus
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,188x3,047
    Christ Ascending on High
    "Almighty God, fill us with a holy joy; teach us how to thank you with reverence and love on accoun…
  • 2,620x3,796
    "And when Socrates endeavoured, by true reason and examination, to bring these things to light, …
  • 2,892x2,185
    Among the Philosophers
    Today, 1 June, is the feast of St Justin who was born around the year 100 in the Palestinian provin…
  • 2,520x3,348
    Marcus Aurelius
    "Almighty and everlasting God, you found your martyr Justin wandering from teacher to teacher, …
  • 4,272x2,697
    Marian Blue
    "Today we celebrate the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: come, let us ring out our joy to …
  • 4,023x2,374
    Sign of Roman Traders
    In the Acts of the Apostles, one meets Lydia (Acts 16:14), who was "a devout woman from the town …
  • 4,098x2,756
    Roman matron
    In today's reading in Acts 16:14, we are introduced to Lydia: "One who heard us was a woman named …
  • 2,846x3,806
    Ave Gratia Plena!
    "An archangel was sent from Heaven to say to the Theotokos: Rejoice! And beholding Thee, O Lord, …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Basilica of SS Nereo e Achilleo
    This church was one of the tituli, the first parish churches of Rome, known as the Titulus Fasciola…
  • 4,273x2,920
    Apse of SS Nereus & Achilleus
    Santi Nereo e Achilleo is an ancient church dedicated to St Nereus and St Achilleus, 4th century …
  • 3,702x2,789
    St Catherine receives the Stigmata
    "Almighty God, you made Saint Catherine burn with divine love in contemplating the Lord’s passion …
  • 2,848x4,272
    St Catherine of Siena OP
    St Catherine was born in Siena, Italy, in 1347. One of twenty-five children, while still a small …
  • 4,146x2,812
    The Tomb of St Catherine of Siena
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,157x3,174
    St James the Less
    "St James' Letter shows us a very concrete and practical Christianity. Faith must be fulfilled in …
  • 3,933x2,656
    St James the Minor
    Bas relief of the apostle St James the Less from the portico of Sancti Apostoli in Rome. Today is …
  • 3,393x2,412
    St Philip
    Bas relief of the apostle St Philip from the portico of Sancti Apostoli in Rome. Today is his …
  • 4,269x2,888
    Shrine of the holy Apostles Philip and James
    "Lord God, you give us the joy every year of celebrating the feast day of the apostles Philip and …
  • 2,848x2,664
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Detail of the mosaic roundel in the basilica of St Paul outside the Walls of Rome. The basilica …
  • 996x1,238
    Ad multos annos!
    "O Lord, we are the millions of believers, humbly kneeling at Thy feet and begging Thee to preserve…
  • 3,930x2,520
    Papal Tiara and Keys
    "Lord, source of eternal life and truth, give to Your shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI, a spirit of …
  • 2,368x3,937
    Christ feeds us in the Eucharist
    "On the afternoon of Maundy Thursday the Easter Triduum effectively begins, with the remembrance …
  • 2,612x3,004
    Martyrdom of St Stephen
    26 December is the feast of St Stephen, the first martyr of the Faith. This fresco of the saint …
  • 2,689x3,435
    St Stephen with St Hippolytus
    Detail from the 6th-century mosaic in San Lorenzo fuori le mura in Rome. St Stephen, the deacon …
  • 4,092x2,852
    St John the Evangelist
    "This is the apostle John, who leaned on the breast of the Lord at the supper: blessed is the …
  • 4,592x3,189
    Mater Dei
    A new find for new year's eve... This fresco dates to the 7th-century, and it is in the entrance …
  • 2,668x3,777
    Virgin Mother and Child
    "O wonderful exchange! The Creator of human nature took on a human body and was born of the Virgin.…
  • 683x1,024
    Immaculate Virgin Mother of God
    "I know not how to praise you, holy and immaculate Virgin. Heaven itself cannot contain the One …
  • 4,221x2,280
    Worship the Newborn King
    "To greet His birth the Wise Men went, led by the star before them sent; called on by light, toward…
  • 3,533x1,965
    Venite Adoremus
    "Fairer than the sun at morning Was the star that told his birth; To the lands their God announcing…
  • 3,975x2,456
    Resting among the Green
    Back into 'Ordinary Time' today... the liturgical season whose colour is green. Here, a Dominican …
  • 4,032x2,849
    Storge, or filial affection, is one of the four loves as presented by C. S. Lewis. Here, we see …
  • 2,553x3,079
