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Saint Anthony's Miracles - Novena to Saint Anthony 2017 - Teaser

St.AnthonyMessenger on May 19, 2017 From the 31 of May, we will start a series of short meditations on some of St Anthony’s most famous miracles in order to prepare ourselves for the feast of Our Saint. So please, follow me every day for the 13 … [More]
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Pope Francis "is trying to ‘roll back’ the legacy of his predecessors.”

When the Pope’s silence speaks clearly

Last Friday I remarked that John Allen had provided us with a very interesting way to measure the …
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Maybe he should change his name to, "Pope-My-Way-or-the-Highway-Francis".
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If I Were the Devil Paul Harvey Warning for a Nation

Awakening 3648. If I were the devil . . . I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world; I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man’s effort, instead of God’s blessings; I would promote an attitude of loving… [More]
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And that would be. . . The rest of the story.
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Pope Francis On the Wrong Side of History? By Fr Reto Nay

Sandro Magister writes on his blog that Pope Francis is not popular among the bishops. The only ones he can totally count on are according to him those from Germany, Austria, and Belgium. Unfortunately, these are also countries, where the Church is …
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I absolutely agree, @Holy Cannoli. It seems what is at question, what remains uncertaun is what we are/will be doing. Jesus asks whether he will find faith on the earth (Luke 18:8).
Holy Cannoli
What is the end result? I've heard various Catholic writers say that what we are witnessing is the devil's final assault on the Church. Well, if … [More]
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Thank you for posting these videos. Let's keep spreading the word!
The good doctor couldn't care less about the genocide of the black race via abortion. Money is her god and she will do anything for it.

Alberto Bárcena: The Satanic Character of the Masonic Rites

Alberto Bárcena is a history professor at the prestigious Catholic Universidad Ceu San Pablo in Madrid, Spain, and a specialist for Freemasonry. Speaking to Infocatolica he denounced the Satanic character of the Masonic rites. Quote, "Inside of … [More]
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Ahh, yes, the masons. They are firmly in control of the Vatican and boy does it show
Holy Cannoli
Were the Beetles Satanic Freemasons? Were the Beetles referring to the Masonic secret handshake?

CONTRACEPT ABORTION: The Maddi Runkles Story

The pro-life movement is divided over the case of a pregnant high school student who violated her Christian school chastity pledge and will be barred from "walking" at her graduation ceremony. The young lady is complaining to the New York Times, … [More]
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Traditional Latin Mass on the Sunday after the Ascension from Gebetsstätte Wigratzbad 28 May 2017

CatholicSat on May 28, 2017 Holy Mass, in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Solemn High Mass on Dominica Post Ascensionem, the Sunday after the Ascension, with the Seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), from the … [More]
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True, the Catholic mass of our fathers and saints is extraordinary. The Novus Ordo ,"mass" is protestant and odious to Almighty God.
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St Vladimir?

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Kéž Trojjediný Bůh žehná V.V.Putinovi , aby moudrostí a prozíravostí naplnil vůli Boží.
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Cardinal Müller Denying Reality

On May 25th Raymond Arroyo interviewed on EWTN Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. During the interview Müller praised the ambiguous document Amoris Laetitia explaining that it does not and …
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Lisi Sterndorfer
ARROYO: And what is your opinion? Did they have Holy Orders, or no? MÜLLER: No. Not possible. (equal "not possible" as the adulterer-communion)
Dr Stuart Reiss
@Jungerheld perhaps the discussion shouldnt have been started...muller is a spineless bishop...he's got a tough job no doubt..but you gotta have a … [More]
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U.S. Bishop Encourages Receiving Communion Kneeling, on the Tongue

During Chrism Mass, on April 11th, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, encouraged the faithful to receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue, writes “”. Morlino said, that “there is no question that Communion on the …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
He's also known as the extraordinary ordinary. He offers the extraordinary form of mass regularly.

Francis Brought “Vibrantly Transformed" Theology

On May 20th, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy told 55 theology graduates of Santa Clara University, California, that Pope Francis introduced "a vibrantly transformed branch of Catholic theology", writes “”. McElroy claims that Francis’ …
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The Martyrs of Douai: Homily by Canon Christopher Tuckwell. A Day With Mary

adwmuk on Nov 9, 2016 Blessed Richard Thirkeld (died 29 May 1583) was an English Roman Catholic priest. He is a Catholic martyr. Feast Day: May 29 Thirkeld was born at Coniscliffe, Durham, England. From Queen's College, Oxford, where he was … [More]
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St. Ursula Ledochowska - May 29

UrsulineSistersSJK on Aug 11, 2016 Founded by St. Ursula Ledóchowska, and also known as the Grey Ursulines, the Congregation is one of the numerous branches of the Ursuline family brought into being in 16th century by St. Angela Merici. Saint Julia… [More]
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Memorial Day - May 29, 2017 A Warrior's Prayer

AlanNelson on May 28, 2017. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.[1] The holiday is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May.[2] It … [More]
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3 world wars 3 feasts of Mary

St John Bosco: “There will be an Ecumenical Council in the next century, after which there will be chaos in the Church. Tranquility will not return until the Pope succeeds in anchoring the boat of Peter between the twin pillars of Eucharistic … [More]
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Why has the Pope not consecrated Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart? Why?
Quo Primum

FRIEDMAN: US Attack on North Korea is Imminent

Get live updates from 2017’s most exclusive investment conference here:
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