Te atreves a imitarla

Autor e interprete: Grupo MIMUAR de RCC Barqto Vzla Catolico. Canto de Alabanza, Mariano, animacion, Despedida.
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🎵🎄 The most popular ADVENT carols EVER written | Choral Music

Beautifulclassicalmusic on Nov 17, 2017 The most POPULAR and BEST Choral Music for ADVENT ever written! 0:00:00 | Hymn - O come, O come, Emmanuel 0:03:42 | O Sapientia (O Wisdom) 0:04:36 | John … Më shumë
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Historic Event

1 024 × 512
Bishop Perry will celebrate the first Traditional Latin Mass in over 50 years at Holy Angels Cathedral in Gary
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Duszo Chrystusowa - uświęć mnie. - Anima Christi

Duszo Chrystusowa, uświęć mnie. Ciało Chrystusowe, zbaw mnie, Krwi Chrystusowa, napój mnie. Wodo z boku Chrystusowego, obmyj mnie. Męko Chrystusowa, pokrzep mnie. O dobry Jezu, wysłuchaj mnie. …
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Jean Sarthois
Tak - to jest to samo... Nie nadepnąłem na filmik.... Nic tylko śpiewać jak z nut - melodia i slowa proste...
Quas Primas
Myślę, że to jest to samo wykonanie. Proszę rozwinąć artykuł i w środku, pomiędzy tekstem polskim i łacińskim jest wstawiony filmik. ----------------… Më shumë
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The last few Popes at the Vatican clearly weren't who we wanted them to be!

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So! That's it! One glance at this picture was enough! Silly as it seems I find a string of "Popes" who find it easier to sit in this Hall without itching to raise it down to the ground - a … Më shumë
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dont forget that Jesus chose st Peter to be the rock of his church ,and once Jesus told him ,"Stay away from me Satan "and he also deny knowing … Më shumë
Joseph a' Christian
True. Excellent statement. JPII, his world peace day of prayer, with satanists of dozens of various cults, reveals that he was evil. (1986 Assisi - … Më shumë
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Francis Confirmed Gänswein and Marini

Pope Francis allegedly confirmed Archbishop Georg Gänswein as Prefect of the Papal Household and Monsignor Guido Marini as Master of Papal Ceremonies. Guido Horst reports this as “certain” in the …
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Milan Mazurek- o islame [29.11.2016]

www.youtube.com/watch Milan Mazurek o islame [29.11.2016]
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oni sa dokonca kastuju samy medzi sebou jeden konvertita na ortodoxiu zid z ameriky co zil v izraeli prehlasil rasistickejsi a marxistickejsi stat … Më shumë
....tá myšlienka ma zaujala:... aby dostali (niekoho-niekam) ... lebo ak je smerodajná, potom človek môže zistiť viac o hociakom politikovi, aké má … Më shumë
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Hard to tell but the color of satan is red, so put two and two together
It´s probably a type of Satan, who hopefully will soon be bound by St. Michael the Archangel and thrown into the Abyss, Amen. "Then I saw an angel … Më shumë
Nonetheless, some things cannot be eradicated from reality — the fact that two plus two equals four and not five, the law of non-contradiction, the intrinsic meaning of human sexuality. And so on.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit Is a Book by John of St. Thomas

“We need this book now because now, more than ever, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and figures like …
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it resembles me the music of Goran Bregović the same rythm I suppose but it is probably Demir Krasniqi (?) I like it a lot ********** have you got any music of that kind?
I have no idea what this song is about but that picture makes me laugh!
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Archbishop Against Francis, No Communion To Adulterers

Archbishop Telesphore-George Mpundu of Lusaka, Zambia, has declared that the divorced and remarried are not allowed to receive the sacraments of penance and eucharist. Talking to Vatican Radio (Dece…
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The new image of Vatican communications

December 2017 The face of change To meet the challenges of the digital world In the sign of Tradition and contemporaneity To talk to everyone A new Visual identity That springs from a millennial Tradition
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bla bla lalallla BLAH O popeye the Pop spinach spin ache Plop
What I have seen so far is a horror show. I would not donate to this effort as it stands now.
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Bkzeyweqi afhsdfwe jhfkhwe zjsdfger fosdg dfjhqwq gjasgqw bdvawejqwe. Klwefjqwh cjhdefhw zhjgfwe ehjwegtew jhfgwe.
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Italian Church Imparts Confirmations to Pagans

Marco Tosatti published the letter of a catechist who was faced with a new class of confirmands in a parish in Northern Italy. After having noticed that the pupils knew almost nothing, he decided to …
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The powers that be of the, New World Order must be thrilled. 95% success rate! Way to go , Vatican II. By their fruits you shall know them.
This reminds me of when Fr. Marcel Guarnizo was in our parish working with kids who didon't even believe in God! Sadly, he was chastised for dumping … Më shumë
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Archdiocese Sells Plot of Land for Mosque

Cardinal Giuseppe Betori of Florence, Italy, has sold a lot belonging to his archdiocese in order to construct on it a mosque and an Islamic cultural center. The lot was sold for 260.000 Euros. At …
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Instead of leading souls to heaven, they point them in the direction of hell.
Sold his soul

Mesha Shenjte e falënderimit për Shenjtërimin e Nënë Terezës - 05.09.2016

Sekretari i Shtetit të Vatikanit, Kardinali Pietro Parolin, kryeson Meshën Shenjte të falënderimit të Zotit për Shenjtërimin e së Lumes Nënë Terezë.
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Ireland! Don't follow England

.(first trimester, 9 week abortion)
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Anne T.
My country is a so called christian coutnry too but there are thousands of baby embryo are killed each year... During the communist system 5-6 -7 … Më shumë
Joseph a' Christian
@Jungerheld I prayed for you, i hope our Lord Jesus blesses you for your good work. As you know well, our Holy Lord proclaimed that we are the light… Më shumë

Mesha Shenjte e Shenjtërimit të Nënë Terezës së Kalkutës - 04.09.2016

Papa Françesku kryeson Meshën Shenjte të Shenjtërimit të së Lumes Tereza e Kalkutës. Në përfundim, lutja mariane e Engjëllit të Tënzot
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Until crucial questions are answered clearly, nothing much is accomplished by the claim that the reigning confusion has “magisterial authority.”

On the Pope, the Argentine bishops, and the meaning of ‘magisterial authority’

Several readers have written in recent days to question why this site has offered no editorial commentary on the Vatican announcement that the Pope’…
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May be the letter is not "" that important "" but the people behind it that wants it to be important