    Philia generally means friendship today, and it is one of the four kinds of love described by the …
  • 2,848x4,272
    Eros is famously erotic love; one of the four Greek words for love. It is desire, passion, and the …
  • 2,853x2,469
    Amicitia Spiritualis
    12 January is the feast of St Aelred of Rievaulx, the 12th-century abbot of a Cistercian abbey in …
  • 2,584x2,954
    Agape is one of the four Greek loves, and it is now generally understood to refer to God's uncondit…
  • 2,802x4,101
    Entering Santa Sabina
    The ancient doors of the basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome are made from cypress, and date to c.432.…
  • 2,698x4,276
    Rosary Altar
    "O God, Whose only - begotten Son by His life, death, and resurrection, has purchased for us the …
  • 4,273x2,848
    Pillars of Santa Sabina
    In the basilica of Santa Sabina, ancient Roman columns with Corinthian capitals are unusually …
  • 3,423x2,514
    Sant Agnese fuori le mura
    Just off the busy Via Nomentana, outside the ancient walls of Rome, is the basilica of St Agnes, a …
  • 4,206x2,753
    The Shrine of St Agnes
    "At Rome, the passion of St. Agnes, virgin, who under Symphronius, governor of the city, was thrown…
  • 2,860x3,926
    St Agnes
    "Today is the birthday of a virgin; let us imitate her purity. It is the birthday of a martyr; let …
  • 2,087x3,896
    St Agnes of Rome
    "Let us keep the feast of blessed Agnes, and recall the kind of suffering she endured: in the full …
  • 3,367x4,138
    Basilica of St Agnes
    Pope Honorius I (625-638) built this church over the tomb of St Agnes of Rome, a virgin martyr of …
  • 2,848x4,182
    Descent to Sant Agnese
    St Agnes's basilica is built over the catacombs where she was buried. Consequently, the way into …
  • 1,762x3,280
    Pope Honorius I
    Detail of a 7th-century mosaic in the apse of Sant' Agnese fuori le mura, showing Pope Honorius I (…
  • 4,194x2,773
    Santa Constanza
    This circular building was built, c.351-2 by Constantina, daughter of the emperor Constantine as …
  • 4,330x3,351
    Vicarius Christi
    In 1870 the First Vatican Council, convoked by Pope Blessed Pius IX, declared that the Pope has "…
  • 2,704x3,400
    Shrine Chapel of Blessed Pius IX
    Pope Blessed Pius IX is buried at the basilica of San Lorenzo four le mura in Rome. The chapel …
  • 2,690x3,490
    Damascus Road Conversion
    "The fact is, brothers, and I want you to realise this, the Good News I preached is not a human …
  • 2,824x2,630
    Saul meets the Risen Lord
    "Let us celebrate the conversion of St Paul the Apostle, the persecutor who became the chosen …
  • 3,915x2,392
    Saint Paul
    "I am the least of the apostles; in fact, since I persecuted the Church of God, I hardly deserve …
  • 3,102x4,030
    "Today, Lord, we celebrate the conversion of Saint Paul, your chosen vessel for carrying your name …
  • 1,545x2,773
    St Paul writing to Timothy
    Timothy and Titus were converted to Christianity by St Paul, and became his companions and helpers.…
  • 2,440x4,272
    St Paul (Burne Jones)
    "Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God according to the promise of the life which is …
  • 2,443x4,485
    St Paul and the Elders
    Detail from the triumphal arch of San Paolo fuori le mura, with St Paul, and above him, twelves of …
  • 2,692x3,780
    The Lord's Chosen Instrument
    "St Paul the Apostle, preacher of the truth and teacher of the gentiles, intercede for us before …
  • 4,163x2,430
    Cloister of San Paolo
    Wide-angle view of the medieval cloister of St Paul's outside the Walls of Rome. Source: Lawrence …
  • 3,000x3,000
    Papal Humility
    Pope Honorius III (1216-27) was the pope who approved the Order of Preachers in 1216. He also …
  • 4,173x2,195
    Inside the Cloister Garth of San Paolo
    View from inside the graceful medieval cloister of San Paolo fuori le Mura which was erected betwee…
  • 2,515x3,005
    St Thomas Aquinas
    St Thomas, a member of the noble family of Aquino, was born in the castle of Rocca Sicca in 1225, …
  • 4,317x2,922
    Doctor Communis
    "It is evident that not all are able to labour at learning and for that reason Christ has given as …
  • 3,102x2,098
    Looking from Heaven's Window: JPII & Don Bosco!
    "We can be sure that our beloved pope is standing today at the window of the Father's house that …
  • 4,091x3,075
    St Blaise
    St. Blase has been extremely popular for centuries in both the Eastern and Western Churches. He …
  • 2,516x4,104
    Rabbit Hunter!
