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BLESSED ANNA KATHARINA EMMERICK February 4, 2011 The greatest visionary in the history of the Church... Anne Catherine Emmerich was told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic vision was greater than that …
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Sunday, 3 October 2004
1. "Verbum Domini manet in aeternum - The Word of the Lord will endure for ever". The Gospel acclamation takes us back to the very roots of the faith. As we face the passing of time and the continuous upheavals of history, the revelation that God offered us in Christ endures for ever and opens horizons of eternity to us on our earthly journey.
This is the unique experience of the five new Blesseds: Peter Vigne… [More]

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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was an Augustinian nun at the Convent of Agnetenberg, Dulmen, Westphalia, Germany. She lived between 1774 to 1824. During her life, God gave her extensive visions of the past, the present and the future. Many theologians believe that she received from God more visions than any other saint. The Sorrowful (Dolorous) Passion … [More]

That's right Gregory, The Church is the only one, the Roman Catholic! [More]

Anna Katarzyna Emmerich, niem. Anna Katharina Emmerick (ur. 8 września 1774 w Flamschen koło Coesfeld w Westfalii, zm. 9 lutego 1824 w Dülmen) - niemiecka mistyczka, stygmatyczka i wizjonerka katolicka. Beatyfikowana 3 października 2004 przez papieża Jana Pawła II.
Życie [edytuj]
Była piątym z dziewięciorga dzieci ubogich rolników Bernarda i Anne Emmerichów. Dziewczynka, chociaż nie cieszyła się najlepszym zdrowiem, od najmłodszych lat pomagała w pracach domowych, opiekowała się … [More]

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Анна Катерина Эммерик (Эммерих) (нем.Anna Katharina Emmerick; 9 сентября 1774 года, хутор Фламшен близ Коесфельда9 февраля 1824 года, Дюлмене, Вестфалия) — католическая блаженная, монахиня августинка, мистик; носила стигматы. Была причислена к лику блаженных 3 октября 2004 римским папой Иоанном Павлом II.
У родителей Анны Катерины было 9 детей, и она с ранних лет помогала родителям в работах по дому и в поле. Очень рано родители и все знавшие Катерину стали замечать в ней особую … [More]

Ana Catalina Emmerick, Beata
Anne Catherine
Beatificada el 3 de Octubre, 2004

Mística alemana 1774-1824
Religiosa agustina
Alma víctima, ofreció enormes sufrimientos viviendo la Pasión de Nuestro Señor. Dios le concedió muchos dones místicos, entre ellos, visiones, estigmatización, locución, éxtasis, etc. En los últimos años de su vida se sustentaba solamente de la Santa Eucaristía. Fue exclaustrada a la fuerza por la invasión napoleónica. Inválida y estigmatizada, vivió la pasión de Jesucristo… [More]

Life & Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich
By: Very Rev. K. E.Schmoger
Life & Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. A $50 Value! New printing now with full color cover! Definitive life of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824); a German Augustinian nun- mystic; stigmatist; visionary; prophet; victim soul. Prophecies and amazing revelations on every aspect of the Faith. Extremely edifying; makes the Gospels come alive with details you never knew before! 2 Volume Set. Impr. 2 vol set- … [More]

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich,
Mystic, Visionary, Stigmatist, Prophet The greatest visionary in the history of the Church...

Anne Catherine Emmerich was told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic vision was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history. Born at Flamske in Westphalia, Germany, on September 8, 1774, she became a nun of the Augustinian Order at Dulmen. She had the use of reason from her birth and could understand liturgical Latin … [More]