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Starry Night

"And God brought Abram outside and said, "Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them." Then he said to him, "So shall your descendants be." – Genesis 15:5. This photo … Më shumë
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Infamous operator of popular Catholic website facing charges of tax evasion

A man who years ago was the subject of an Eyewitness News investigation after allegations surfaced that he defrauded a host of Catholic charities is …
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Hugh N. Cry
Render unto Caesar
Holy Cannoli
He's been convicted. Sentencing on June 18.

Te atreves a imitarla

Autor e interprete: Grupo MIMUAR de RCC Barqto Vzla Catolico. Canto de Alabanza, Mariano, animacion, Despedida. Më shumë
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MUST SEE The sweet caress of mercy

Looks like the bishop was trying to get the chain of his pectoral cross out of his collar and Francis rudely couldn't be bothered.
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Católicos Apostólicos
Sin misericordia Bergoglio se quita el disfraz de Oveja.

Police Raid Saginaw Bishop’s House, Cathedral, Chancery

In the midst of a criminal sex probe of the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, police raided the home of Bp. Joseph Cistone Thursday as well as the cathedral and chancery. Multiple police cars were seen …
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Milan Mazurek- o islame [29.11.2016]

www.youtube.com/watch Milan Mazurek o islame [29.11.2016] Më shumë
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oni sa dokonca kastuju samy medzi sebou jeden konvertita na ortodoxiu zid z ameriky co zil v izraeli prehlasil rasistickejsi a marxistickejsi stat … Më shumë
....tá myšlienka ma zaujala:... aby dostali (niekoho-niekam) ... lebo ak je smerodajná, potom človek môže zistiť viac o hociakom politikovi, aké má … Më shumë
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Benjamin: Down child’s hugs are a testament to the sanctity of life in Ireland

The boy's mother says in a video that she fears a repeal of the Eighth Amendment will result in babies diagnosed with disabilities being aborted at a high rate.
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reject resist refuse the secularist idiologies
Sam Gamgee
Denmark is 'proud' that by 2030 it will be a 'down free ' country . Good example for the 'brave new world' of the future .


PRAYERS IN HONOR OF THE SEVEN SORROWS & SEVEN JOYS OF ST. JOSEPH I. In honour of the First Sorrow and First Joy of St. Joseph: O chaste Spouse of Mary most holy, glorious St. Joseph, great … Më shumë
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it resembles me the music of Goran Bregović the same rythm I suppose but it is probably Demir Krasniqi (?) I like it a lot ********** have you got … Më shumë
I have no idea what this song is about but that picture makes me laugh!

Syro-Malabar Catholics have own Cathedral in Preston, England

Bishop consecrating chrism (holy oil, March 22 2018
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French Dioceses Manipulate Cassock Into Jeans

The three French dioceses of Perpignan, Montpellier and Nimes have used an image of a priest in a cassock that was manipulated in a way to make it look as if the priest was wearing jeans. According …
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@Holy Cannoli you have captured their mind. I am-literally and figuratively-allergic.
Holy Cannoli
Junger... Something for that "Special Catholic Lady." Më shumë

REEL FAITH 60+ Second Review of SAMSON

nettvcatholic on Mar 21, 2018 David DiCerto reviews the big-screen biblical epic, SAMSON!
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Mesha Shenjte e falënderimit për Shenjtërimin e Nënë Terezës - 05.09.2016

Sekretari i Shtetit të Vatikanit, Kardinali Pietro Parolin, kryeson Meshën Shenjte të falënderimit të Zotit për Shenjtërimin e së Lumes Nënë Terezë.
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Author of "The Dictator Pope" Suspended by Order of Malta

Henry Sire, the author of the brilliant book “The Dictator Pope”, has been suspended as a member of the Order of Malta for [allegedly] breaching their constitution by writing the book. Sire has live…
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Atanasio de Trento
@DefendTruth : "Henry Sire está suspendido por la Orden de Malta debido al capítulo en @DictatorPope sobre la Orden de Malta y la debacle de la … Më shumë
Henry Sire is suspended by the Order of Malta, because of the chapter in @DictatorPope about the Order of Malta and Holy See debacle. Yet the guy … Më shumë

Sainthood Hopes Rise for Father Rutilio Grande

CurrentsNY on Mar 20, 2018 Blessed Oscar Romero is the best-known martyr of El Salvador's civil war. His upcoming canonization has advanced the sainthood cause of another Salvadoran Jesuit, Father … Më shumë
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Mesha Shenjte e Shenjtërimit të Nënë Terezës së Kalkutës - 04.09.2016

Papa Françesku kryeson Meshën Shenjte të Shenjtërimit të së Lumes Tereza e Kalkutës. Në përfundim, lutja mariane e Engjëllit të Tënzot
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Obvious, why Gloria.tv is growing

So much about free speech
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Sólo Díos basta
Peter Thiel, the openly homosexual tech billionaire who bucked both the LGBT lobby and his colleagues to support President Donald Trump in 2016, has … Më shumë
Email between Facebook CTO, Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton campaign head John Podesta, signed with Facebook's key