    Today, 3 February 2011, is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. In the twelve year cycle, …
  • 2,382x4,130
    Roman Light I
    Tourists illuminated by bright light from a window in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, …
  • 4,086x2,563
    Roman Light II
    The ancient 5th-century basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome is graced with alabaster windows with …
  • 2,800x3,922
    Roman Light III
    Light from a stained glass rose window touches this arch and statue in the north transept of the …
  • 2,779x3,886
    Crypt Chapel of Sta Cecilia
    The crypt chapel of Sta Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome is the shrine chapel where Mass can be said …
  • 2,791x3,810
    St Agatha
    "At Catana in Sicily, in the time of Emperor Decius and the judge Quinctian, the birthday of St. …
  • 2,849x4,135
    The Virgin Martyr's Crown
    "Give us the wings of faith to rise within the veil, and see the saints above, how great their …
  • 3,029x2,621
    Roman Lane (Ostia Antica)
    The evocative streets of Ostia Antica, where one can step back in time and walk the same roads …
  • 4,276x3,160
    Roman Tavern (Ostia Antica)
    This is a Thermopolium, a shop that sold food and hot drinks in ancient Rome. Dating to the 3rd-…
  • 3,690x2,422
    Mosaic Pattern
    Detail of a geometric pattern from the floor of one of the the Bath Houses in Ostia Antica. Source:…
  • 4,164x2,905
    Mithraeum of the Baths
    Under one of the many baths of Ostia Antica, in the underground passages that fed the baths, is a …
  • 4,015x2,889
    Mosaic in Ostia Antica
    Beautiful floor mosaic, c.130 AD in a house in Ostia with a lovely design of scrolls, acanthus …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Cluster of Capitals
    Sta Constanza is the mausoleum of Constantina, built c.354, and as typical for imperial mausolea, …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Wine Production I
    A charming detail from the ceiling of Sta Constanza, showing a putto leading an ox-cart with a …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Wine Production II
    Detail from the ceiling of Sta Constanza, showing putti treading grapes in a vine press. These …
  • 3,483x2,368
    Santa Constanza ceiling II
    The mosaic ceiling of Sta Constanza, c.354 features (among other things) a vineyard scene. Although…
  • 2,559x3,725
    St Scholastica
    St Scholastica, whose feast is today (10 February), was born in Nursia in about 480, the twin …
  • 2,400x3,801
    The Minerva Obelisk
    Bernini mounted an obelisk from the Temple of Isis on an elephant in 1667, and it stands in the …
  • 4,158x2,810
    Inside Sta Maria sopra Minerva
    Sta Maria sopra Minerva is said to be the only Gothic church in Rome. It was built by the Dominican…
  • 3,240x2,809
    The Holy Redeemer
    This small altarpiece of the Holy Face of Christ the Redeemer is in a side chapel of the church of …
  • 3,924x2,452
    Tomb of Beato Fra Angelico
    "He shut his eyes in death at Rome in the priory of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, following the course…
  • 2,004x4,005
    Blessed John of Fiesole
    "To be sure, Brother John, a thoroughly remarkable man in his spiritual life and art, always charms…
  • 4,215x2,496
    Cherub and Dragons
    Detail of a gilt coffer with the Borghese heraldic dragon among the acanthus leaves. San Crisgono …
  • 4,272x2,654
    Bird and Flowers
    'Pietra dura' is a term for the technique of using cut and fitted, highly-polished colored stones …
  • 3,867x2,693
    Youth and the Grapevine
    Detail from the 5th-century mosaic ceiling of the church of Santa Constanza in Rome, showing a …
  • 2,720x2,720
    Porphyry and Malachite
    Detail from a Cosmatesque marble floor in San Crisogono in Rome, utilising typically contrasting …
  • 2,596x4,036
    Angel and Trumpet
    Detail from the memorial tomb of Pope Gregory XV and his nephew, Cardinal Ludovisi, who founded …
  • 2,192x4,192
    St Peter Enthroned
    "Today it is appropriate to remember the Holy Father’s visit and to pray for him in a special way …
  • 2,760x4,176
    Cathedra Petri (Detail)
    "The Chair of Saint Peter itself is kept in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. It is a symbol of the …
  • 4,286x2,857
    The Altar of the Chair
    "[St Peter] chosen by Christ as "rock" on which to build the Church (cf. Matthew 16:18), began his …
  • 2,512x3,908
    The Chair of St Peter
    "Dear Brothers and Sisters, in the apse of St. Peter's Basilica, as you know, is found the monument…
  • 952x1,024
    With St Dominic's reliquary
    A photo taken by a Dominican brother during the General Chapter in Rome in September 2010. We were …
  • 3,737x2,672
    Te Deum Laudo!
