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St. Bernard 20 Aug.

www.churchmilitant.com/…/st.-bernard-20-… St. Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church. Më shumë
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Memorare, o piissima virgo Maria... www.youtube.com/watch Më shumë
Almost every significant article on Wikipedia is guarded by powerful forces that appear from nowhere if you dare to make changes, discovers Peter Hitchens

War of words: my battle to correct Wikipedia | The Spectator

How can you be attacked by an encyclopaedia? Until last week I would have thought the idea as absurd as being savaged by a tree frog. Now I know …
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Gëzuar Pashkët♪♪♪ - Happy Easter

Për shumë mot Pashkët! Më shumë
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gefällt mir gut,das lied liebe ich sehr---einen herzlichen gruß an alle katholischen albaner
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How the Pennsylvania Attorney General Lies About "Abuses"

Picture: Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Copyright: Michael Swan, CC-BY-ND This text was published by Washington Archdiocese on August 14th WASHINGTON, D.C. – This statement corrects a significant misstate…
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Campion the Champion
But there IS a circle of secrecy. Children have been raped and all these bastards are worried about is the ‘mis attribution’ of a word? Wurrel is … Më shumë
'If ever you have in your seminary one of those new-style savants, get rid of him without delay; on no account impose hands upon him. You will … Më shumë
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Read this part of Fr. James Martin's book.

He compared a gay coming out of the closet to Jesus coming out of the closet as God. How blasphemous can you be? Of course it's the worse analogy anyone could ever make ... One is Holy and the other … Më shumë
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“For God’s sake, why do you damnable sodomites pursue the heights of ecclesiastical dignity with such fiery ambition?” – St. Peter Damien
He's a sick homo.

Nënë Tereza

Nënë Tereza
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Kjo me pelqen me se shumti: Njeriu është i pa arsyeshëm, i pa logjikshë, egocentrik, S’ka rëndësi, DUAJE. Më shumë
...S’ka rëndësi... Njeriu është i pa arsyeshëm, i pa logjikshë, egocentrik, S’ka rëndësi, duaje. Nëse bënë mire, do të thotë se e bën për qellime … Më shumë

North Catholic HS sign vandalized amid pressure to remove Cardinal Wuerl's name

Cardinal Wuerl's name SPRAY PAINTED OVER at North Catholic High School. Sign just vandalized as pressue mounts to remove Wuerl's name in light of church child sex abuse scandal. Read more: www.… Më shumë
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At that age there is a natural self-healing.

Baby kissed by pope recovers from brain tumor - WND

(YAHOO LIFESTYLE) — When Pope Francis kissed baby Gianna Masciantonio in 2015, some saw it as an encouraging sign. The 1-year-old had been diagnosed …
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Dr Bobus
Perhaps the better question is whether the pope has a brain tumor.
The lewd pantheist wants posthumous glory with the undeserved title of Saint.
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Ne gjithqka kemi, prej Zotit kemi .......

Ne gjithqka kemi, prej Zotit kemi - Beso o njeri se ka Nji Zot. Më shumë
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Despotism: Francis‘ Former Auxiliary Bishop "Forbids" Kneeling Communion on the Tongue

Bishop Raúl Martín of Santa Rosa, Argentina, tries to force the parish Nuestra Señora de la Medalla Milagrosa not to receive Communion on the tongue while kneeling. In this parish the [sacrilegious]…
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truth is here in Argentina oficial Church doesnt have any priest who practice the Motu Propio of BenedictXVI and NO traditional mass is allowed in … Më shumë
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Francis Publishes Bootlicking Letter on the Abuse Blame Game

Pope Francis published on August 20 a highly emotional, hyperbolic and bootlicking three-page letter on the occasion of the unsubstantiated Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report. In the letter he writes …
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Bergoglio makes fun of us Catholics by saying empty words lacking in action. Where are the resignations of Wuerl and the other accomplices of … Më shumë
Sólo Díos basta
Only the pope can clean up the Catholic mess. He appoints the bishops and they serve at his pleasure. The laity can and must appeal to him, but the … Më shumë
Gay adoptive father abuses child

Social services apologise to family of girl killed by adoptive father

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, from Cardiff, subjected 18-month-old Elsie Scully-Hicks to months of horrific assaults before killing in an attack so …
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Sick faggot.
Child needs a mom and a Dad... but how? How can someone do something so horrible.. Elsie was so beautiful.. so many Mother's waiting to adopt.. A … Më shumë
Millennials are turning to tarot readings as technology and Brexit have left them feeling 'lost'

Millennials are turning to tarot readings as technology and Brexit have left them feeling 'lost'

Tarot readings have long been met with superstition, often thought to involve mystical powers such as those possessed by Solitaire in Ian Fleming’s …
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Thank you Vatican 2 for destroying the faith of so many.

Gjon Pali II & Nena Tereze

Kenge kushtuar Papes Gjon Palit te II dhe Nanes Tereze
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Beautiful music, beautiful song. Long live the Holy Mother Teresa, live Albania. Thank you very much for sharing Hermosa música, bella canción. Viva … Më shumë
I found very interesting information ence certification in it and it is really helpful i think people should hp certification look forward to it … Më shumë
Lawsuits by abuse victims have so far forced dioceses and religious orders in the United States to pay settlements totaling more than $3 billion, and at least 19 have filed for bankruptcy protection… Më shumë

NPR Choice page

By choosing “I agree” below, you agree that NPR’s sites use cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about the device you …
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Urime Pashket

Per shum vite Pashket!
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This is really amazing, how you have blended the sunlight and clouds with our Blessed Lord - it looks so celestrial!
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Beauty Is Objective - By Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

Psalm 150 is often quoted as a carte blanche in order to use in the liturgy any kind of instruments (the psalm lists eight of them), even dancing, in order to "praise the Lord". However, during a …
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