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Saint Berard of Carbio and the First Martyrs of the Franciscan Order

According to tradition, Berard was born into a noble family of Leopardi, and was a native of Carbio in Umbria, a province of the Papal States. He was received into the newly founded Franciscan …
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charisma On the contrary, they knew well that they were likely to be martyred. Their treatment in Coimbra before they were sent on to Morroco would'… More
They were not aware of risks entering a NO-GO zone that time...

Jennifer Christie was raped while on a business trip,....

Lila Rose on Twitter: "Jennifer Christie was raped while on a business trip, but abortion was never a thought for her and her husband. Their story of courage shares why children conceived through sexual violence deserve our love."
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Modernist Germany Remains Without Priests

The number of newly ordained priests in Germany is at a new historic low. In 2017 the whole of Germany saw only 76 priestly ordinations. In 2000 the number was more than twice as much. In 1962, when …
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When it get to zero, the Vatican will celebrate and then say they must ordain married men because they have no choice.
it shows as an example what Jesus said " give God what is God,s ,give Cesar what is Cesar,s " They have a lot of money but low in priests .
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Pope Francis Not Welcome in Argentina?

Pope Francis’ left-wing mouthpieces in Argentina who stir up political controversy, are the reason why Francis would encounter opposition during a visit in his home-country. One of Francis’ agitators…
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God is not sleeping
De Profundis
Argentines are calling Francis a “traitor pope” on social media.

Creator of Safe-Abortion Fund Claims Papal Award is “Confirmation” of Her Work - The Lepanto Instit…

Courtesy of Netherlands Government The Lepanto Institute teamed up with OnePeterFive and Maike Hickson in compiling this report. On January 12, OneP…
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maybe its an award from the pope but not from all catholics of good will that love all life
Uncle Joe
In summary: Under the watchful gaze of a pope with that level of awareness, it’s difficult to be dismissive of Ploumen’s award as a simple oversigh… More

Why should I Go to Church?

What does the bible say about Church?
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because you will be part of something great
Don't Skip Church! We should go more often than just Holidays.

A mom’s emotional message to the newborn son she relinquished for adoption

This is my son Tagg who I placed for adoption in March of 2016. This video was created so that he would be able to look back and know that this decision was made purely out of love for him. He will … More
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Francis' Proxy Attacks Cardinals Müller, Sarah

Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, the rector of the Catholic University of Argentina, a partisan of Pope Francis and specialist in the art of kissing, has viciously attacked the Cardinals Müller …
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One might also wonder about Francis who continues "to think and to speak as (he likes), as if Francis would not be pope."
Dr Stuart Reiss
Celebrating Mass with the back to the people is also facing God.....but the two cats at my local church are better theologians than uncle Tuccio
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Francis‘ Chile Trip Aims At Preparing Amazonas Synod

Francis’ trip to Peru and Chile (January 15–19) is a “first step to create attention” to the 2019 Synod for the Amazon region, said Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri. Talking to EFE (January 15), Baldisse…
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Bishops there are career minded fence Sitters, not virtuous men willing to follow the Apostles into martyrdom
Dr Stuart Reiss
If that second chin is any longer, he might trip on it....
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Carmen Franco Has Died

Carmen Franco (91), the only daughter of the Generalissimo Francesco Franco, died on December 29 after a battle with cancer. Her funeral mass was celebrated in the Jesuit church San Francisco de …
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Saint Marcellus Pope - January 16

kristian9236 Pope Marcellus I (died 309) was the Bishop of Rome or Pope from May or June 308 to his death in 309. He succeeded Pope Marcellinus after a considerable interval. Under Maxentius, … More
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Saint Peter Sanz and Companion Martyrs

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"Today the Order commemorates those martyrs of China whom nothing could separate from the love of Christ, who confessed the faith in the 17th and 18th centuries, to the shedding of their blood for … More
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Joseph a' Christian
"...nothing could separate from the love of Christ, "

Cardinal Distances Himself From Papal Award To Pro-Death-Activist

Utrecht Cardinal Willem Eijk has declared on the webpage of his archdiocese that he was “not involved” in honouring the pro-abortion politician Lilianne Ploumen with Pope Francis' …
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Dr Reid’s is correct. It is Satan but also all the evil spirits who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls.
De Profundis
I'm waiting for the announcement of Peter Singer's Papal knighthood.
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Sunamis 46
Baby videos are always cute

Francis, “I Don’t Go To The Doctor But To The Witch”

During Pope Francis' flight to Chile on January 15, Cristiana Caricato of the Italian Bishops' TV 2000 asked Francis, what medicines he takes to keep fit during his travels. He replied, “I don't go …
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Ivan Tomas anybody whose intellect and soul is satanized will fall into different traps. I.e. theological, philosophical, sociological and medicinal… More
Ivan Tomas
"Is Pope Francis undergoing treatment with New Age alternative therapies"…/is-pope-francis…

Francis Prompted to Withdraw Order From Pro-Death-Activist

Father Peter West calls on Pope Francis to withdraw the Order of St Gregory the Great from Lilianna Ploumen due to her pro-abortion activism. An associate pastor at St John’s Church in New Jersey, …
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Jim Dorchak
Praise God our Lord and Savior there are good Priests still out there! Jesus look over this man and keep him safe and pure. Fortify him in his fighting for your word. WOW!
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Pro-Death Activist “Very Honoured” By Pontifical Award

The Dutch pro-death politician Lilianne Ploumen is “very honoured” by the Order of St Gregory the Great she received from Pope Francis. Writing to Catholic Herald (January 15), she said that she …
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At this point he has already given her the Order of St Gregory the Great award, he already gave his Fiat!! This is critical any Pope who honors this … More
These poor, blinded fools ! The world applauds you as does hell. God have mercy on your miserable souls.

Does GOD still HEAL people?

Where is this Happening? How is this happening?
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God is Healing today, praise the Lord!
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The Maronite Archbishop of Damascus escaped death by a matter of seconds after a bomb crashed through his bed while he was preparing for a nap. Archbishop Samir Nassar said he was in the bathroom … More

Syrian archbishop avoids death by seconds after bomb lands on bed |

Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar had gone to the bathroom when the bomb hit
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Joseph a' Christian
@stanislawp I have been studying other religions for several years. I was amazed to learn that most jews minimize the Old Testament, and live … More
Sunamis 46
Thank god!