    "For thou didst form my inward parts, thou didst knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise …
  • 3,718x2,698
    Sta Maria in Domnica
    Situated on the Cælian Hill in Rome, the church of Sta Maria in Domnica is ancient. The word '…
  • 4,058x3,174
    Nave of the Navicella church
    18 granite columns grace the nave of the church of Sta Maria in Domnica. The church is sometimes …
  • 4,278x2,514
    Mosaics in Sta Maria in Domnica
    Detail from the mosaics of the church of Sta Maria in Domnica, which date to the 9th-century. A …
  • 2,796x4,174
    Ceiling of Sta Maria in Domnica
    A fantastic carved wood ceiling of Sta Maria in Domnica, with emblems that represent the titles …
  • 4,086x2,453
    Rex Apostolorum
    Christ seated in a mandorla is flanked by angels, and then approached by Ss Peter and Paul, the …
  • 2,249x2,707
    St Michael the Archangel
    "May prayer strengthen us for the spiritual battle that the Letter to the Ephesians speaks of: 'Be …
  • 4,025x3,028
    Fending off the Demons
    "Lord Jesus Christ, King of glory, free the souls of all the faithful departed from infernal punish…
  • 2,848x4,048
    Vanquishing Satan
    “Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Faith Triumphant
    "Faith is the fundamental thing in the Christian life: everything else is built on that. If you …
  • 2,774x1,714
    Moses Fountain
    The Fontana dell'Acqua Felice, also called the Fountain of Moses, is a monumental fountain located …
  • 4,262x2,833
    Mosaics of Ss Cosmas & Damian
    Santi Cosma e Damiano was the first church to be founded in the Forum. In 527, Pope Felix IV (526-…
  • 3,828x1,930
    St Matthew and the angels
    "Then I looked, and I heard around the throne and the living creatures and the elders the voice of …
  • 2,344x3,588
    Eagle of St John
    "And round the throne, on each side of the throne, are four living creatures, full of eyes in …
  • 4,219x2,381
    The Lamb and the Seven Lampstands
    "Write what you see in a book and send it to the seven churches, to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to …
  • 4,224x2,848
    Worthy is the Lamb
    "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and …
  • 4,236x2,766
    Capitol Hill
    The existing design of the Piazza del Campidoglio and the surrounding palazzi was created by Renais…
  • 3,812x2,707
    Museo Capitolini
    The distinctive star-shaped paving was only installed in 1940 by Mussolini, to a design by Michelan…
  • 2,480x3,948
    Caesar's or God's?
    "The chief priests and the scribes and the elders sent to Jesus some Pharisees and some Herodians …
  • 2,848x3,412
    Bust of Marcus Aurelius in the Capitoline Musuem of Rome, beautifully illuminated by the Roman sun. …
  • 4,173x2,666
    Heraldry of Innocent X
    The ceiling of the Great Hall of the Palazzo Nuovo, which is now part of the Capitoline Museum in …
  • 3,221x2,781
    "Is not this the fast that I choose [says the Lord]: Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,…
  • 4,280x2,856
    Glory of Holiness
    "Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your …
  • 2,802x4,441
    Saint Joseph the Guardian
    "The reasons why St. Joseph must be considered the special patron of the Church, and the Church in …
  • 1,857x3,317
    Transfiguration of Christ
    "The mystery of light par excellence is the Transfiguration, traditionally believed to have taken …
  • 4,143x1,644
    Transfiguration of the Lord
    "Suddenly a bright cloud covered them with shadow, and from the cloud there came a voice which …
  • 2,444x3,528
    Water from the Stone...
