SSPX Podcast 🎧The Greatest Schism in 1,000 Years?

We talk with the Assistant Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. Gabriel Sanchez about this shocking news from the Eastern Catholic Church. While it may be too early to call the Moscow Patriarchate’s move a … More
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I'm Human, Right?

Seventy years ago, in the aftermath of the Second World War, much of the world stood in ruins. Totalitarian regimes had risen up across Europe and around the world, wreaking horror on their citizens … More
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What are you expecting from declarations like that, from modern, atheist, antichristian, states? Human rights? Without the submission to God, there … More
It's the clericalism, stupid.

Papal nuncio tells US bishops to tackle ‘clericalism’, does not mention homosexuality

Archbishop Pierre avoided using the term 'homosexuality' when speaking about the sex abuse crisis and instead zeroed in on 'clericalism' as the …
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At some point the Lord will purge His priesthood of these beasts. I hope I'm alive to see it.
I haven’t understood what is clericalism yet.

Remembrance Poppy

"Oh! you who sleep in Flanders Fields, Sleep sweet – to rise anew! We caught the torch you threw And holding high, we keep the Faith With All who died. We cherish, too, the poppy red That grows on … More
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Hillary Clinton will run for White House again in 2020, says former adviser

"She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career."
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...and she will lose again!
She - devil just won't quit
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CBS: Not Journalism, Pro-Abortion Activism

An uncritical, simpering interview to the president of the largest abortion provider in the USA. It is free ad.
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Joseph a' Christian
6 Corporations own approximately 90% of the big media outlets, in the Disunited States. Anti-Christian, talmud false jews, have by far the most … More
Mengele. Killing babies is no health care.
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Polish March: “Ave! Ave! Christus Rex!”

A chant at the Poland independence march: “Ave! Ave! Christus Rex!”
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It was saved from attack during the Protestant 'Reformation' because Henry's father had sent it to Rome. Now Francis is sending it back to England.

Thomas Becket's bloodied tunic will return to Canterbury Cathedral

The garment will be returned on loan by the Vatican to help mark the 850th anniversary of the murder of Becket and the 800th anniversary of the …
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Remembrance Day: Trump's expression when he saw Putin

President Putin of Russia was the last to arrive, and after brief handshakes with Macron and Merkel, he then grasped Trump's hand, before flashing him a quick thumbs up. While Macron and Merkle appe… More
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Good for Trump ,Macron And Merkle are part of the secularist athiest idiology

Vatican Engages in Dingy Propaganda

Vatican Engages in Dingy Propaganda, the obsequious Vatican news webpage, published last week a propaganda report about the "Nuns on the Bus" and an interview with their founder, Sr. … More
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@aderito she’s not safe in UK as much as in Pakistan. There are honour killings happening in the UK, and acid attacks. Why put her in a situation … More
A bunch of cowards these polititians ,is every body afraid of the Pakistan muslims ,? also because she is catholic. what is pope Francis going to … More
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Vatican cancels US bishops’ vote on sex abuse reform measures

Cardinal DiNardo announcing this morning that U.S. bishops will NOT vote on a new Code of Conduct and commission to deal with allegations against bishops until after Pope Francis' global meeting in … More
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Vatican is hoping that the scandals will go away with time ,Catholics be aware and keep fighting and praying to an end to this evil
Rescuing CupCake et comp by all means? The truth is there, in the open, thereby the guilty will be punished. By the earthly and Heavenly justice.
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Romantic Guitar - Concierto De Aranjuez

Concierto De Aranjuez Concierto de Aranjuez is a musical composition for guitar and orchestra by the spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo.Excellent sound and very romantic guitar playing More
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Rhina Guidos - Bishops begins #usccb2018 with morning prayer

Rhina Guidos on Twitter: "Bishops begins #usccb2018 with morning prayer…/106198311222004…"
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@Ave Crux In English?!? It seems to be a Christmas carol, I hear while eating panettone... LATIN lovers! More
Ave Crux
Does that sound like a Church Militant, Sacred and Eternal....?
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The best prayer

Catholic Sat on Twitter: "Fr. Serafino Lanzetta tells us what the best prayer is ...
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Another former seminarian comes forward, this time from the Archdiocese of Denver. He experienced sexual abuse from the former vocations director (who later became vice-rector of the seminary).

‘Ripe for abuse’: How Catholic sex scandal convinced one seminarian to go public

Stephen Szutenbach, was a seminarian in Denver when he says he was abused by an administrator. He said he complained to Archbishop Charles J. Chaput …
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McCarrick and clients / catamites happily backed that, and like elsewhere, this stuff is a waste of paper, fish and chips would be a better use of … More
The abuse happened post-2002, meaning the Dallas Charter isn't the magic antidote to clergy sexual abuse like some people think it is. Chaput, upon … More

Parolin, always on the side of the mighty

Winning the whole world (and losing one's soul).
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what is this cardinal doing there

Catholic Church (once) in Cebu

(All women in beautiful veils)
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@prince0357 Beautiful explanation! Although, in my parish church, ladies usually seat on the right (facing the altar) and men on the … More
But does anyone know why male side was the right and female was the gospel side? There is a nice explanation In civilian life ladies are on the right… More
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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis Macron seems to be married to his mother! More
Is he gay? Or looking for daddy?

WikiLeaks: Clinton, Obama, Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict In Vatican Coup

George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group …
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I wouldnt give them that much credit
Benedict was not conservative. He just wasn't as liberal as Soros desired.
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Vatican journalist : Benedict XVI Planned Resignation for Two Years

The Italian fake news journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi told (November 9) that Benedict XVI planned his February 2013 resignation for two years. But Benedict XVI declared in 2016 that only after his …
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Jump ship as it's going down
This is lies from the Ministry Of Dis-Information, Vaticano!