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God is beautiful
  • 00:58
    Benedict XVI: strengthen the Christian witness
    The relationship with God is constitutive of the human person, who was created and ordered towards …
  • 01:09
    Benedict XVI: Media should communicate wisdom
    It is urgent to communicate messages of wisdom, that is, messages inspired by truth, goodness and …
  • 02:09
    2,000 singers will lead the Holy Father's Mass on Saturday in Paris
    One hundred choirs from throughout France have responded to the call of the diocese of Paris, …
  • 01:15
    Benedict XVI: The love of Christ is our strength
    Benedict XVI: We must not be afraid of truth, because it is a friend of man and his freedom. Indeed…
  • 01:00
    Benedict XVI prays for the whole world
    Grow in harmony, seek the truth. This was Pope Benedict XVIs message as he left Portugal, on Friday…
  • 01:18
    Benedict XVI presides over the recitation of the Rosary
    To the Motherhouse of all Marian shrines in the world, a treasure chest of incomparable beauty, …
  • 00:40
    A Message to Young People
    Listen to this beautiful quote by our pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, on the beauty of giving ones …
  • 01:08
    Benedict XVI: faith is love, therefore creates poetry and music
    "Faith is love, and so it creates poetry and music, faith is joy, and so it creates beauty". Inspir…
  • 01:11
    Dialogue and compromise the only way forward in Lebanon
    "I exhort all the Lebanese people to abandon all thoughts of violent opposition that could bring …
  • 01:17
    Benedict XVI: St. Bonaventure, the seeker of God
    Faith is the improvement of our cognitive capacities, and the participation in the knowledge that …
  • 01:27
    Benedict XVI: Study theology to preach the Gospel
    During the weekly general audience, Benedict XVI focused on St. Dominic of Guzman. The pope said …
  • 01:06
    Pope: "rediscover the beauty of being baptized "
    "I would encourage all the faithful to rediscover the beauty of being baptized, to belong to the …
  • 01:56
    Pope: Beauty is One of Mankind's Greatest Needs
    "Beauty is a great necessity for man" and is the root of our peace and our hope. It also reveals …
  • 01:21
    Pope: Beauty is a privileged way to approach God
    "When faith meets art, a profound harmony is created, since both can and want to speak of God, …
  • 01:20
    The Pope at the Angelus: Immaculate Mary is a reflection of the beauty of God's salvation
    Benedict XVI: "In Mary Immaculate, we contemplate the reflection of that beauty that saves the …
  • 01:43
    Beauty Brings Joy to the Human Heart
    Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday met with over 260 artists from five continents in the Sistine Chapel,…
  • 00:53
    Benedict XVI: To know how to explain the beauty of faith in our time
    The preaching of the gospel should be perceived in its beauty and originality in order to effective…
  • 02:07
    Pope on Faith, Art, Beauty and the Liturgy
    I have been speaking in recent weeks about medieval theology, and would now like to turn my attenti…

Benedict XVI: strengthen the Christian witness

The relationship with God is constitutive of the human person, who was created and ordered towards God, who seek truth, tends towards good, and is attracted by beauty. In this way Benedict XVI introduced himself in Portugal during the first address … [More]