    Given today's Gospel (Jn 4:5-42), continuing today's theme of water, fountains, and wells... One …
  • 4,098x2,750
    Friars at the Well
    "‘You have no bucket, sir,’ she answered ‘and the well is deep: how could you get this living …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well
    "Jesus came to the Samaritan town called Sychar, near the land that Jacob gave to his son Joseph. …
  • 4,107x2,394
    Christ handing on the Law
    "Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. …
  • 2,848x3,868
    Michelangelo's Moses
    In 1505 Pope Julius II commissioned Michaelangelo to sculpt a statue of Moses for his tomb. For …
  • 2,370x4,114
    St John Baptist de La Salle
    Today, 7 April, is the memorial of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, who was born in Rheims, France …
  • 2,952x4,316
    Pope Honorius III confirms the Order of Preachers
    On 22 December 1216, Pope Honorius III confirmed the establishment of the Order of Preachers by St …
  • 3,300x2,339
    O Oriens
    "O Morning Star, splendour of light eternal and sun of righteousness: Come and enlighten those who …
  • 4,170x2,666
    O Clavis David
    "O Key of David and sceptre of the House of Israel; you open and no one can shut; you shut and no …
  • 2,696x3,348
    O Adonai
    "O Adonai, and leader of the House of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning …
  • 2,879x4,219
    O Sapientia
    "O Wisdom, coming forth from the mouth of the Most High, reaching from one end to the other mightil…
  • 2,684x4,272
    Detail from the ceiling of Santa Susanna, the American church in Rome. Today, 8 December, is the …
  • 2,815x3,225
    The Immaculate Conception
    The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is the doctrine that the Virgin Mary was conceived withou…
  • 1,995x4,549
    St Ambrose
    A statuette of St Ambrose, c.1455 in the church of Sant'Agostino in Rome. St Ambrose was a key …
  • 3,786x2,719
    St Ambrose of Milan
    St Ambrose was born in Trier (now in Germany) between 337 and 340, to a Roman family: his father …
  • 4,215x2,779
    Supported by the Doctors
    The dome of the Portuguese church in Rome rests on the four Latin Dictors of the Church, SS. August…
  • 2,366x3,860
    St Nicholas
    A painting of St Nicholas of Myra, with his attributes such as the ship, and the three boys rising …
  • 4,131x2,696
    The Divine Judge
    "Almighty and merciful God, let neither our daily work nor the cares of this life prevent us from …
  • 2,312x3,728
    St John the Baptist mosaic
    "In due course John the Baptist appeared; he preached in the wilderness of Judaea and this was his …
  • 2,106x4,119
    St John the Baptist
    "On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry announces that the Lord is nigh; awake and hearken, for he …
  • 4,287x3,124
    St Francis Xavier
    St Francis Xavier was born in the Basque country of Spain in 1506. He met Ignatius Loyola when he …
  • 3,223x2,139
    Veni Redemptor Gentium
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,131x2,848
    Golden Angel
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,960x2,217
    Benedictus qui venit
    "So stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming. You may be quite sure …
  • 2,808x4,192
    Pax : Happy Thanksgiving!
    Consecrated in 9BC, the Ara Pacis, or Altar of Peace, was commissioned by the Senate of Rome to …
  • 2,266x4,160
    St Catherine of Alexandria (mosaic)
    Mosaic of St Catherine, patroness of philosophers, in the church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Rome. …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Pantheon Door Frame
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,728x3,954
    Horse Tamer
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,542x2,850
    Imperial Light
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 1,859x2,721
    Balancing Act
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,272x2,848
    Patroness of Music
    Detail from the great apse mosaic of St Paul's within the Walls in Rome. The design is by Burne …
  • 3,510x2,765
    Christ the Universal King
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,898x2,721
    Dominus Sanctorum
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,171x3,014
    Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    21 November is the feast of Our Lady's Presentation in the Temple, but this year it is impeded by …
  • 2,733x3,536
    Mater Domini
    "Eternal Father, we honour the holiness and glory of the Virgin Mary. May her prayers bring us the …
  • 2,848x4,272
    Cloister Arches
    The barley twist columns of the medieval cloister of San Paolo fuori la mura in Rome gives the …
  • 4,272x2,489
    Inside St Paul's Basilica
    Much of San Paolo fuori le mura was rebuilt after a great fire in 1823. Materials came from all …
  • 2,824x3,920
    First Meeting of Sts Peter & Paul
    2008-9 was the year of St Paul, and this is one of the panels from a new set of doors installed to …
  • 2,432x3,183
    St Paul on his Baldachino
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,728x4,216
    Paschal Candlestick in San Paolo
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,215x2,821
    Apse of San Paolo
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,712x4,272
    Cosmati Cloister Columns
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,546x2,848
    St Peter & St Paul
    This mosaic above the Bronze Doors, which leads from St Peter's Square into the Apostolic Palace, …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Inside St Peter's Basilica
    A wide-angle view of St Peter's from the west end. Today, 18 November, is the anniversary of the …
