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Jailed and Tortured Because He Discovered An International Network Of Pedophilia

Summary Of the Affair

“Marcel Vervloesem, a Belgian citizen, founded the Morkhoven NGO in 1988. The mission of that Charity is to raise awareness of Human Rights Campaigns. Marcel exposed multiple paedo-criminal networks including Ganumedes, Temse, Madeira and Zandvoort rings, which were supplied with children from State institutions.

Evidence shows the complicity of the police. The Zandvoort file shows 89.539 unique pictures of rape, torture and murders of babies and children (reported by the Belgian federal police).

Ministerial responses to parliamentary questions on their conduct was criminalization those who expose them. Marcel Vervloesem was sentenced to four years in prison, based on false testimony (involving payment of 15.000-FB – 375-€) concerning child abuse as he showed the existence of an employment contract linking the Dutroux and Zandvoort cases. He was jailed three years beyond his sentence, when it appeared that the French had closed the dossier due to the absence of 80,000 pieces of evidence which “disappeared”. They criminalized the parents who were subsequently all jailed when they persisted in complaining.

Marcel Vervloesem was banned from life-saving treatment in prison which raised speculation that the motivation for denial of treatment was to kill him before he could reach the European Court of Human Rights, but he survived by serial miracles.

Parole is currently being considered (see update below), conditional upon a ban of his contact with the media and the Human Right organizations. He will also be banned from living in Brussels where his Morkhoven Foundation is based and operating under the Vice Presidency of Her Most Serene Highness, the Princess Jacqueline of Croÿ. She too is now also the target of criminal action. The allegation is of being susceptible to driving Marcel to “serious crime”, which, we understand, is communicating his knowledge of the paedo-criminal networks and the legal basis of their foundation.”

Now, in December 2013, he is free from jail. It seems he has gone to hospital this summer (french) and returned to his home after a few days. He has been condemned in November by Turnhout penal court (french) after problems with people who have sent threat of death to his daughter and grand daughter (15 years old) . He gave a radio interview (dutch) in November but just before the radio broadcast the court warned him ‘not to talk with the media’ and blogs talking about this stories where pirated and closed.

Synthesis of Prosecutions of Belgian Authorities

From: fondationprincessedecroy.morkhoven.org/001-Synthese_du…

Founder of the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, Marcel VERVLOESEM discovered in 1998, the Zandvoort file, 88.539 photographs of pornography, tortures and murder of children, whom he gave to the police force in the presence of a Dutch television channel, then transmitted to the King of the Belgians as well as to several European Heads of State, asking them to make sure personally that the inquiries are correctly carried out.

All hastened to forget Marc Dutroux and the hundreds of criminals of the same quality who appear in this file, which was closed in a few weeks due to “unknown culprits”. Mr. VERVLOESEM was condemned in 2006 for possession of this material, though the facts reproached dated from July 24, 1998, where prescribed on July 23, 2003, with a prohibition of contacts with the press, and this, added to multiple eccentric charges.

Mr. VERVLOESEM was found guilty of swindle, for not having found elements allowing a woman to plead in her divorce procedure, that her husband was member of the Zandvoort network. He was recognized guilty of swindle of another mother, to have disputed the allegations of a Dutch senior police officer, who claimed that her son appeared in the Zandvoort file, whereas the Dutch justice had recognized that the photograph in question had been published in an American magazine before the birth of this child.

The court also added to the file, a first wave of nine charges for rape presented the shortly after the case appeared in the media, while returning to one of the plaintiffs, his written consents according to which the complaints had paid 10.000-BFR, (250 €) added of 5.000-BFR (125 €) for those who would say they had been raped in front of television.
The first judges retained, in absence of 43 parts of the file, two rapes of a second wave of three charges, in spite of the retraction of one of the plaintiffs, who ensured that he and his friends and had filed a false complaint under threat. Mr. Vervloesem was cleared of TEN rapes out of TWELVE. They sentenced him to a 3 year solid prison sentence, but was maintained free.

The second judges have waived the interdiction of contact with the press, but added a year prison, in spite of Mr. VERVLOESEM cardiologist’s certification, which establishes that the cardiac state of his patient would not have allowed him to survive the sexual stimulants that his diabetes would have obliged him to take, to carry out the described facts. The judges allotted him two extra rapes: one of the paid complaints wave and the other of the teen, major of age at the time of the judgment, which had retracted his charges, ensuring having filed them under threat.

Mr. VERVLOESEM was condemned to 4 years of prison, in spite of the opinion of nine doctors, including the expert appointed by justice, who opposed the imprisonment in any event, in reason of a health condition which would not allow him to survive it. His medical file indeed exposed a cancer and three untreated metastases; a cardiac deficiency which had required three open-heart operations; a renal deficiency which had required three surgical operations; a deficiency of the pancreas which had required two surgical operations and a diabetes depending on insulin.
The Court of Cassation maintained the judgment, in spite of two faults of procedure noted by the Higher Council of Justice:
The first recognized fault is the elimination of the file of the vice-president of his NGO, who took the responsibility for a public awareness campaign to the importance of in-depth inquiries on paedocriminal networks, illustrated of photographs, genitals and hidden faces, of children in torture apparatuses and a young girl whose throat had been, which was transformed at the charge of Mr. VERVLOESEM, in “diffusion of pornography”.

The second fault recognized in February 2008, is the “disappearance” of the file, seven child pornography discs, sent by Werkgroep Morkhoven to the King of the Belgians in 1999. Mr. VERVLOESEM has been condemned as the sole criminal of a file he had entrusted to the justice department, and that the Court of Appeal of Antwerp had secretly closed in a few weeks, due to “unknown culprits”.
Mr. VERVLOESEM was requested to carry out the sentence, as soon as his ONG had its first contact with French victims of the network. The exchange of information had made it possible to discover that all those who had persisted in complaining, had been objects of identical legal lynching and sentenced to the prison, while all the person blamed had been bleached, in absence of 88.539 supporting documents of the dossier.

Mr. VERVLOESEM introduced two recourse to the European Court of the Human rights on August 8, 2008, one for the initial judgment, the other urgently to release him from the imprisonment, comparable with torture, as regards to his health condition.

He was imprisoned in forecast that he would not survive more than three days to a hunger and thirst strike that he planed to shorten his sufferings and to die for what he lived: by asking the application of the constitutional laws of the victims and witnesses of paedocriminal networks.”


The Torture of Marcel Vervloesem in Prison By Belgian “Authorities” :

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The Scandal of Pedophilia of Zandvoort :
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Documentary From Karl Zero (French Journalist) About This Affair:
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French Documentary About Zandvoort’s Pedophilia Affair, “The Network of Horror” :

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This documentary has been made by Stan Maillaud who has disappeared after a police control in France in 2012 (maybe jailed by “authorities” in secret) and his friend who has been forbidden by French “Justice” to work against pedophilia and to have contact with activists working against pedophilia. We still don’t know what happened with Stan Maillaud, but we think if he was free he would have contacted activists or posted a video on internet.

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