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You said:"It is meaningless except to point out the fact that I am an ordained minister." That is a contradiction in terms. If it is meaningless, take it off.
You said: " I understand that you being a Catholic outward things like that may carry some sort of inherit 'holiness', but that's you and I will not judge you for it." That is a judgemental statment. Don't be a non-judgemental judgementalist.
Who ever ordained you did not have the authority to do so. it's a Catholic roman collar, take it off!

Sacrilege? I am not, nor have I ever indicated to any human being that I am a priest. I am not. Catholics are not the only Christian ministers that wear a ring around the collar.
I have been an ordain minister for some 30 years.
No matter what though, it could not be sacrilege because the ring around the collar is only a piece of cloth and a piece of plastic. It is meaningless except to point out the fact that I am an ordained minister. I understand that you being a Catholic outward things … [More]

You seem not able to address the issue of Sergio protecting his child. Do you think it would have been better for him to let his child be murdered by a babykilling abortionist then to protect his son or daughter from death so some bricks in a building would be left intact?

Donald, are you reading this story right out of the Bible?
Also, I'm pretty sure that impersonating a priest is sacrilege.
As far as Sergio and Chad go, if they did this, then they should proudly admit to it and willingly suffer jail for it. If they want to take the high moral road, then they should have the *conviction* of those morals.
Don't you think?

Well, Jesus does drive the money changers from the Temple - personally. That is a violent action. In Revelation Jesus is pretty violent towards those who oppose Him. And He does tell the apostles to sell their cloaks and buy swords. Now, that could all be metaphorical and stuff - but I'm not sure. The issue of violence and use of it is a very difficult one. I am well aware of the fact that there are times when Jesus appears to advocate extreme pacificism - so it's unclear.

Saint Michaaels,
I need to apologize to you. I was baiting you in my previous post. I'm sorry. I was trying to engage you in debate. Jesus Christ didn't advocate viloence, and i know it. I do look at rev Spitz as an imposter and I think his video is over the top. I would go so far as to say that it should be removed from a Catholic site. Your mistake thinking he was a priest was understandable. I love the videos that you post here and want you to know that I support you and your work. I love the priesthood and sometimes to a fault, try to defent it.
Peace be with you!

I would think that advocating violence the way the Protestant minister did would always be against the scriptures. Just curious, when did Jesus advocate violence, "a few times".

Well, then I stand corrected - he says he's a Protestant there. My error.
Still, advocating violence is not immediately something which means he's not Catholic - bear in mind Jesus himself advocated violence a few times :)

See his coments here:
In his video he advocates violence!
Peace, John

He's wearing a collar and his title on a Catholic video site is "Rev" - I think he's a priest.
I'm not sure he's RIGHT - but he's almost certainly a priest.

I question that he is a catholic priest.

You need to learn a little respect for priests. The man is a priest - annointed and ordained. While you and others are permitted to disagree with his view that violence is acceptable (and I do not say that his view is right) as a Catholic it is simply inexcusable to suggest that an ordained priest "is not a priest". You are denying the validity of a sacrament. That MIGHT make you a heretic.
Have a little respect for the ordained priesthood, founded by Jesus Christ.

You need to take the Roman Collar off, your not a priest. Jesus would not talk like you do.