  • 3,795x2,834
    Dome and Cupola of San Pietro
    The beautiful dome of St Peter's Basilica was designed by Michaelangelo, and completed by Della …
  • 2,436x4,267
    St Paul's Basilica
    Probably one of my favourites basilicas in Rome, the nave of St Paul's outside the Walls is lined …
  • 4,367x2,811
    The glories of San Paolo
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,319x3,033
    Virgin & Child mosaic
    Fragment of 'The Adoration of the Magi' surviving from c.706 in the sacristy of Santa Maria in …
  • 2,494x4,122
    Inside Sta Maria in Cosmedin
    The church follows the basic plan of an 8th-century basilica with 12-century additions (mainly the …
  • 2,848x4,272
    Sta Maria in Cosmedin sanctuary
    The fine choir screen, paschal candlestand, and episcopal throne date from 1123, and are the work …
  • 2,848x3,898
    Santa Maria in Cosmedin
    This famous Roman basilica is home to the Melkite community in Rome. A diaconia or Christian alms …
  • 2,507x3,877
    Virgin & Child
    Detail of a 14th-century fresco on the baldachino over the papal altar in St John Lateran in Rome. …
  • 2,848x4,272
    The Bishop of Rome's Cathedra
    "Cathedra literally means the established seat of the bishop, located in the mother church of a …
  • 2,708x4,272
    Lateran Cloister arches
    The masterpiece of Jacobo and Pietro Vasselletto (c.1222-32), the cloister is a magnificent example…
  • 4,272x2,848
    Lateran Cloister details
    Wonderful Cosmati details and late Romanesque carving from the 13th-century cloister fo St John …
  • 2,848x3,384
    Lateran Cloister
    This 13th-century cloister is all that remains of a Benedictine monastery that used to be attached …
  • 2,220x3,995
    Senate Door details
    On 9 November, we remember the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, the pope's cathedral in Rome. …
  • 3,762x3,152
    Inside St John Lateran
    A 15th-century Cosmati pavement adorns the floor of St John Lateran in Rome. The colossal statues …
  • 4,272x2,742
    The Father in the Mother Church
    The Lateran Basilica, the papal cathedral of Rome is called "Mother and Head of all Churches in …
  • 2,756x4,112
    The Papal Altar of St John Lateran
    The baldachino by Giovanni di Stefano from 1367 surmounts the papal altar. The grilled upper portio…
  • 2,809x4,686
    Approaching the Papal Cathedra
    The bishop's chair, or 'cathedra' is placed at the apse of St John Lateran, hence it is the pope's …
  • 4,274x2,014
    Munoz Memorial
    This is the memorial slab of fr. Munoz da Zamora (d. 1300), who was one time Master of the Order …
  • 2,848x4,259
    Mater Amabilis
    A bell-tower is built up against the ancient walls of the basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome, so …
  • 4,100x2,848
    Christ on the Tree of Life
    Burne-Jones' mosaic of the Crucifixion was unveiled in November 1894. It shows Christ on the Tree …
  • 2,991x2,184
    Crucifixion (Sta Sabina doors)
    The doors of the basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome date to c.430. They are a remarkable survival, …
  • 4,107x2,956
    "Father, the hour has come; glorify thy Son that the Son may glorify thee, since thou hast given …
  • 3,444x2,646
    St Charles Borromeo
    St Charles Borromeo, the 16th-century reforming cardinal, whose feast is on 4 November was cardinal…
  • 3,731x2,845
    Inside San Carlo
    The light interior of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, which was begun in 1638 by Borromini. The …
  • 4,149x2,804
    San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
    The church of San Carlo by Borromini in Rome is on a busy intersection, but it stands out because …
  • 3,845x2,465
    Pope St Gregory says Mass for the Holy Souls
    Detail from a 15th-century altar frontal by Luigi Capponi in St Gregory's chapel in San Gregorio …
  • 2,256x3,068
    Beati, qui nunc fletis...
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,885x2,747
    Mausoleum Mosaics
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,494x2,562
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,848x4,272
    The Elders of Heaven
    "And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who is seated on the …
  • 3,681x2,618
    Worthy is the Lamb
    "Then I looked, and I heard around the throne and the living creatures and the elders the voice of …
  • 3,969x2,375
    Celestial Vision
    Baciccia's vault of the church of The Gesu, the principal Jesuit church in Rome, is a veritable …
  • 4,182x2,706
    The Saints in Bright Array
    "But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day; The saints triumphant rise in bright array; The …
  • 3,840x2,171
    The Saints lead us to Christ
    In this apse mosaic in Santa Prassede, we see Ss Praxedes and Pudentiana being led to Jesus Christ …
  • 4,173x2,180
    Jerusalem the Golden
    "Jerusalem the golden, with milk and honey blest, Beneath thy contemplation sink heart and voice …
  • 3,559x2,247
    The Saints go Marching in...
    "Almighty and ever-living God by whose gift we celebrate the triumph of your grace in all the …
  • 4,068x2,544
    All Hallows Eve
    The Church in England & Wales celebrates the feast of All Saints tomorrow, 31 October, as it is a …
  • 2,848x4,272
    Skull with Turban
    Halloween, which is in reality a night of light and glory, as it is the Vigil of All the Saints, …
  • 3,210x2,745
    In the Grip of Death
    "My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearfulness and …
  • 2,790x3,594
    Ostia Antica - Shrine to Hercules
    Small niches with statues of the gods are found all over Ostia - in households, courtyards, shops, …
  • 2,592x3,950
    Roman Dumbbell...
    A mosaic detail from the Baths of Porta Marina in Ostia Antica. This Roman mosaic dates to the …
  • 2,728x3,342
    A bust of Marcus Aurelius Commodus as Hercules. Commodus was born in 161 and ruled from 180 to 192.…
  • 4,166x2,840
    Temple of Hercules
    This round Temple of Hercules Victor dates from the end of the 2nd-century BC and it is the oldest …
  • 3,235x2,669
    Temple of Hercules in Ostia Antica
    Dating from the 1st century BC is this Temple to Hercules, which contains the remains of a statue …
  • 2,755x4,941
    Altar of Sta Maria in Campitelli
    A small enamelled icon of the Virgin and Child, believed to be miraculous, is enshrined behind the …
  • 2,542x3,037
    St Simon the Apostle
    Today, 28 October, is the feast of Ss Simon and Jude, apostles. St Simon is eleventh in the list …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Our Lady of Campitelli
    Santa Maria in Campitelli houses a very small 11th-century icon of Our Lady that is venerated …
  • 4,244x2,854
    Dome of Sta Maria in Campitelli
    Rebuilt in 1662-7 by Carlo Rainaldi, the church of Santa Maria in Campitelli is an elegant example …
  • 2,224x3,330
    St Peter's Basilica
    View right down the VIa della Concilizione towards the famous facade of St Peter's with the dome …
  • 3,703x2,608
    The Holy Father preaching
    Pope Benedict XVI preaching at a Mass to close the Special Synod with the Bishops of the Middle …
  • 2,306x3,706
    Swiss Guard and Vatican Policeman
    The Swiss Guard are the personal bodyguards of the Pope, while the Vatican Police secure the Vatica…
  • 2,780x3,879
    Bishops in St Peter's narthex
    Bishops make their way to the apostolic palace, going across the spacious entrance portico of St …
  • 2,314x3,775
    DVI's 10th Anniversary
    A cake to mark the 10th anniversary of Dominican Volunteers International, which is a lay missiona…
  • 714x1,024
    English Dominicans in Santa Sabina
    Santa Sabina is the home of the Master of the Order of Preachers and his Curia. It has been a …
  • 3,336x2,576
    Pope Benedict at his window
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 3,948x2,796
    Before the Papal Mass
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,848x4,039
    Cloister Entry
    Morning light in the cloister of the Dominican priory of Santa Sabina in Rome. A ramp leads into …
  • 2,831x2,681
    St Sabine's on the Aventine Hill
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,472x3,925
    Glimpsed in the Cloister
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 2,849x4,272
    Nave of Santa Prassede
    The present church of Santa Prassede dates to the pontificate of Paschal I (817-24). St Praxedes …
  • 4,220x2,699
    Mosaics of Santa Prassede
    Santa Prassede is unique in having two mosaic arches - a triumphal arch, and an apsidal arch. In …
  • 2,796x4,200
    Christ in the Apse of Santa Prassede
    Detail of the 9th-century apsidal mosaic showing Christ, holding a scroll as a sign of his teaching…
  • 1,461x1,542
    The Ox of St Luke
    A 9th-century mosaic from Santa Prassede in Rome of the the winged figure that symbolises St Luke …
  • 2,804x4,245
    Chapel of St Zeno
    Built by Pope Paschal I as a mausoleum for his mother Theodora, in 817-24, the chapel of St Zeno …
  • 2,848x4,169
    Inside the Chapel of St Zeno
    Every inch of the small chapel of St Zeno is covered with mosaics. Built by Pope Paschal I as a …
  • 3,710x2,584
    Christ in St Zeno's Chapel
    The central image of Christ in the ceiling of the Chapel of St Zeno shows strong Byzantine influenc…
  • 2,497x4,097
    Angelic supporter
    Detail of an angel from the ceiling of the Chapel of St Zeno. The winged supporter used to be a …
  • 2,511x4,095
    Madonna dei Pellegrini
    "Holy Mary, be thou a help to the helpless, strength to the fearful, comfort to the sorrowful, …
  • 2,038x2,699
    St Margaret Mary Alacoque
    16 October is the feast of St Margaret Mary Alacoque, a 17th-century sister who joined the Visitati…
  • 2,555x4,202
    Chapel of St Teresa
    The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa is the central sculptural group in white marble set in an elevated …
  • 2,732x4,272
    The Transverberation of Saint Teresa
    “I saw an angel beside me toward the left side, in bodily form…He was not very large, but small, …
  • 2,796x4,578
    Pope St Callistus
    Today is the memorial day of a martyred 3rd-century pope, St Callistus I, whose biography can be …
  • 2,796x3,957
    Piazza del Popolo
    The obelisk of Seti I & Ramases II (13th-12th centuries BC) stands in the centre of the elegant …
  • 3,722x2,589
    Playing in the People's Plaza
    Four lions spout water around the ancient obelisk in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. These were …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Carved details in Diocletian's Baths
    Magnificent Roman carving, and beautiful Egyptian marble in what is now the church of Santa Maria …
  • 4,269x2,782
    Dome of Santa Maria di Loreto
    Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
  • 4,186x2,760
    High Altar of Santa Maria di Loreto
    The church of Our Lady of Loreto is one of the two domed churches that stand opposite Trajan's …
  • 4,272x2,848
    Organ case of Our Lady of Loreto
    The charming organ case, with instruments and musicians is surmounted by a relief of the Blessed …
  • 4,172x2,734
    Forum Romanum
    View towards the east of the Roman Forum, that most evocative of public squares. On the left is …
  • 2,827x4,065
    Classical Beauty
    One of many Roman statues which are amazingly life-like in the Capitoline Museums of Rome. The …
  • 4,240x2,587
    Trajan's Market
    Trajan's Market was built in AD 100-110 by Apollodorus of Damascus. During the Middle Ages the …
  • 4,269x2,391
    Dusk in central Rome
    The setting sun illuminates the two Marian churches which stand on the site of the Imperial Forums …
  • 2,824x3,708
    Ostia Antica
    Ostia is a wonderful place: one gets to wander around an ancient Roman city, and really catch a …
  • 2,921x3,527
    Monk Missionaries from San Gregorio
    This plaque from the church of St Gregory the Great in Rome marks the fact that many great monk …
  • 3,661x2,692
    Newman's Cardinalatial church
    A plaque commemorating the fact that Blessed John Henry Newman, whose feast is today (9 October), …
  • 4,241x2,692
    Inside San Giorgio
    The fresco in the apse depicts Christ, the Blessed Virgin and St George, St Peter and St Sebastian.…
  • 3,246x2,454
    Our Lady gives the Rosary to the Dominicans
    Today, 7 October, is the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, and this article explains the conne…
  • 4,280x2,848
    Pope St Pius V sees the Victory at Lepanto
    The feast of the Holy Rosary was instituted by the Dominican pope, St Pius V to celebrate the …
  • 2,540x3,504
    Pray the Rosary!
    Why? See here!. Today, 7 October, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the whole month of …
  • 4,277x2,848
    Cloister of San Paolo
    I've been in Rome (again) for a week, and had lots of time to visit and photograph many churches …
  • 2,037x4,072
    St Vincent de Paul
    27 September marks the feast of one of the Church's great heroes of charity, St. Vincent de Paul, …
  • 2,800x3,828
    "I would suggest that the world of reason and the world of faith – the world of secular rationality…
  • 3,503x2,396
    Bernini's Colonnade
    Bernini (1598-1680) began work in 1657 on the colonnade during the pontificate of Alexander VII. …
  • 2,718x4,114
    De Cohors Helvetica
    A Swiss Guard stands at the Bronze Doors of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City. A history of …
  • 2,569x3,758
    Sisterly Love
    "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another" - …
  • 4,272x2,760
    The Lateran Nave Ceiling
    The gold coffered ceiling of St John Lateran bears the Medici arms of Pope Pius VI (1559-1565). St …
  • 4,273x2,834
    The Lateran Apse
    The cathedra (bishop's chair) of Rome in the apse of St John Lateran, flanked by canons' choir …
  • 2,389x4,266
    St Peter with St Francis
    The Successor of St Peter undertakes a State Visit from today, and will grace the United Kingdom …
  • 4,128x2,775
    "Ever-patient in her yearning Though her tear-filled eyes were burning, Mary gazed upon her Son. …
  • 4,108x2,736
    The Mother Church...
    In 1731 Pope Clement XII awarded the Florentine Alessandro Galilei the task of designing a new …
  • 4,067x2,254
    Fraternal Discourse
    "Communication which is both frank and fraternal will help us recover mutual confidence in the …
  • 1,024x692
    Vespers with the Master
    On Sunday 5th September, Second Vespers was celebrated in the 5th-century basilica of Santa Sabina,…
  • 4,272x2,831
    Looking towards the Angelicum
    View from the Master's wing of the priory of Santa Sabina in Rome. In the distance the church and …